The Life of a Black man trying to Keep Up

Series: The Life of a Black man trying to Keep up…(Based on a True Story)
(names and locations have been changed for privacy purposes)

Episode 1

Background: This series is about a black guy growing up in the inner city and his journey to trying to KEEP UP. His childhood paints a reality for many kids growing up in the inner city. It consisted of his parents being addicts and him having to be taken care of by his grandmother. His grandmother couldn't afford to take care of him the entire time, so he moved around a lot, oftentimes sleeping on his friends couches. This type of lifestyle also made him a kid that would oftentimes get in trouble, forcing him to get kicked out of up to six schools. His experience would ultimately shape the rest of his life…
This is a true story of a Black man trying to Keep up…

DT was enrolled in a community college and played community college football. That’s about the only thing that required him to have any real focus or discipline. Throughout school he was supporting himself, but didn't have a job. He had a drug and bank hustle and money was coming in easily. He was making at least 2000 dollars a week. At the age of 18 he moved out of his mothers house and moved into an amazing house of his own. Him and his friends would go on shopping sprees, eat out and drink all of the time. To him, this was the life.

One day his friend Jeff, who attended Howard University, came back for Christmas break and called him up to hang out. The guys met up with their friend Marcus, who suggested that they go play dice at a guy name Wallace’s house. DT was down for the plan, because he also knew how to cheat in dice and it was yet another hustle he was good at. So he throws on his fitted, stacks his pockets and heads out. They arrive at the house and the game begins shortly after. The game becomes intense and eyes begin to stay tightly glued to the dice. Suddenly you hear, “Seven Out”, and shortly after loud sounds of guys grunting, and one laugh coming from DT as he picks up yet another twenty from off the floor. After about an hour and several rounds of DT winning, there is a knock on the door. There is a few moments of silence as everyone stares at the door wondering who that could possibly be. Suddenly a group of guys rush through Wallace’s front door. Immediately Wallace notices that these are the guys that his brother owes money too. The dice slowly drop from his hand and he looks around to determine his next move. The group of guys notice his expression and his hands opening to the floor.

They soon realize that Wallace and his friends are engaged in a game of dice, and robbing them would be the way they would get their money back. They pull out their guns and attempt to start robbing the dice players. One of the players slowly reaches down for his own gun that he has hidden that he had tucked in his waist, but the robbers see it and shoot first. Gun shots fill the neighborhood and the smell of blood fills the air. Five guys are down and Wallace lies there not breathing. The robbers rush out of the house as quickly as they enter, and leave the house looking like a war zone. DT and the others not wounded sit there looking at Wallace as he breathes his last breath. At that moment reality set in that the life that DT was living, glamorous or not, would end soon…

Stay tuned and find out what happens next...


Estelle's Album Release Party

Snap: That's Miss New York

Flash: That's Ryan Leslie

Take another Picture: There goes the Jets

That's what was going on as I approached the red carpet at 10:30pm, in front of Suzie Wong Lounge. I get out and walk to the front, because of course I was on the list and refused to wait in line. Like everywhere in New York, everyone was VIP, so the not waiting thing was out of the question. I soon spot Kevin Madden, Assistant Account Executive for Bailey's, the official sponsor of the event. He points at me and tells the bouncer, let her in. When I get into the club, I look around and check the scene for a minute, I begin to smile, the crowd was filled with Music Industry Heads, Models, starving actors, and of course celebrities. The New York style of glitz and glam filled the the room, this was going to be a party to remember.

I walk around and say hi to a few people I know, including my line sister Nicole, and head over to the bar for a free Bailey's cocktail. As the crowd is waiting around for Estelle to arrive, there is plenty going on to the entertain the crowd. Take the group of 80's inspired, high top fade wearing, multi-colored, big gold chain, fresh Adidas, I'm Hip Hop, guys in the corner showing off their dance moves they remember from the 90's. Trust me, they were enough entertainment if there wasn't anything else poppin off for the rest of the night.

