100 Women will Comment to Promote Sisterhood Day!

After watching the argument or shall I say "Bitchfest" between Wendy Williams and Omarosa on all of the blogs, I had to bring up this issue that is on going in our community. Whether you flipped on that screen last night or you walked outside this morning, you probably managed to see the issue that I am talking about.


I can remember my high school days and walking down the hall to find clumps of people standing around at different places in the hallways. A few of them would be staring and pointing at other, with occasional whispers and giggles to their inner clump.

The bell would ring and you would find yourself on your way home, but couldn't leave because you wanted to see the fight between the pointer and the one that was whispering. You strain to peek over the large crowd circling the girls and for a moment take your eyes from the fight to turn your ear in the circle because you are eager to hear what the girls are screaming at each other about. You let out a laugh with everyone else when you find out that it is over Bobby on the Football team, who by the way isn't with either of these girls.


I flash forward to my college years and can remember some what of the same situations. Yet these situations seem to become a little less of a laughing matter, and more of a concern to myself. There were constant battles between women over guys, leadership in organizations, sorority feuds, unwanted stares, and the fight to make it to the top. I soon came to realize that my grade school days were a training ground for what I was going to face when I got into the real world.

There is a constant battle between Black women everyday. Some blame it on a lack of "good" men, others give lack of corporate positions for Black women at the top as an excuse, I believe many just simply blame it on a lack of air to breathe. That is how ridiculous our battle is becoming. How can we fight the battle of equality and uplifting our community, when within we are messed up?


Do we have that many insecurities that we must find ways to bring other women down, just to left ourselves up? Have men become that rare that we must duke it out and may the best woman win? Have we ignored the concept of sisterhood and much rather stand alone? Can women come together to be the strength that our community needs?

On this day, July 29th, 2008, I declare it the Hundred Women Will Comment to Promote Sisterhood Day!

So here is how it works:

1. Click comment under this post and leave a comment about something/ anything that will either encourage women, uplift them, or bring them together.

2. Go tell a friend and help us get to 100.

3. Make sure you check back in to see if we have made it to 100 yet, and then go find more women if we have not.

Lets get to 100 and show the world that Black women can come together. If we are really tight...we will get more!

Men you can comment, it will just not count in the 100! Show us that you support us also!

YES We Can!



Eb the Celeb said...

THis is a good idea... but I already posted today...

I will celebrate sisterhood in spirit...

plus I did an RBW tribute post 2 weeks ago or so, so I will use that as my contribution...lol

The Socialite said...

No you did what you were suppose to do! leave a positive comment under this post!

The Ecology said...

I think by sheer virtue of this article and your charge to women, you are promoting sisterhood. I know that everyone isn't going to treat me with respect but more often than not, I am surrounded by positive and powerful people. This helps me to be the change that I want to see in the world.

Be positive and Be the change.

Sister Toldja said...

Black women are beautiful and reslient. Even when we are "hating" on one another, it's usually because we subconciously see somthing in each other that we admire and perhaps envy.

As the ecology said- be the change!!!

Great idea, Madame Socialite!

Lady P said...

I am loving the post little sis. And, I commit to sisterhood. Today and forever!

freemanpress said...

I'm for the women coming together. Sometimes the petty squabbles that I over hear make me wonder what the hell is going one with ya'll most of the time.

So count my Man vote, even though it won't count, but I am all for it.

The Songtress said...

Today and for the rest of my life I will make a conscious effort to uplift my sisters. I will fight for them, I will stand in the gap for them, and mostly I will pray for them. I realize that my struggle belongs to them, also.Just as their struggle is mine. Thank you for this post. God has been placing this on my heart for the last few weeks. He truly moves when we need it most.

Ladies, listen to this song by India Arie called Beautifl Flower at the link below. THIS is who we are!


foxxychica said...

I too committ to encourage and uplift my nubian sistas. We are strong, and powerful. United we stand and divided we fall. Today, let's unite for the common good.

Candy said...

This is fabulous! I love it. I'm even going to link this post on my own site... to get more women over here!

There is nothing like the bond between women. I didn't grow up with any sisters, so I truly value all of my friendships that I have with women. There is something great to be said about being able to tell your best girlfriend your inner most secrets and know that she will not judge you or degrade you... hell... because most of the time, she's gone through the same things *SMILE*

Michelle said...

