The Life of a New Blogger

So I'm walking home from a much needed visit to the hair salon and I hit up my friend Lenzy, who by the way has one of the best entertainment blogs out there, I called him to ask him for some advice on blogging and some cool sites to visit to improve mine. So he gives me this long explanation on what to do and concludes the conversation by saying that he will send me some cool templates that I can upload. I'm like cool! So if you don't know me, I'm the type of person that isn't patient and likes to try things on my own. So I start googling to try and find some templates of my own. I run into this site called Webfetti! I see these nice backgrounds where they have celebrity faces as the backgrounds of the layouts. Well silly me thinks that I can download one of them and then change the faces to strong black people in our community. You will not believe what happens next. I press quickload and up loads the BACKSTREET BOYS onto my Page. For two hours they starred me in the face and all I could hear was "Bye Bye Bye", oh wait that's Insync. But anyways I tried everything I could do to get them off of there and after a while I just closed the page to out side viewers. I kept thinking the irony. I have a site that is suppose to promote African Americans in our community, and this white boy band is on my page. I'm thinking people are going to be confused. Then I laugh and think to myself, "We can't ever have anything to ourselves, I make a blog to promote 'us' and 'they' show up to take over, but I didn't give up...I refused to give our site up like we did BET"

I'm going to stick to the templates that Lenzy sends me...that's what I get for trying to KEEP UP with the seasoned bloogers.



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