All of a sudden there is a brief pause in the music, and "American Boy", Estelle's single, comes on. The lights start flashing and Estelle enters the building. I head over to the VIP area where she would be the entire night of course. When I get over there, Kevin introduces me to her and she smiles, "That's a really cute dress"(Socialite Essential: Always look like you are on the cat walk). I say thank you and we take a picture. What started off as a VIP area that consisted of Estelle and her small crew, soon was filled with all of Who's Who in the building.

I spot Christian Siriano, the Project Runway winner of season four. I introduce myself and we take a few pictures. I sit down for a minute and think, the life of a socialite is like a full time job and I'm not getting paid enough, well not just yet :)

The night goes on and a few others are spotted throughout the night, Ryan Leslie, John Legend, Jet Players, BJ Coleman (Baby Phat's publicist, who could not get in VIP for some reason, odd!), and Major Label Representatives.

As the night went on, the club continued to fill up and the party was amazing.

Just another one champion sound
me and Estelle about to get down
who the hottest in the world right now.

Tell them put the money in my hand right now.
Tell the promoter we need more seats,
we just sold out all the floor seats

The sound of Kanye West and the lyrics he says in the beginning of Estelle's song comes to mind. Estelle was definitely the hottest in the world last night and the promoters didn't even try to search for more seats!

As the event died down, the night concludes with me dropping my phone and the club owner telling me he couldn't get it out until the morning, which is 11am for club owners. But I'm a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, so I wrote it off as me gaining another contact to a major club.

All I can say is "Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day. We partied in New York, I'd love to see LA." (Estelle remixed by me)

-The Socialite


Socialite Essentials

Socialite Essentials on a night on the town:

Last Night the Socialite hit the town and ran across some necessary things every Socialite should know…

Know your Cheeses, it is something that will be at almost all of your social gatherings.

Your main drink at the club or event should be a glass of wine or champagne

Make sure that when offered a drink, act in a manner letting it be known that you can buy your own.

Always have a driver that drops you off in front of the event and waits until you come out. (If an up and coming socialite...maybe not just yet..but if you are make it happen)

Never let the bouncer of a club pretend that he is more important than you, walk in like you belong there, ever if you don't. (A true socialite belongs everywhere)

Never get drunk, just tipsy!

Looking for your husband is a no no at the club, a social gathering is ok.

Always walk out of the house as if the streets is your cat walk...

-The Socialite


Young and Keeping Up- Nataha Fontaine

pop-ish, a fun representation of the Femme Fatale.

"Manhandled 1800/2000"

This is from a set, created as a commentary on the sexuality of Black women, who were objectified by slave owners in slave days, and some of whom choose to portray themselves as sex objects as for black men today.

Meet the Artist:

Natasha Fontaine, Howard University graduating senior from the NC.

I love her work because it represents the everyday issues of women and African Americans. Natasha is Young and Keeping Up!

Contact her at


Grape Vodka is the New Green Apple

Grape Flavored Vodka is the hottest New Flavor of the Summer and there are only two Brands that have it:

Trump Vodka and Three Olives

If you are planning a summer cocktail party, bbq, or a trip to Martha's Vineyard, make sure that you bring a bottle of the Grape Vodka along.

Here is an idea for a drink that will make any of your events fun!

Grape Bomb Recipe:

Pour 1 shot of grape vodka into a shot glass and then drop the shot into a glass of Energy Drink, then chug till gone.

Recommended: Trump Vodka
- The Socialite
helping make your events a success!


Picture of the week...Artist Zenobia Morrow



Is it okay for Black people to vote for Obama just because he is Black? This has been a constant debate that I have had with my friends and have been pulled in so many directions. One thing I want to make clear before I go into if it is okay, is that a lot of Black people are not only voting for him because he is Black, but because they strongly believe that he is the best candidate for the job. Anyways, back to the question. So lately white people have been pulling the RACE CARD. There has been many situations where it was asked are Black people voting for Obama just because he is Black. So in case Fox News runs across my blog, I will not truly answer this question; I will just point out a few things, and then you can answer the question yourself.

1. For years haven't white people picked their own, not only to Run the Country, but for acceptance into college, jobs, promotions, to move into their neighborhoods, sit on the bus with them, walk next to them, use the bathroom with them, or simply exist with them?

2. When you walk into a nail shop, Chinese restaurant, or beauty supply store, aren't they owned and operated by Asians and most, if not all, the employees are Asian?

