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Greetings gentle readers Sartorially Savvy here!! First, I’d like to thank each of you who read my first attempt to “Keep Up…” I very much appreciate and am humbled by the response that has come from all of you!!! So, from the bottom of my well dressed heart, THANK YOU!!!

I’m here with this week’s way to sartorially “Keep Up”!! Last week, I was asked by a reader how, she, as a full figured young lady could take my advice and apply it to her and her size. I was sure to tell her that EVERYTHING I wrote last week was applicable to everyone of every size, but that I’d try to reach out to the big girls, b/c as Big Boi put it, “big girls need love too” So, to the big girls; Remember last week when I told everyone how important fit was? This is especially applicable to you. If something fits you, it looks elegant, made just for you, it accentuates your assets and hides your flaws. When something is ill-fitting, it looks as if you don’t know how to dress your body, and likely draws attention to the very thing you were trying to hide. 2 secret weapons for the big girls are wide-leg trousers/jeans, and wrap dresses. Use them to your advantage!! The wide leg trouser creates a long lean line, making your legs appear as if they go on for days, making you look thinner and keeping the silhouette lean. This is applicable in both your trousers/slacks and your jeans look for cuts that create this effect. A wrap dress creates a different, but still extremely complementary silhouette. The wrap dress wraps at your naturally smallest point, your waist, draws attention to and flatters the waist, and has a skirt that flows away from the body, camouflaging what are typical trouble areas, the tummy and hips and thighs. This is an extremely feminine and sexy silhouette. These are just 2 weapons in the arsenal for big girls, they work for all women, voluptuously curvy, or model thin. Use them to your advantage!!!

Tis the season to look AMAZING!!! It’s the holiday season and with it comes holiday parties, gatherings, and festivities and thus opportunities to look your absolute best. This is the time of year to break out “the big guns” in your closet. Those of us who are striving to “Keep Up…” know that a holiday sweater is simply unacceptable attire. So for those holiday soiree’s, break out that amazing cocktail dress you’ve been trying to figure out where to wear ALL year, fellas, throw on that navy velvet blazer, now’s the time to glam it up a little bit. A particular favorite thing to do of mine around this time of year is color saturation. Wear colors that POP, jewel tones, deep, rich, opulent colors; your eggplant’s, navy’s, crimson’s, burnt sienna’s, cornflower blue’s, emerald’s, hunter green’s. These all work EXCELLENTLY this time of year. The trick to pulling them off, however, is moderation. You can’t go out dripped head to toe in eggplant, but you CAN do an eggplant sweater, pair it with grey slacks, or dark denim jeans. Pick one piece of your clothing, that you want to be the focus, and put your color there. For the fellas, it’s much easier to do this on top in the form of a sweater, oxford, blazer, vest or jacket of some sort. Ladies, you can do this either on top or on bottom, however, I recommend that if you focus your color on bottom, it be in the form of a skirt, it’s kinda difficult to pull of a pair of crimson pants. You can use your accessories wisely this holiday season, maybe put on an extra piece of jewelry (a little bling J) or longer more luxurious scarf, or maybe an interesting pair of gloves, bag, or shoes, add a little glamour and drama. So remember ‘tis the season to be jolly AND well dressed!!

~Sartorially Savvy (“Fashions fade, but STYLE, is eternal” –Yves St. Lauren)



CocktailOur said...

Gloves!! Great idea. This was a good post!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm so glad you made this post. Even though I'm petite, I'm very curvy, and although it can be a blessing asthetically, it can also be a curse when purchasing clothes.

The Socialite- Publisher said...

It is important that we all have the perfect fit no matter our size!!! I am glad that you ladies enjoyed the post.

rawdawgbuffalo said...

i adore curves on a woman

Brickhouse said...

I totally agree on the wrap dresses. I used to be shy about wearing those, but my husband loves me in them.


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