CNN Presents Blacks in America

On July 23rd and 24th at 9pm CNN will present Black in America. Reporter Soledad O'Brian will first explore The Black Woman & Family and then highlight how it is being a Black man in America.

I think that it is great that CNN is exploring and trying to get insight on what it means to be Black in America. The crazy thing is that I think that over and over we present to the public our opinions on how we are treated and it gets us no where.

When we tune in of course we will sit there and hope that we are portrayed correctly, occasionally raise our hands as if we are saying preach, and/or argue with our friend sitting next to us because we don't agree with something that was said.

When "they" tune in what do you think they will get out of it? I think that some people will act like they never knew racism still existed, others will try to sympathize with us, many will not tune in, and alot will still go on with their normal lives after watching it and not be effected at all.

I hope that this report will have a better effect on those watching it. I congratulate CNN for trying to Keep UP and help their audience do the same. But here is what I encourage CNN to also do in the future: Be the news station that highlights African Americans in a positive way on a regular, show America that Blacks are achieving great things in America, basically provide a balance between crimes and accomplishments.


Hopefully other stations will follow, and the images that we see everyday can slowly change into more positive than negative images.


I still encourage everyone to tune in to see how our story is being told. Keep Up!

Here is what it feels like to be Black in America to me:


1. Watching very few of my childhood friends go on to complete college, with some of them barely making it through high school.

2. Scared to say my parents had a little money when I was in college, with fear that others would categorize me as the "Elite", and say that I didn't understand what it meant to struggle.

3. Watching my friends hustle because they wanted to have the latest sneakers and floss with the hottest cars.

4. Watching a friend die over his glasses, because someone else wanted them.

5. Growing up in a city that had a liquor store on every corner, only in the black neighborhoods.



6. I got to see Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. make it to 100 years.

7. I got to see Barack Obama become the first African American presidential nominee for a major party in the United States of America.

8. I got to see my parents who worked hard when they were growing up, become Doctors and open up their own businesses and foundations.

9. I got to see Howard University give Oprah an honorary degree at my graduation.

10. I got to see my people come together at the Million Man March

Being Black in America includes many struggles, but I can't help but recognize our many accomplishments!

What does it mean to be Black in America to you?



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

last statement is so true, love the first pic

watchingthebubble said...

Hey Socialite,

Excellent blog! I, too, am excited about CNN's series. Did you get to see "Daughters of Legacy" with the daughters of Sidney Poiter, Malcolm X, Dr. King, and Johnnie Cochran? Fabulous.

As for me, being Black in America means struggle along with the knowledge that there is no obstacle that can be placed in my path that I can't overcome. My parents raised me to believe that we come from survivors, no less strong or heroic than those enslaved during Biblical times. Sometimes when I see what people try to throw in my way, I think to myself, "Is that all you've got? Please."

Being Black in America, when properly rooted in our history and culture, means being a survivor. At least it does to me.

The Socialite said...

Thank you for the compliments on the blog and the picture Torrance. I am glad to that people think being black includes positive things!!!!

shine said...

Love this post and I can't wait to see the CNN special. I am sure that you will have lots to blog about. Being black in America--hum... a hightened sense of awareness, depth, tenacity and compassion

The Socialite said...

Shine- I can't wait til it comes on so I can "have my say". It should be very interesting to hear the different point of views on what it means to be black. I like how you put being black in those few words...

Anonymous said...

SOLEDAD LAUGHED AT BLACKS THRU OUT SHOW. Soledad is clueless and unprofessional.

She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

I wonder why maybe she needed some affirmative action to get job.

Anonymous said...



CNN's piece, Black in America, was grossly negative and completely offensive at times it became comical.

Rather than call it 'Black in America', they should have called it 'The Problems Afflicting Blacks in America' That way we would all know it wasn't designed to be fair and balanced journalism.

1. Here's a fact - Not all black men are cracked out, crack selling, absentee dads with criminal records.
2. Another fact - Not all black women are single, poor, desperate souls looking for a mate...any mate.
3. And another fact - Not all black people who have 'made it' come from families of crack selling, cracked out absentee dads and single, poor desparate mothers.

Soledad O'Brien must be desperate for air time...or maybe she got DUPED... or maybe she doesn't care about the Black experience given she's Cuban.

After seeing the Black in America "special", I don't know if I can continue watching CNN.

And....let's face it, the timing of that piece was no coincidence... the general election is less than 100 days away.



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