3. Have you ever been to an extremely wealthy neighborhood and run into a million Jews along the way, and they only keep to themselves and frown when you walk into their Kosher restaurants?

Is it right for Black people to vote for Obama only because he is Black? I have no comment, but come on, are other races really pulling the RACE CARD? That's the joke of the week.


ASR Collection Inc.

Business Week named her one of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs.

The State News reads: Student's Clothing Line draws National, celebrity attention...

Keeping up with the Huxtables names her "Young and Keeping up"

Ashley Sierra Reed, 21, is a student at Fashion Institute of Technology and Michigan State. She is the designer of ASR Collection Inc., established in 2001. She states that the line collaborates past influences with today's trends and captures a unique aspect of self-expression. The collection includes various hoodies, jeans, dresses, graphic tees, etc...

ASR Inc. has been worn by Kanye West, Lil'Wayne, Chris Brown, Jazze Pha, Regina King and Ne-Yo.

Ashley is someone who serves as a representation of young African American women that are definitely Keeping up with the Huxtables.
Check her out at:


The TRI-FECTA Young and Powerful for Obama Benefit

The Host Commitee

"Then I go to my brother
And I say brother help me please.
But he winds up knockin me back out on my knees oh!
There's been times when I thought I wouldn't last for long.
But now I think I'm able to Carry on
It's been a long, long time comin
And I know a change gone come Oh!
Yes it will"

-"A Change is Gone Come"

These are the words that filled the Gyspy Tea last night in New York City. Young African American lawyers, investment bankers, politicians, political activist, teachers, people in marketing and management, all gathered to support Obama and prove that "Yes We Can". Last night I attended the Young and Powerful for Obama Benefit along with my friend, The Fresh Princess. When we entered the event, we were greeted by the host committee who presented us with lovely Vote for Obama buttons. We were then guided to go enjoy drinks and mingle with the rest of the attendees. Shortly after, the program began and Raphael Smith started singing, "A Change Gone Come".


After that there were speeches made by Walter Mosley, NYC Obama Delegate and Felix Sorgho, D.C. Young and Powerful for Obama.

The movement last night was led by Jarvis Houston, Co-Founder of Young and Powerful for Obama, and Yves Louis-Jacques, Chairperson of NYC Young and Powerful for Obama. They were assisted by an entire Host committee, a large part consisting of the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The event showed us that young people are taking a stance and ready to make a difference. They are ready for their voices to be heard.

At the bottom of the program it read, "Stay engaged in the political process. Be proud. You are part of a History. Together, we can continue to show the world that we want change and that...YES WE CAN!

-The Socialite


Cops found NOT GUILTY for the shooting of Sean Bell

Minority Report

It's 9:30am and I am walking out of a meeting I had with my distributor, on my way to the car, when all of a sudden I'm stopped by the office building security guard. He shakes his head with disgust and whispers, "They Got Off". It wasn't until a few moments later that I realized he was talking about the Sean Bell case. The verdict came in at 9:00am, a judge acquitted three Police Department detectives of all charges. For those of you that don't know, Sean Bell, 23, was killed just before about 4:00am on his wedding day, November 25, 2006. He and several friends were leaving a bachelor party at the Kaula Club in Queens. According to, some undercover cops were in the area and had been investigating complaints of guns, drugs, and prostitution. Witnesses say that an argument was started inside the club with the undercover cops and the guys attending the Bachelor party, claiming that it had nothing to do with the investigation of the guns, drugs and prostitution. When Bell and his friends went outside, the undercover cops approached them again. The cops claimed that after that they thought Bell was going to his car to get a gun. The cops then began shooting and put a total of 50 bullets in Bell. Later on it was discovered that there were no weapons found on Bell. An unarmed man, shot for NO REASON. According to, it was stated that forensic and scientific evidence presented during the seven-week trial contradicts the testimony of prosecution witnesses.