Celebrating Sisterhood is what it is all about. I recently just celebrated 100 years of sisterhood! It is only by treating others as you would like to be treated that we can begin to promote true sisterhood. Thank you for the opportunity to share and grow with you.

M.Dot. said...

While I don't think we need 100 comments we do need 100 actions. YOU have been given me an idea of how to jump start this blog/social justice/positive negro Non Profit I have been thinking of.

What if, 100 of us committed on one day to each do an action and share the results?

Was out of town, so didn't hear about Wendy/Omorosa. But I will tell you this....My "Why Black Women Need Feminism" essay would dovetail nicely with the convo that has been started.

Ms. Magnificant said...

Black woman are some of the strongest, resilent, beautiful women in the world. We get a bad rap everyday but we keep our heads up and keep moving doing what we have to do. I am proud to be a part of promoting Sisterhood Day!!!!

E2Deep said...

This is a GREAT post. I've had issues with black women as of lately...not towards me, but just they way they view things. Hopefully your blog can start something good.

SnipSnap24 said...

Ladies we need to be the change we want to see. Stop talking about what the next girl is wearing, stop talking about her hair, stop gossiping and stop the rumors...except your sister as she is. I think that's a start!

Jennifer said...

I agree with M.Dot in saying that we need 100 actions, but this is a great concept. Just saying/doing something to/for someone puts them in high spirits and they are likely to do the same for someone else. So imagine if each of us did/said something nice to another sister and she did the same to another and another... We just might be in a better place as a people. I did a similar post about about sisterhood entitled "Are We Sisters Or Are We Enemies?" on my blog a few weeks back. This goes to show that we all pretty much recognize that hostility between us, and it's just a matter of doing something to combat it.

Ashley said...

The original idea of "100 Women to Promote Sisterhood Day!" is fantastic. I agree with Sister Toldja in that jealousy is one of the root causes of disunity between one sistah and the next.

To resolve that issue, we each need to cultivate a positive self-image. Recognize the God-given talents and beauty within yourself first. Compliment yourself and be good to your temple: mind, body, and soul. When a person has good self esteem, it is easy to acknowledge another person's attributes without developing an envious attitude because that person does not feel the recognition takes away from who he or she is.

In the same breath, be conscious that your sister may have or be going through ordeals that you may have no clue about at all. So, before you judge or envy, thank God for your blessings and choose to love and respect your sistah.

Golden*Growth said...

Like many of you already said, we need to BE the change. Instead bringing each other down,or hating because someone gets ahead, We need to focus our energy more on supporting one another. Together we can make the rest of our days,the best of our days!

Oh, and miss socialite, it's good to see that your greatness never ends.

Nairobian said...

African women are so beautiful, incomparable,good skin,good figures,well endowed,theres actually no need to fight each other,just develop a little patience with each other and with good brothers...keep it real n legit!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Socialite said...

So recently someone posted under this post that it was interesting that I wrote this article, because they basically felt like I wasn't sisterly and stuff like that. My first reaction was to erase it.
1. Because it hurt
2. Because it didnt go with the flow of us trying to move on and join together. I didn't think it was positive.

But now I have second thoughts. So I want to apologize to the reader that posted the comment about me. You deserve to have your voice heard. I am not sure who you are, but would like to also apologize for anything they think that I might have done that was not sisterly.

The point of this post was not to say that I am a saint, but was to get people to move forward from all of our past actions. It was too promote sisterhood and all of us doing better.

So on this day I would like to move forward and become a better sister to all!

Kieya said...

I'm stumbling onto this post late but I just wanted to say that I've found sisterhood to flow at its highest online - in blogs and such. We need to continue to do that and allow that positive energy to flow into our physical lives.

Great & inspiring post!

Kirk said...

I'm definitely behind sisterhood women need to stick together a whole lot men definitely do. We can do better than we're doing but we get along. I run into so many women that say i don't have any girl friends or I don't get along with women and it has to be something more than maturity that factors in. So I stand behind this as a man who would like to see more strong women in the forefront and helping our youth to come into their own and inspire us men also to become more. Always moving up ya know. I'm just a lot of talk but yeah I feel this.

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