Can we ever build a true Dynasty?

We always hear Jay-Z talking about this thing called a Dynasty. If you know your history, you have heard about Rockefeller, which is who Jay-Z gets the idea of the Dynasty and the name Roc- A- Fella from. But what is a Dynasty?

Photobucket defines Dynasty as:

1. A succession of rulers from the same family or line.
2. A family or group that maintains power for several generations: a political dynasty controlling the state.

The Rockefeller Dynasty has stood for money and power since John D. Rockefeller built one of America's great fortunes with Standard Oil Co. Subsequent generations have continued to hold sway in politics, finance and philanthropy.


There are many other Families that have created Dynasties, such as the Vanderbilt's. However, I would love to see some Black Family Dynasties in the near future. Can we ever build true Dynasties?

Now do not get me wrong, there are lots of Black families that have managed to make a name for themselves within our community. A lot of these families are known as the Black elite, members of Jack and Jill, vacation in Martha's Vineyard, and attended Howard or Morehouse. But I am talking about building a name as strong as Rockefeller, that will be known for generations to come.

There is one Black family name that is in all the history books, The King Family. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., built a name for himself during the Civil Rights Movement and now has a national holiday named after him. No he did not build a fortune like John D. Rockefeller that can be passed on to his family, but he built a legacy of service that can surely be passed on.

His wife Coretta Scott King carried on the legacy of her husband very well, and even founded the King Center. There are schools, streets, and other buildings, named after Dr. King. Isn't it wonderful that they have kids to continue to build on this legacy or shall I say create a Dynasty of Service?


After reading this article in yesterdays news, I began to wonder if Blacks could ever create a true Dynasty?

Black Voice:

ATLANTA (AP) - Two of Martin Luther King Jr.'s children have been sued by the institution their mother founded, accused by their brother of using The King Center for personal gain.

Dexter King, the center's chairman, filed the lawsuit Monday against his brother and sister, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King. He says his siblings have established foundations in direct competition with The King Center for Nonviolent Change.Dexter King also says in the lawsuit that his brother used the center without permission to meet with then-presidential candidate John Edwards in January 2008.A King family matter previously played out in the media when Bernice and Martin Luther King III sued their brother in July. They wanted to force him to open the books of their father's estate.

The King siblings have continued to take one another to court over how the family estate and foundations are being ran. Can't these issues be settled out of court? Can't they find a way to do right by their family name and build on it? Can't they create a true Dynasty?

This is just one family name that can be built on. It is more than just building a Dynasty by using their fathers legacy to continue in his efforts, but it is also about building power and respect for others to follow. That is what a Dynasty is all about, Power. Blacks can never truly gain power and respect in this country without building Dynasties, continuing to pass down knowledge so that we will continue to grow.


1. People when you make money, learn how to invest and save your money.
2. Do something that your children could possibly take over.
3. Build your own legacy.
4. Teach your children all the things that you learn, so that they do not have to start all over again and learn for themselves.
5. Do not let your children fail...lead and guide them.
6. Build's okay for your children to use them in the future.
7. If you have a business, do not sale it outside our race for someone else to build on it, i.e. BET.

Do you want to help our community; it starts with your own family. Lets build Dynasties... Keep Up!



the uppity negro said...

Do you think perhaps there is some glass ceiling that's ultimately preventing us from being Rockefellers and Vanderbilts?

Don't get me wrong, if we simply followed those seven rules I think we'd be on our way. But most black people aren't in the position, even those in the upper class to have that much wealth and that much clout. You get to that level of WEALTH, it's definitely a good ol' boys club with the tacit sign "No Coloreds Allowed."

I think we all have wealth in our little microcosm, but if we're trying to change the world, we've got to do better.

The Socialite said...

You are right, there is definitely a glass ceiling preventing us from getting there.

1. Because we are trying to make it to the top of someone eles stuff, instead of creating are own things to make it to the top of. There can't be a glass ceiling in your own company.

2. Also because once we start to gain wealth and power, the good ol' boys club will definitely try and stop us from getting too big.

These are major things stopping us from building our own dynasties. What needs to happen is more people need to start following those steps. The power is in the numbers. For example: if we spend more time supporting Black businesses than spending else where, then we can increase the power of our dollar.

We have a long way to go, but we have to have an end goal in mind and some steps to follow.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

To be politically correct we built many of the dynasties that exist in America. They were built off the sweat of our ancestors backs and I don’t know if a construct exists today to build those kinds of Dynasties for any one. I don’t think new ones are being made no matter what Jay says!

Will there be those out there who build dynasties? Yes, will they be the same as those before? I, like Uppity, am not so sure it is possible. Can we create legacies (which to me are more powerful than dynasties)? They are more powerful because to me a legacy can survive when a dynasty deteriorates.

Bill Gates is a legacy builder more than a dynasty maker. King was more of a legacy maker than a dynasty builder. Today’s American dynasties are mostly political the Bushs, Clintons, and Kennedys for example. I do think we will have black politicians who build political dynasties but we will not see any of those in fruition. We are 400 years beyond the rest of America in many ways when it comes to wealth creation and sharing.

I personally think we do more service to our community trying to create legacies than trying to build dynasties.

Just to show my work I am basing legacy on this definition something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past: a legacy of religious freedom.


WeirdGurl said...

nice blog.

The Socialite said...