All I can say, is that the streets are talking and it isn't pretty. As I'm riding home from my meeting, the people around me start saying that this summer is going to be bad and that people are going to take justice into their own hands. As people continue to have conversation about the matter, they become more angry and someone yells, "The conclusion of this case now gives cops the ok to shoot innocent people without cause, just one more thing to add to the reasons we are fed up with our government". These words caused me to shiver a little and I start to think, "when people start to take justice into their own hands, the streets become an unsafe place. Our government is suppose to provide justice and instead they are starting more wars. Is racism and profiling becoming no longer hidden, but becoming more blatant again as it was in the past? Is the African American community going to take action?" These are all of the things that ran through my mind as I set there and looked around at all of the angry and unhappy people on the subway back to Harlem.

Ladies and Gents, if you are going to take a stance on this issue or on all of the racism occurring, make sure that it is a peaceful movement and not riots that will only give them what they want and expect.

This has been a Minority Report by the Socialite...



Jazz is an American Musical art form which originated around the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States. When I think of Jazz, I think of Louis Armstong, The Swing, and the sounds of Duke Ellington's band playing at the Cotton Club.

Throughout the years new music has developed and African Americans now enjoy the fresh sounds of Hip Hop, music typically consisting of a rhythmic style of speaking called rap over backing beats performed on a turntable by a DJ. When I think of Hip Hop, I think of Run DMC, Break Dancing, and the sounds of Jay Z at Madison Square Garden.

There is one group that hopes to serve as a bridge between these two unique forms of music, mixing a little old with the new. Jaspects are ready to, "redefine all aspects of Jazz". Started at Morehouse, the Jaspects are a band that mixes the sounds of Jazz and Hip Hop. They have released three albums and their latest is "Double Consciousness". They have also promoted three self-promoted tours. Individually their work has appeared on major projects such as, "Hustle & Flow".

Meet the Band:

Painist/Music Director- Terrence Brown

Bassist- Jon Christopher Sowells

Drummer- Henry C. Coneway III

Tenor Saxophonist- D'Wayne Dugger

Alto Saxophonist- "Sir" Jay Price

Trumpeter- James E. King

Up and Coming Shows"

May 10th, 2008- 6:00pm 500 Songs for Kids @ Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA

May 24th, 2008- 6:00pm Atalanta Jazz Festival in Atlanta, GA



Have Knots is a new clothing line that has been created by two Howard Students, Casey Crawford and Hollis Chin-kee-fatt. The interesting thing about this line, is that the designers wanted to create a revolutionary way to promote the state of consciousness, instead of a brand. The concept is hot! The shirts say things like "Have Knot will work for food" Check out more of what Have Knots is cooking at

It would be crazy to think that they are Knot Keeping Up!


A Pinks- If My Hood Could Talk

For those of you that have never heard of A Pinks, it is time for an introduction. A Pinks is an unsigned rapper from Queens, NY and a recent graduate from Howard University. He has been featured in Source Magazine,, up for the best un-signed artist of 2007, and On-Demand features his video for If My Hood Could Talk. There has also been recent rumors of a record deal on the table. Ladies and Gents keep your eye out for A Pinks!!!

He is Keeping up!


Ways to Manage your Money and Keep UP!

I was recently reading Essence Magazine and came across an article on how to manage your money. I went home and went to one of the sites, and tried it out. The site was actually really useful.

1. It allowed me to view all of my accounts on one screen

2. It outlined my spending trends

3. It helped me create a budget

4. It also gave me ways that I can save

A really easy way to begin to Keep up with the Huxtables, is to start managing your money and saving. Check out and be on your way to Keeping up!


