Twins- One White, One Black- How will society react?

On Friday July 11, 2008 an interesting thing happened to two parents. Some call it a sign from God, others call it unusual, some seem intrigued, but I call it a moment of clarity. On this date two twins were born and one came out Black and the other White. These are the Gerth Twins born to Stephan Gerth, from Germany and Florence Addo-Gerth, originally from Ghana. Doctors call it a once-in-a-million occurrence and believe that these twins have entirely different genetic codes.


The reason that I call this a moment of clarity is that the birth of these twins can say many things. One of my friends pointed out that she felt this was a sign from God telling us that we are all his children and skin color does not matter. This is an interesting take on the situation. For years different races have battled and went against each other because of the color of their skin, and for years people have argued that we are all people and skin color should not matter.

And then reality sinks in....

For me I sit here and pray that this will be a sign from God and these children will show those around them that it is simply skin color that we are fighting over and not who we really are as people. I hope that these children will grow up and have the same experiences. I also hope that when they walk around that they spark inspiration and not moments of unwanted stares.

But then I can't help but wonder if their experiences will be some what different. Will society treat these babies as if they are two different races? Will they be able to hang out with the same crowds without constant whispers and occasional underlined signs of racism? Will they be treated the same by their own mixed family members, or will there be a constant battle for attention by the two? Will they have different experiences in school or getting a job? Will this be a story that highlights that segregation, discrimination, and racism still exist or will it be an experience that shows us that equality is near?


For many instances of children who are mixed like Barack Obama, they struggle every day with trying to attach themselves to one of the races they are mixed with. No matter what both sides will continue to claim and voice that they are not Black enough or not White enough. These children struggle with their identity and oftentimes are stuck in the middle with nothing to claim.
Parents of these children struggle with trying to figure out what culture to introduce them to and which one to raise them under. Many try to show a mix experience, and yet society does not want to accept that.


I say that this is indeed a blessing for the Gerth family no matter what. I hope that they individually are able to show both their children the same amount of love and raise them to show others that two races can come together. I hope that they are also able to teach them to have tough skin against the mean society that we live in. Keeping up with the Huxtables wishes the Gerth family good luck!

What do you think about this one-in-a-million occurrence?

How do you think society will react to the Gerth Twins?



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they will put it on Jeraldo

The Socialite said...

lol...I hope not! If it gets on Oprah it will be bigger!

Jay Midnyte said...

thats a documentary waiting to happen

...garnet.terri... said...

Though this may be a one in a million chance it has happened before in our lifetime. The previous set was born one light skin blue eyes and one dark skin brown eyes. I am not sure of the year but it had no effect on society. I too hope there is a story but I hope it is done when the twins are old enough to speak on their experiences.

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