I think that we should build legacies and anything else we can build. The point is we need to start creating our on things and passing the knowledge and money down. We also need to build more legacies like Dr. King and pass that down also.

We cannot just sit around and focus on the fact that we are behind. We are behind, so that means we need to start moving faster.

We need to build legacies, dynasties, and whatever else. If we are stopped in our tracks, then at least we can say we tried.

We then will try again and keep trying. The problem today, is that we think we can't do anything as a race and so we don't try.

The Socialite said...

weirdgurl: Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you come back.

foxxychica said...

I have to agree with the uppity negro and the og. I think that pesky glass ceiling shuts us down all the time. I also think we need to learn how to keep the majority of our money in our pockets. It is difficult if you've never had anything and as soon as you get a little money, you want to blow it on frivilous things such as a car or clothes. When it's all said and done, those things won't last.

I was going out to an affluent white suburb on Sunday with my sister and daughter. We saw a sign for the mega millions lottery. I think the amount was $83 million. So my sister and I said we need to play out there because people in certain zip code never win. Anyway, we starting talking about how we would spend the money. My daughter said she would buy a car (now she can't drive) and keep it until she was able to drive. I don't think I've taught her that, but I wasn't too sure. I had to tell her that most cars depreciate and that would be somewhat of a waste of money. Shortly thereafter we saw a classic Rolls Royce driving by. My sister told my daughter that that's the type of car she should buy because it won't lose it's value.

I think many young children look at athletes and artists spending money on a lot of cars and clothes and they aspire to be just like them. It is sad but true. Many of them don't understand the power of economic wealth.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...


I get what you are saying. Do feel like your generation is doing that? I'm a Gen Xer and I would say that in my circle of friends we are building legacies and history and all those things, but like I said before we are 400 years behind.

And despite the fact that we have made a lot of progress in the short time we have been free, we still have a alot of things to work through. We still must shake the shackles that Willie Lynch and Jim Crow put around our collctive minds, hearts, and souls.

I think with each geenration we get better, but I do think each generation is leaving too many behind.

Rome wasn't built in a day. If you think about it the people who integrated southern colleges are just now starting to have children who are going to college and entering the work force. I see some of the things you talked about forming when I go back to my college and talk to the black students there.

I'm sure there are families in the north who are far ahead of those in the south like me, but then again, I've been here in Boston for almost six months and have yet to really meet any families like that.

All we can all do is work to create our legacies in our families, comunities, and lives.

Great post by the way very thought provoking. Glad I stopped by.


The Socialite said...

OG: Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you come back. Also Thank you for stopping by and giving your opinion, it was well stated.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yes we can but our mental is the materail, but we don engender such growth

Michelle said...

The state of the King family and the constant in-fighting and bickering is shameful. The truly sad part is that it boils down to money! How ridicolous. Their mother died a few years ago, their oldest sister just passed last year but it has not stopped their complete tom foolery. As a native Atlantan and a child of a politician here in Atlanta, it is hard growing up in the public eye. Black politics in Atlanta is very intense and intrusive.

However, I wonder if the children of MLK all got "real" jobs and learned the value of money, they wouldn't see their board positions as their means of income. To sit on a Board is an honor and you should progressively be about the business of the organization, not putting forth your own ideas and agendas. They would truly understand the purpose.

It is disheartening and you would hope that the heirs of someone who fought against violence (in all forms) and who spent his life giving back to the community would not be fighting each other over money. How sad indeed.

It is up to us to teach the difference to our children between being "rich" and being "wealthy". Wealth is built off of hard work and survives generations. White people are wealthy and they don't brag or boast about it, they teach their kids what philanthorphy means. If you have the means, you should give back. Bill Gates and Arthur Blank (Founder of Home Depot) both have left the majority of their estates to the community, not their children. But they have put their childrn on boards and taught them this is how you give back, this is what it is about. Don't use money on foolishness but give back to the community.

Hopefully with the likes of a "Jay-Z" a Sean Combs or even 50 Cent - these 100+ millionaires, they will leave their heirs with not only financial security but financial education and teach them something about the purpose of hard work.

However, I am frightened that even these individuals that did not grown up with money are too excessive in regards to their spending habits. Maybe one day we will learn and the steps you suggested are the right path to take.

The Socialite said...

Michelle: I am so glad that you mentioned the idea of rich versue wealthy. Wealth is something that is hard for Blacks to obtain. Our spending habits, lack of savings, and no idea how to truly invest, leaves us behind and only able to obtain riches for a moment. We don't know how to build up real money at all. maybe if we took time to learn how to do this, we could fix some of our own problems. It's like we are always asking for someone to give us something, lets get it for ourselves. Keep UP!

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass negro's.... Dont you know by now!?!? You can NEVER build your own Dynasty because WE BUILD THIS WORLD!! If it werent for us, you would still be spear chucking in Africa instead now we have A black president! BE HAPPY! This may be one of the WORST racist bulletins I ever seen. Dont hate when you get these kind of answers. and im no Racist, most of my friends are black so shove this whole page up your fkn arss's! Dumb people. You should all be in some cult and kill urselfes with some poison, THEN you will have A TRUE Dynasty!

Anonymous said...

You want A black Dynasty? I see the future, and if you look in my toilet bowl you will see A BIG BLACK DYNASTY go down the drain..... Alway and forever, right were it belongs just like you! Hahaha

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