10 Things Black Men Hate When it Comes To Women

1. When women nag

2. When they are too clingy

3. When they are Excessively Talkative

4. When they won't perform oral sex

5. When they keep a dirty house

6. When they look through your phone

7. When they ask too many questions

8. When they openly talk about their weave and other things added to their body

9. When they don't keep up their appearances

10. When they have GIRL TALK


Universal/Motown presents ASHANTI, RYAN LESLIE & LLOYD

It's about 4:00pm on Tuesday, and I have been checking my email all day searching for my confirmation into Spotlight Live. Later on that night Universal/Motown would present this weeks installment of R&B Live (featuring R&B Artists Ashanti, Ryan Leslie, and Lloyd) with doors opening at 7:00pm. It gets closer to 6:00 and still no confirmation, but its my fault because I waited until the day of to RSVP. So I hit my girl Shyah up and ask her does she think that I should still try and get in anyways. She responds and says, "You're a black socialite, they can't turn you away". I'm thinking, she's right, what was I thinking? So I head down to the busy streets of Time Square and truck all the way up to 48th and Broadway. When we get there, there is a line around the corner. I'm now wondering if this two hour wait is going to be worth it if I get turned away. I quickly remind myself that I am the black socialite. After literally two hours of waiting in line, finally they scream out, "NO MORE LIST, 20 dollars to get in". Two of my friends leave after that announcement, but the Socialite, Starving Celebrity, Traveltattoo, and Krystal, still wait there hoping to get in. We finally get to the front and they let us through the gates and then through the door. We are suppose to now stop at the front and pay $20, but as usual Taylor (Starving Celebrity) keeps walking through as if she is VIP and wouldn't think of paying, and as usual, we follow.

We get in and there are RESERVED tables all over, with signs for BET, Motown Records, and other major labels and artist. We search around, and of course no table for us. So we stand around and try to still look important, despite the fact that we would have to stand up the entire night. While we are waiting for the show to begin, we spot Anthony Anderson (Two can Play that Game and Barbershop), Tony Rock (All of Us), Free (106th and Park), and some of the Giants and Jets.

We then realize that we are standing by Missy Elliot and her crews table. There are open seats, so I ask to sit down. I'm thinking why not, I might as well at least pretend that I have a table. Besides, it must have been a mistake, The Black Socialite always has a table. :)

Soon after I sit down, the firsts acts come on, and two up and coming artist hit the stage. They opened the show right, with one good performance and one amazing one. After they leave the stage, I remember that I am starving and wish that the people at the table would offer me some food, to my surprise they do. I'm thinking, I'm in there!

Finally, the main performances were about to start. The show started off with Ryan Leslie:


Then it was Lloyd:


Finally, Ashanti:


By far the best performance of the night was RYAN LESLIE! The night ended with the entire crowd rushing to the door and The Black Socialite excited for another night on the town...

Until next time...The Socialite will be Keeping up!


Stuff Educated Black people Like

I found a website that talks about the stuff that Educated Black People like. Here is a list of things that they came up with:

1. Fraternities and Sororities
2. Neo Soul
3. Baked Chicken
4. Natural Hair
5. Poetry Slams
6. Conferences
7. Business Cards
8. Town Homes
9. CNN
10. Turkey Bacon/ Sausage
11. Barack Obama
12. Talking about uneducated Black People
13. First Fridays
14. Getting Dressed up
15. Moving to Atlanta
16. Jazz
17. Weddings
18. Oprah
19. Correcting Others
20. Facebook (Pre. 2005)
21. Howard University
22. Spas
23. Mega Churches
24. Displaying Photographs
25. Grown and Sexy Events
26. Wine and Cheese Affairs
27. Hiding their drama
28. Passing the bar

Comment and tell me what you would add to the list.


Show Off Comedy presents..........Oh no (Dey Know Parody)

These three guys are graduates from the Fine Arts department of Howard University. They produce a number of comedy productions under the name of SHOW OF COMEDY. The three guys in this clipping are Ashford, Sam and Germaine. Check out more of their productions on


The New York Hustle

Ok so I was just talking about hustling in my previous post, and realized that I should briefly talk about the New York Hustle. Have you ever been to New York and took the Subway? Well if you have, you probably ran into a few people trying to make a living off of their performances in the subway stations. There are people that break dance, pretend to be the lost Jabba Wakee (Shout out to starving celebrity), and sometimes there are even strippers willing to give lap dances. Then there is the familiar sound of a young boy saying, " Excuse me ladies and gentleman I am not trying to sale this candy for a basketball team or boy scouts, I am just trying to put a little money in my pocket. Have a nice day" (in a deep monotone voice) Mind you there are like 50 boys a day given the same speech, using the same voice. It has to be like a grand hustler over them that gets a percentage of what the boys make. Anyways, there are hundreds of people that hustle in the train stations and some of them actually have talent. Check out who I discovered in the train station today. I might sign him! :)



Helping The Youth to See Another Option!

