Who will I inspire today and what will inspire me?

Last night Michelle Obama gave a remarkable speech. Her speech reminded me of how everyday I wake up and think....Who will I inspire today and what will inspire me?


The reason that so many people are attracted to Michelle and Barack, is because of their ability to inspire. It is not a surprise that Dr. King's I have a Dream speech still rings in the ears of people years after the speech was actually made. I now understand why so many kids from around the world still chant, "I wanna be like Mike", and hope that one day they too can be a champion. Inspiration in what saves at least one person a day from falling under the evil spells of this world.

We all have someone or something that inspires us to continue to go on everyday. Who or what inspires you? I wrote a short letter to the ones that inspire me, thanking them for the inspiration.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I want you to know that you are my inspiration. I have heard your stories and seen your victories. Dad, I am so happy that I have a father that has always been a provider and protector. You went from Doctor to Reverend, President of the School Board to State Representative, but it was not the titles that impressed me most. It was the passion and love that was put behind each and everything that you did. It was the nights that you tucked me in and together we would say the Lords prayer. It was the times when I would walk downstairs, and see a new person laying on the couch that you had taken in, because they had no where else to go. Maybe its the fact that, even after losing your wife, with little time to grieve, you went right into campaigning to help the city of Detroit. Your selfless acts have always been an inspiration to me.

Mom, words cannot express how much you have been an inspiration to me. When you passed away earlier this year, I realized that you were not only an inspiration to me, but to hundreds of other people that lined up at your funeral just to say thank you. Maybe it was the fact that you worked three jobs just to pay your way through college, while being a Science major. It might have been the fact that you went on to graduate to become a Doctor to help sick babies, but that was not enough for you. Then I guess it would have to be the fact that you worked hard everyday and became the First Black Woman to become President of the Wayne County Medical Association. People would probably argue that it was the fact that you set on the boards of so many different organizations that had missions to help the community.

For me it was the day that I was able to put my Alpha Kappa Alpha pin on you, and be able to call you my sister and my mom. It was the times I would just sit in my room and listen to you while you were singing a gospel song downstairs. It was the fact that you were so busy, but you still made time everyday to call me in the morning and the evening just to say hello. It was the fact that you stood so strong behind my father in everything that he did. I never understood how you could be such a power woman at work, be a supportive wife, and a loving mother, never missing a beat. It probably was when you came up to New York the week before you passed away, just to help me get settled in my new place. You were so busy with work, but that never stopped you from helping your daughters. When you were here, it was the lifting of the boxes over my gate, the waiting in long lines to send off my packages, and grocery shopping for me, that reminded me of how good of a mother you were. But I think it was the moment that I put my head on your lap in the cab ride home from a party in New York, and your ability to stay up to make sure I was okay from being drunk, despite getting straight on the plane from work to come see me, that reminded just one more time why you were an inspiration to me.

Mom and Dad you have made me into the person that I am today and I am truly blessed to have been able to experience your ability to inspire first hand. Because of you I wake up everyday asking myself, "Who will I inspire today?". Thank you for everything!


The Socialite

Who or what inspires you? What would you say to the person that inspired you? Write a short letter below under the comment section, thanking the person or thing that inspires you in front of us all. Who knows it might inspire someone else.

Readers I encourage you to wake up every morning and ask yourself, "Who will I inspire today". I have no doubt that you will do some good that day because of it. There are tiny eyes watching you, and cannot wait to be inspired by you.

Barack and Michelle Obama thanks for inspiring us all!



Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Her speech was incredible. I loved it from the begining to the end, and I appreciated the love and support she and her daughters showed Barack as well as the love and support he showed them. They are a beautiful family; a family that makes me put faith back into the ideology of what a family is suppose to be.

About who will inspire me today...I don't know, and I def. need some inspiration.

The Socialite said...

Beautifully: It sounds like the Obama's truly inspired you. Maybe you will not have a specific person that inspires you today, but maybe Michelle's speech last night will be inspiration enough to keep you going til something or someone else comes along.

Shauntel said...

B...oh excuse me, I mean the Socialite:-)...

I just want to take a moment a comment on the letter that you wrote to your parents. It was very touching and absolutely beautiful, I am at work with tears in my eyes. I know your mom is smiling down on you and your dad is so proud of you each and everyday.

I admire your strength and your drive. I am honored to call you my friend, and most importantly my sister. You are an inspiration to so many, and though you are young, you have accomplished so many things and touched so many lives whether you realize it or not. You are following in the footsteps of your parents, and while you have GIGANTIC shoes to fill, you are well on your way.

This was a wonderful topic and a great way to incorporate our inspirations.Today, I think I'm going to write a letter to my mom:-)

Love Ya,


By the way Michelle Obama's speech was absolutely phenomenal! I was so proud, impressed, inspired, motivated...I can go on and on...

Shante said...

u've inspired me to start a blog! I was wondering what were your first steps in starting this one and if u had another blog b4 this... thanks

The Socialite said...

Shauntel: Thank you!!!! And that thank you is for everything. You are truly an inspiration 2 me also. I always tell say you are the epitome of what a women should be. Thanks for being a great friend, it is people like you that keep me going!

The Socialite said...

Shante: I am glad that I have inspired you to start your own blog! My email address is bwomack@imkeepingup.com. Hit me up on there, and I can give you all of the steps I took!

BeamerDreamer said...

Ms. Socialite,

Although I've been inspired the most by my parents & family(of course my AWESOME SISTER! lol), I'm truly inspired by people like yourself who have become family over time. When we first met (and I will just leave it to early freshman year) I was simply saying hello to a new face and smiling back at smile. Near the middle of our freshman year we established a relationship that labeled you as a "friend," later that year a pal and shortly there after a sister and partner in B.S.B.M. I adore your spirit and am inspired by your drive. You are one of the most determined people I've ever met. You never stop!

It amazes me how God leads people into your life who keep you moving from checkpoint to checkpoint. So many people have come and literally gone from my life in the last five years and to say I was inspired is the least. Jennifer "Jenny B" Britton...you inspired me to just stay Michele..."she's a cool kid" is what you use to say lol. Cardon J. Harris you inspired me to LIVE LIVE LIVE, I thank God for our moments "know' what i'm talkin' bout!?" Aaron "Bumpkin" Bonner...you inspired me to help someone, not with money or tangible things but with kindness. Life is not guaranteed...but I'm inspired by those who live with a purpose.

This was a great read B, I'm inspired...

Michele T.
BrandiMicheleEvents...coming soon!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u know i wrote about her in Jan remember he has a Coretta. but u need to read my last two post for real 7 Houses of Czechoslovakia and No John Adams, No LBJ – easy mud slinging for Che...

The Socialite said...

beamerdreamer: Thank you for taking out the time to write a letter to those that are an inspiration to you. You have been an inspiration to so many people that it is scary. You are completly thorough in everything that you do! Please keep walking in Gods light, and I am confident that you will continue to be an inspiration. It is truly an honor to say that you are my friend, but also a member of b.s.b.m.

B.S.B.M, you ladies have shouwn me that there is nothing that can stand in the way of greatness!

The Socialite said...

Torrance: I read the last one, but of course I am going to read your latest post! I never miss an article.

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