Friday's Top Five Ways to Keep up with the Huxtables..

1. Catch the deals on Black Friday! And don't miss out on what they now call Cyber Mondays. On Cyber Monday's you will be able to get online deals.

2. Check out Cadillac Records on December 5th. This movie chronicles the rise of Chess Records and its recording artist. Beyonce Knowles will play Etta James. Will this performance finally give her the Oscar she has been working for? I don't know...I just hope that they managed to create another classic like The Five Heartbeats. Do they even make classic Black movies anymore?

3. Don't let major companies get away with ignorance. A lady name Brenda McElmore went to JCPenny's to get her hair dyed and they told her no. The receptionist told her that they don't do African American hair. This lady asked for her hair to be dyed, not permed or pressed. I didn't know that it was extremely different dying techniques. But if they felt that they were not properly trained to deal with her texture of hair, they could have said that. Not, "We don't do African American hair".

4. Read Walter Mosley, the man in my basement. I am reading this book right now and it has truly kept my attention the entire time. "The book tells the story of Charles Blakey, a young black man who can't find a job, drinks too much, and, worst of all, stands to lose the beautiful home that has belonged to his family for generations. But Charles's fortunes take an odd turn when a stranger offers nearly $50,000 to rent out Charles's basement. Soon the boarder transforms the basement into a prison cell, Charles finds himself drawn into circumstances almost unimaginably bizarre and profoundly unsettling."

What book are you currently reading?

Do you have anything that has been passed down from generations in your home?

I have one of the pens that signed the right for women to vote, from my Great Grandmother. It is very important to hold on and pass down things that make up the history of your family.

5. Remember during the Holiday season that they biggest gift you can give your family members, is spending quality time with them. Take time this season to reach out to a family member that you do not speak to on a regular.



quarter-life-crisis said...

I am currently reading Freakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner.

It is an interesting book that explores society ills from an economic standpoint. (Nerd Literature at its best! LOL)

It goes into "Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?" which goes into comparing a low crime rate and abortion. Which goes into asking, "What makes a perfect parent?"

A very interesting book. I am currently half way through the book, but I highly recommend reading this book.

The Socialite said...

This sounds like a great book! I just finished reading my book and was looking for a new one. Thanks for sharing!!!

freemanpress said...

I am currently reading Blueprint for Black Power by Amos N. Wilson. The book is self explanatory but I tell you it's a undertaking it's 800 odd pages.

dailyvisitor! said...

I'm so glad I went home for the holidays! Did you go home Socialiate? I'm still stuff from Thanksgiving. I took a chest full of food home too... lol.. can't beat homecooking. I got to spend quality time with family and for once I wasn't rushing to get back to 'my life in the city'. I could relax and exhale. I also saw friends from highschool. man its been a minutes since all of us got together. we all have different lives, military, husbands, babies, med school, etc. you look back and in just five years life happens...

I'm reading Midnight. Sister Souljah's new book and sequeal to The Coldest Winter Ever. Its decent, just when you get bored, she springs some on you and you're hooked reading again. An easy read and perfect book for the morning commute on the bus or train. I'm glad I can read for lesuire again,I used to read for fun alot in high school, but while I was in undergrad I didn't read to much outside of my assignments.

I can't wait to check out beyonce's new film. I think beyonce has potential as an actor, but people don't want her to be great at both, I think thats why she gets so much flake for her performances. I mean really look at Jennifer Hudson in "Secret Life of Bees" and even in "Dreamgirls" she was 'average at best' and she played a typical role, but everyone raves about her work.. its a double standard i think. beyonce has made it to icon status and maybe i'm a little partial but oh well! lol...

The Socialite said...

Freemanpress: How did I know that you would be reading a book like that? ;) I have to check it out.

The Socialite said...

dailyvisitor: It looks like you really enjoyed your time at home.T Thats great! I did not get to go home. I had to work on Friday, so I couldnt make that trip back to Detroit. I still enjoyed my Thanksgiving. Its never the same when you do not spend it with family, but I got to spend it with some great friends.

The Coldest Winter Ever was a great book...I wonder how the sequeal could be? Yeah for some reason i did not read a lot in undergrad, besides the books that I had 2. I want to start reading like a book a week! Big goal...but hey why not.

I agree when you say people probably do not want Beyonce to be great at both acting and singing. I think we live in a world where people hate to see others succeed if they are not happy with where they are in life. But I dont think that Beyonce can really act. I think that she is average at best also. In terms of J Hud...i think that she did great with the song in Dream Girls....but yeah her acting was average at best also!

It is so hard when singers try and cross over...I havent seen 2 many successful ones.

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