In T.I.'s song titled, Doin' My Job, he talks about how for people growing up in lower income houses, sometimes hustling is the only way for people to make ends meet. He further goes on to talk about how sometimes its hard for kids to see that there are other options, when they are worried about feeding a family of five at the age of twelve. So often we say its no excuse to the behavior of our youth growing up in these situations and say that they should be focusing on school. T.I. illustrates that its not that simple with lyrics such as, "Its hell in high school when your helping with the rent lights and the gas bill too. So before you go judging us, loving us won't hurt. Yeah under 25, staying alive is hard work".

At first I was someone who agreed that it couldn't be that hard for people to make the right choices and choose to focus on school and going to college. It wasn't until I tutored at an Elementary School in DC, that I realized that it really was a huge challenge. The girl that I was mentoring was in the forth grade and never could seem to get her homework done. When I finally set down with her and had a real conversation, I discovered that she was in charge of taking care of her younger siblings when she got home from school. Her mom was working three jobs, and relied on her daughter to take care of the home. Her huge responsibilities made it somewhat difficult to focus on her homework. It wasn't until I spent many days with her, that she finally began to understand how to make time for her studies. She also was happy to see someone who was in college and now couldn't wait until she could attend one day. It was clear that she had very few examples of people that were successful and very little pressure to focus on her education. This is the case of so many people!

So I agree with T.I., before you judge the youth in our community, reach back and help someone get to where you are. Trust me, its hard for them to get there without you.

This has been a public service announcement about Helping the Youth see another Option!

Take time to listen to what T.I. says in his song:

StumbleUpon America's Top Historically Black Colleges and Universities

If you ever attended an HBCU you know that students from these schools argue back and forth about which University or College is better. The arguments are based it on what students get out of these schools educationally and socially. based it on a number of factors ranging from retention rates to average graduation rates. Look who came out on Top:

1. Spelman College
2. Howard University
3. Hampton University
4. Morehouse College
5. Fisk University

Personally I think if you add the overall college experience, Howard University would rank number 1!!!!!


The Current State of Fraternities and Sororities

African American Fraternities and Sororities have been in existence for over 100 years now. African American Fraternities and Sororities have strong traditions of fostering brotherhood and sisterhood among their members, having considerable influence in the African American community, and being in the forefront of civic action, community service, and philanthropy. The question rises, are they still necessary and relevant to the time? As a member of a Sorority, I understand the wonderful effects that we still have on our community, from service projects to simply being a role model for a young girl who is now encouraged to attend college because of her small interaction with you at her High School. Despite all of the great things that Fraternities and Sororities are currently doing, the rest of our community says its not enough. If you go back to the 50's and 60's, Sororities and Fraternities were at the forefront of the civil movement and strong leaders in our community at that time. People like to compare what Frats and Sororities did then, to what they are doing now. This becomes issue 1.

The next issue that Fraternities and Sororities now face is exclusivity. If you ever look on Youtube or simply attend a party, you might see people that you wouldn't think represented the standards of someone who was Greek. The issue is that the caliber of people in the Fraternities and Sororities has gone down. What use to be organizations that produced people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, Toni Morrison, Arthur Ashe, Carol Moseley Braun, Bill Cosby, Sarah Vaughan, George Washington Carver, Hattie McDaniel, and Bobby Rush, has members now who are average at best. Do not get me wrong, like anything, you still have great women and men who still uphold the standards of what these organizations are suppose to stand for, its just the overwhelming amount of members who simply do not make the cut. This becomes issue 2.

It's simple, the reason that these issues exist is because of the current state of our community. Like anything else, the Fraternities and Sororities are a reflection of our community and what it going on at the time. During the 50's and the 60's, not only were these organizations fighting for civil rights, so were the millions of other African Americans in our community. Naturally if you participated in the civil movement, you could be seen as someone who was really standing up and taking a stance. Currently, there are major issues that African Americans still face, the problem is that there are very few people in our community that are addressing these issues and some people think that there is nothing to address at all. People feel like there is no real movement that needs to be made. As a result, it appears that these organizations are not as active as they were during the times of the Civil Rights Movement, when the real problem is that no one is as active as they were during the Civil Rights Movement.

