Socialite Essentials

Socialite Essentials on a night on the town:

Last Night the Socialite hit the town and ran across some necessary things every Socialite should know…

Know your Cheeses, it is something that will be at almost all of your social gatherings.

Your main drink at the club or event should be a glass of wine or champagne

Make sure that when offered a drink, act in a manner letting it be known that you can buy your own.

Always have a driver that drops you off in front of the event and waits until you come out. (If an up and coming socialite...maybe not just yet..but if you are make it happen)

Never let the bouncer of a club pretend that he is more important than you, walk in like you belong there, ever if you don't. (A true socialite belongs everywhere)

Never get drunk, just tipsy!

Looking for your husband is a no no at the club, a social gathering is ok.

Always walk out of the house as if the streets is your cat walk...

-The Socialite



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