Al-Quaida No. 2 calls Obama a House Slave...

In a recent video, Al-Quaida's No. 2 leader was recorded describing how he thinks that the president-elect does the bidding of whites, and refers to him as a House Negro, which also means House Slave. He includes leaders such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice in the list of House Negroes.

The translation of his message further goes on to point out that the leader says that Obama is the direct opposite of Honorable Blacks such as Malcolm X. Clippings then flash across the screen of Obama praying with Jewish leaders.

Finally, he states that Obama's plan to shift troops to Afghanistan is doomed to failure, because Afghans will resist.

So here is the issue:

Of course when you compare Barack Obama to the original Malcolm X, then hands down it would appear that Obama is a "House Negro". That is what people called Martin when comparing his approach to Malcolm's. Whenever a Black person tries to cater to all races and not just Black's, people will probably question who they truly represent.

I think that it becomes hard for Black's when they become political figures, or are in the spot light, because they begin to have an obligation to the people, and not just one particular race. Barack Obama is president-elect and has been given the task of running an entire country. There is no way that he can have the same fight as great figures such as Malcolm X.

Barack Obama must learn how to carefully answers the concerns of all races. I do hope that in the process that he does not forget about the struggles of African Americans, and totally cater to the majority. I ask that everyone remember that he is a politician at the end of the day...never forget that. If he would have been outward about racism and Black Power, do you think he would have got elected?

Please do not join in with this leader in calling Barack Obama a House Slave. Give him a chance to do his job, and cater to the needs of the entire nation. He has already done a large deed for our race alone, and that was showing our youth that they can be more than just rappers and actors. He has actually given them a new set of dreams and hopes.

What I do ask is that instead of sitting around and waiting for the next Martin or Malcolm, why don't you become the person you are waiting for. You can be the activist we need for our community. Everyone in our community is going to have to hold a different job...let Obama do his.


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Hey there!

I think that this Obama-ssiah mentality is dangerous and OUR people need to truly re-examine this pattern of putting the Obamas on a pedestal as the answer to all social ills...{shaking my head}....Obama is one man...he does not represent ALL ANSWERS...he is not without his own shortcomings...he will make mistakes...he will have to fix his errors...

We need to focus on individual accountability and stop looking for a black savior in the Oval Office to toss magic dust on all black neighborhoods...

{shaking my head}


The Socialite said...

Thank you! He is not God and cannot wipe away all of our struggles with the wave of his hand.

Kirk Franco said...

it's a catch 22. or a clockwork orange where if obama was only for blacks he never would have become president if he does work for only blacks now they'll impeach him so quick. plus he is not working for just blacks because blacks weren't the only ones voting for him. It's obvious we don't have enough information to disrespect this man yet and call him an uncle tom or a house slave or negro. He is just a black man who is president elect right now. I think what the Al Quaida guy is trying to do is rally his base so that they don't feel remorse for America or identify with Barack Obama. They want to continue their attack on America and Barack Obama as president makes it a little harder to use race or religion to do that because he looks more like them. So they have to use another more respected black to discredit him. I'm bout to write a blog about that. Been wanting to get my Malcolm on since I read his autobiography sometimes you just lose you way ya know. Peace.

My president looks like me and thinks highly.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Before I start, I find it weird this man can pose such a threat and make videos on the internet (which was started by an American), yet we can't "find" him...we can track down hackers yet not find Al-Quaida...ummm, someone is in on this (let me shut up before the Feds come to my damn job).

Ok, onto the issue at large, since Al-Quaida wants to compare Obama to Malcom X, then he needs to look at the life of Malcom. Sure, prior to Malcoms pilgramage to Mecca, and while he was under the guidance of Elijah Muhammad, one would say Malcom wasn't a "house negro," for he was a revolt. As time passed, especially when he was forced from the leadership of Elijah, Malcom slowly started to see things differently...then comes his experience to Mecca where he understood the true meaning and teachings of the spiritual aspect, that embodied all races. Malcom didn't wish to only have love and respect for Blacks, for all people who worshiped the same God.

Isn't that what Obama represents...a leader for all? Someone who has experienced various aspect of life, and who has been "chosen" to represent Malcom? What's so "house negro"-ish about that? If you ask me, the real "house negros" are people who look like Al-Quaida, come from the same location or surrounding location, and have the nerve to get offended if you call them Black or of color...they go through the same color complex issues as Blacks around the world...light is right and Black is wack; trying to decipher between the ideology of "field slaves" vs. "house slaves."

Negro Please

RiPPa said...

I do agree with the message of your blog. But lemme say this: There is no Al Queda, and this is just propaganda.

The idea or concept of Al Queda was something manufactured by the neo-conservative movement. It was something they did to carry out their foreign policy or the idea that THE WHITE MAN OWNS THE PLANET.

Having said that, its important to note that "they" produced this video with the intent on disrupting or discrediting Barack Obama and his success to date.

I say...

Don't let these fools get y'all sucked into believing this bullshit.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i thought they were just saying he was a democrat - lol have a gr8 weekend

MrBrown said...
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MrBrown said...

Osama's part-time boot shiner is just trying to start up trouble. I think he wanted to get the blacks to start questioning Obama, and to get the whites to question their votes for Obama, all while generally throwing salt in the good feeling that MOST of us have after history being made. Unless he's going to let us know when/where/if their next shenanigan is going down, then tell him to get back to me.

However, as for Obama himself, you're right in saying that he is only one politician. While many are looking at him as a black messiah, what I've always felt his biggest contribution to blacks could be is the opening of many eyes. Simply letting these young kids see that "the block" doesn't have to be the end of the road simply because you're black and "they" won't give us opportunities. Many people don't realize how many poor kids have never seen examples of black success with BET and ESPN turned off.

I just hope I'm not hoping too hard, and that we actually do get that specific change.

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