MY PRESIDENTS BLACK! (and white and Asian)

Dreams really do come true!

Barack Obama has been named the 44th President of the United States of America! The First Black President in the history of the US.

Winning by a landslide 349 to 147

Also congrats to my Dad, James Womack, for winning State Representative in Michigan! He won 97% of the vote. He was on the same ticket as Barack!!!!!!!

And to my Mom and all of the others that did not make it to see this wonderful moment in history, you have the best view in the house. Thank you for doing all you could to get us to where we are at this moment.

Martin had a dream that one day the country would live to see this moment. Dreams really do come true.

How did last night make you feel?

Stay tuned to the recap of a day in history later on today.



Mercii said...

OHHH my God!

So I saw his name on TV and I thought "What a coincidence? he's from the same state as Brandi AND he has the same last name. What are the odds of THAT?"

CONGRATS TO THE WOMACKS!!!! (and the Obamas of course)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Words can't verbalize what I had to be within my soul, for it was that deep. I knew I would see this happen, but not at my age...maybe in my 60s, but not my 20s.

However, if I had to sum up what I felt, I would say that now I feel 100% proud to be an American.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Also, congrats to your dad :)

The Socialite said...

Thank you for the congrats! and the feeling I felt was amazing. It is a great time to be Black. I hope we now feel like it is always great to be Black. To be apart of this great moment in history is a feeling like no other.

Blog Queen said...

Last night was truly a surreal experience. I thought I would be a emotional mess...crying and rocking and pinching myself. None of that....just jubilation and a sense that America will never be the same again. The tears came early this morning....watching videos and I guess for the first time truly realizing...this isn't a dream. It's real. A nation decided as one voice that we could rise above our differences. Yes, we did!

The Socialite said...

At the moment it happened I def thought that it was just a dream! It wasn't til I went outside on
125th and Malcolm X that the dream came alive. It then hit me, WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!

brdofhvn said...

Words cannot describe the joy and pride that I felt that night in Blackburn Ballroom when his name flashed across the screen.
I cried, I cheered, and I prayed!!

But I don't think it really hit me until I saw Michelle Obama, looking fierce on that stage!

Thats when I realized... the First Family looks like me!!! and then I started ballin' again!!

Congrats President Elect Obama... Keep pursuing CHANGE because the war is not over!!

The Socialite said...

Michelle does represent alot for us! It was funny we were joking about how Michelle is just ours! We have to share Obama, because he is mixed. But not Michelle!!!!!! lol

lotf ali said...

Congrats to your dad! very cool.

The Socialite said...

Thank You! It is really cool. He worked hard. :)

LBJ said...

Well, the WHOLE WORLD knows (in my head) that November 4th was my birthday as well!

Anyhow, what do you think about changing the name of your site to "Keeping Up With The Obamas" during Inauguration season?

Afterall, they are the real life Huxtables now!

The Socialite said...

@lbj: That could be a good idea! Let me sleep on that. And happy belated again.

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