Grape Vodka is the New Green Apple

Grape Flavored Vodka is the hottest New Flavor of the Summer and there are only two Brands that have it:

Trump Vodka and Three Olives

If you are planning a summer cocktail party, bbq, or a trip to Martha's Vineyard, make sure that you bring a bottle of the Grape Vodka along.

Here is an idea for a drink that will make any of your events fun!

Grape Bomb Recipe:

Pour 1 shot of grape vodka into a shot glass and then drop the shot into a glass of Energy Drink, then chug till gone.

Recommended: Trump Vodka
- The Socialite
helping make your events a success!



Monica Llanes said...
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Monica Llanes said...

Cool Blog ... I wish you much success!

Diana Moore said...

Grape Bomb recipe is cool.Grape flavor vodka is a very enjoyable vodka.It's very palatable on its own, and mixes well.I thought Trump Grape vodka was the best of their flavored vodka offerings. I want to enjoy my drink with Cohiba cigar.

paul said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe. I think that is a good alternative to green apples.

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