Keeping Up's Guide for Freshman Trying to Keep Up

Keeping up with the Huxtables would like to present our college edition of how to Keep Up! We asked a few of our readers that were recent graduates or graduating seniors to give us a few tips on how to Keep Up while in college. After reading this, if you have any tips to offer, please feel free to leave some below. They need all the help they can get! Also read the other article posted today, because the Culinary Goddess gives us tips on how not to gain a freshman 15! Finally, feel free to pass this link on to any freshman or students you know that could use this advice.

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Financial Advice:

1.) Do not take out unnecessary loans; you will end up paying double when you graduate. Just get a job or beg your parents! (Shyah D.)

2.) If you take out loans and end up getting a refund check, because you also got scholarships, its probably best to send the money back to the government or put it in a savings account. (Shauntel B.)

3.) Be very weary of credit cards. Have one for emergencies only. (Shyah D.)

4.) Keep track of all your finances- Bank accounts, financial aid, and credit. (Brett W.)

5.) I wish someone would have discussed the importance of home-ownership with me. I thought that was something you did when you got married. I amassed too much debt in school, because I was not thinking about the future. (The Beautiful Struggler)

6.) Apply for as many scholarships as possible, its free money and that is what it’s there for. (Nakiya L.)


Leonard Muhammad,Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables,Freshmens Guide to Keeping Up

1.) Many students are not clear of their career path and it's okay to switch majors while in school. It will be more beneficial to switch in the end, rather than spending all your time & money on something your are not passionate about, or will not use after graduation. (Shauntel B.)

2.) Know your scheme! (Michele T.)

3.) Study before each class in order to pose questions during class and reinforce after class. (Michele T.)

4.) Take pride in learning. Do not waste money on paying for school, and not take advantage of learning as much as you can. I spend a lot of time going back and trying to learn new stuff now. (David B.)

5.) I grew up thinking High School was where I had to really achieve and excel, and I did. But it was never posed to me how important college is. I wish someone would have told me that every grade counts, and the grades you make determines your future. (Krystal R.)

6.) Do not be afraid to double up on majors and minors. Try to take as many classes you can! (Ashley Blaine)

7.) Learn outside of the classroom, it will help you develop as a person. (Carmen M.)

Campus Involvement:

Freshmens Guide to Keeping Up,Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

1.) Take advantage of every opportunity that the campus has to offer; such as, programs, organizations, and studying abroad. (Jamel F.)

2.) Join clubs the match your major. (Nakiya L.)

3.) Get involved in your student government (The Socialite)

The Social Experience:

Freshmens Guide to Keeping Up,Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

1.) Be Social, make friends and remember to keep up relationships with friends and family at home. They will be your biggest supporters as well as your biggest critics. (Nakiya L.)

2.) Visit other schools and colleges. ROAD TRIP!!! (Nakiya L.)

3.) Visit the surrounding universities and network with their students as well as your own. I think this would have been beneficial for me because of my craft; in my area of study it's imperative to make connections any and everywhere in order to be successful. It also give you a greater sense of togetherness and community pride vs. just school pride. (The Culinary Goddess)

4.) Undergrad is not as serious as people make you think it is! Relax, have fun, live a little, as long as you never lose sight of why you came, you will be able to enjoy things in moderation. (Patricia R.)

5.) Take advantage of other cultures through study abroad programs. (William R.)

6.) Appreciate the time, and not rush the experience, because once it's over, it's over. (Batch Please)

Preparing for the real world early:

Freshmens Guide to Keeping Up,Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables,US Concepts

1.) Follow your heart into your profession. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance will eventually lead to monetary wealth. (Zakiyah W.)

2.) Having an idea of what you want to do in the future helps. It is then easy to start networking and doing internships freshmen year. So by the time you graduate, you will have secured a job. (Krystal R.)

3.) I was told college was more about the experience, but I wish I was told it was also about securing your future. (Krystal R.)

4.) Four years literally fly by, so don't rush to graduate, because sometimes in four years you may not honestly know what you want to do, so take an extra semester, or an extended trip abroad to truly figure out a plan for your first five years after school. (Bianca H.)

5.) Stay in school as long as you can, think about grad, professional and doctoral programs. (Nakiya L.)

6.) After graduation, do not rent, buy a house instead. You can then use the equity to pay down student loans. (Rich L.)

Random words of wisdom:

1.) Do not get consumed in too much of one of anything. (Shauntel B.)

2.) Be true to yourself and put God(religion) first in whatever you do, everything else will come natural. (Zakiyah W.)

3.) Do not over exert yourself. (Brett W.)

4.) Do not lose yourself through your college years. Personal growth & maturity is necessary, but the essence of who you are should remain the same. (Revae T.)

5.) Do not ever let someone try to make you conform. College is a place where whoever you are, there is a place for you to fit in. (Ashley Blaine)

6.) Not everyone is in school to go to school. Your success and education, is the last thing on their minds. (Devin M.)

7.) It’s okay to take risk, so think outside the box. (Nakiya L.)

8.) Stay active politically. (Nakiya L.)

9.) Things you do freshman year can follow you throughout your college career, think wisely. (Nakiya L.)

10.) It's not actually fun to stay more than four years. (Lenzism)

11.) The dreamers who believe in their visions & embrace their weird side, are the ones who create the world, everyone else just keeps the world alive & running. (Ayana P.)

12.) It's all about balance! (Nakisha W.)



Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Keep that GPA up (3.0 and higher) b/c if you want to get into grad/profesional school, a lot of them have GPA requirements.

Living PLush said...

Love this article Lil Sis :-)
LP Kisses and Hugs :-)

The Socialite said...

Beautifully: Thank you for the addition! That is a very important factor.

Living Plush: Thank you Big Sis!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what about invest extra loan loot

happy 45th

The Socialite said...

Good one torrance! And Happy 45th to you also!

Blog Queen said...

GPA is one of the most important...i would have to say.

Blog Queen said...
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Catherine "miSs pRiss" said...

Great article! I forwarded this to my cousin, a college freshman ASAP lol.

I especially loved the mention of study abroad programs.

I think a good addition to the list would be to join clubs/organizations that are comprised of a group or groups of people from varying nationalities. One of the the things I loved best about my undergrad experience was that I had the opportunity to meet people from different ethnicities and was able to learn about their culture (clothing, food, music, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me the name of the bank that actually gives out mortgages to new college grads. I mean it sounds like someone skipped finance class. Unless your mom and dad gave you some down payment money or you were fortunate to actually save tens of thousand for a down payment while in school or you are willing to be sub prime mortgage victim, I don't see that happening unless you live in some country town w/ a low cost of living.
Don't stay in school as long as you can, its too expensive to be playing games go there with a goal.

The Socialite said...

anonymous: I think when they said stay in school as long as you can, they meant go get your Masters, or more degress. Not stay in undergrad forever. If that was the comment you were talking about. I agree you do need to go to school with a plan! Sometimes people's plans another person suggested that it is okay if you have to stay a little longer, to ensure that you are taking on the right major for your career goals.

blog queen: It is one of the important things!

Catherine: Thank you for passing this on to your cousin! And great addition to the list.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the site and am enjoying so far. I suggest that students get internships during the summer. During my internships I was able to figure out what I didn't want to do. I've been out of undergrad for 6 yrs and grad school for 4 and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do for the next 30 yrs, but I'm getting closer to figuring it out.

The Socialite said...

anonymous: Thank you for stopping by! I am glad that you enjoyed your stay so far. I hope that you come back...I think that having internships is good advice. I had a few, and if it wasn't for the internships, I wouldnt know that i didnt want to do those type of jobs!

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