Helping The Youth to See Another Option!

In T.I.'s song titled, Doin' My Job, he talks about how for people growing up in lower income houses, sometimes hustling is the only way for people to make ends meet. He further goes on to talk about how sometimes its hard for kids to see that there are other options, when they are worried about feeding a family of five at the age of twelve. So often we say its no excuse to the behavior of our youth growing up in these situations and say that they should be focusing on school. T.I. illustrates that its not that simple with lyrics such as, "Its hell in high school when your helping with the rent lights and the gas bill too. So before you go judging us, loving us won't hurt. Yeah under 25, staying alive is hard work".

At first I was someone who agreed that it couldn't be that hard for people to make the right choices and choose to focus on school and going to college. It wasn't until I tutored at an Elementary School in DC, that I realized that it really was a huge challenge. The girl that I was mentoring was in the forth grade and never could seem to get her homework done. When I finally set down with her and had a real conversation, I discovered that she was in charge of taking care of her younger siblings when she got home from school. Her mom was working three jobs, and relied on her daughter to take care of the home. Her huge responsibilities made it somewhat difficult to focus on her homework. It wasn't until I spent many days with her, that she finally began to understand how to make time for her studies. She also was happy to see someone who was in college and now couldn't wait until she could attend one day. It was clear that she had very few examples of people that were successful and very little pressure to focus on her education. This is the case of so many people!

So I agree with T.I., before you judge the youth in our community, reach back and help someone get to where you are. Trust me, its hard for them to get there without you.

This has been a public service announcement about Helping the Youth see another Option!

Take time to listen to what T.I. says in his song:



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