The solution would be for Fraternities and Sororities to possibly become true leaders and help the community recognize that there are still issues that are effecting our community that need to be addressed. We would have to go above the mindsets of the millions of African Americans today and actually take a stance. "If we move, they move, just like that".

In terms of maintaining high standards for the members of these organizations, these organizations have to find new ways and approaches to picking new members. The old way of doing things may not apply or be relevant to this generation; however, there are many new policies that can be implemented to insure that Fraternities and Sororities are bringing in people that will be excellent leaders and role models for our community.

So for members of these organizations: Are you currently upholding the ideals and carrying out the true purpose of your organization? Are you a leader in your community?

To other members of our community- Before you judge the state of the Fraternities and Sororities, are you personally doing community service, fighting for the rights of our community, or standing up and being a leader in our community?

Everyone ask yourself: What am I doing to make a difference? Who do I inspire?


800 Richest and Most Socially Elite Black Families...

So it looks like Lawrence Otis Graham, author of Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upperclass, beat me to creating a list of the richest and most socially Elite Black Families in America. He will be writing a book called The Our Kind of People 800 Register, a directory ranking the 800 richest and most socially Elite Black families and people in America.

If you ever read Our Kind of People, it was one of the most controversial books that higlighted Black Elites, the schools they attended, the clubs they joined, the jobs they had, and they places they hung out. Well Lawrence is at it again. As we approach a time where the U.S. is embracing it's first major black president and candidate and companies like, Merrill Lynch, Time Warner, and American Express are now being headed by blacks, I guess Lawrence thinks it is time for more successful blacks to be highlighted.

Next month, states that Lawrence starts a tour of 46 cities to collect names of elite people and familes with ties to important groups, and to the black society-world of debutante cotillions, charities, prep schools, clubs, resorts and home life in the best zip codes.

For more information, call Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc at 646-424-9750 or visit if you, or someone you know, should be in the Our Kind of People 800 Register.

However, I will be creating my own list that will include the who's who of African Americas. This list will not only highlight the Black Elite, but will include, fashion designers, unsigned artist, activist, entreprenuers, and of course the Richest Black Families in America. If you want to be featured on my list or know someone who should be, please contact me at or just post a comment after this post.

- The Socialite


Friday's Top Five Ways to Keep up with the Huxtables..


1. Stop by Melba's Restaurant on 300 w. 114th st New York, NY for some Chicken and Waffles
2. Read the autobiography of Malcolm X written by Alex Haley
3. Go see a 'A Raisin In the Sun' featuring P Diddy
4. Read the book Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class' by Lawrence Otis Graham.
5. Go donate to Barack Obama's campaign.

Major Don't of the Week
Do not buy Marc Jacobs, but spell it Mark when you say that's your favorite designer. That is not how you Keep up with the Huxtables!


If you feelin like a pimp Obama, go and brush your shoulders off

Your boy back in the building, Chi-Town we back on the map
Me and my beautiful Chelle in the back of that 'Bach
I'm the realest that run it, bringing the democrats back
I ain't gotta clap at 'em, niggaz scared of that black
I drop that +Black, knowledge+ then I back, out it
As the best canidate alive nigga ask about me
From Bricks to Bills passed, from grams to Grammys
The O's to opposite, Orphan Annie
You gotta pardon Obama, for rackin up all those states in a day
I'm like a young Marvin in his hey'
I'm a hustler homey, you a customer crony
Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?


The Socialite on the Scene- New York City's Premier Social Boxing Event

Last night I attended New York City's Premier Social Boxing event, held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The event included Professional Boxing, Fine-Dining, Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, Models, Celebrity Appearances, and Trump Vodka. Picture a room full with rich people, Fortune 500 Top executives, promotion girls passing out wine, people passing Hor'dourves, silent auctions for signed merchandise by sport legends, DJ, 4 bars, VIP tables everywhere, and a boxing ring dead in the center. I'm thinking I can totally see myself attending these types of events all of the time. Of course at first it took a little time for me to adjust to the scene, I mean I am a young black female amongst the tops of Corporate America and the top socialites in New York. After I adjust, I sit down to enjoy some pasta, beef, chicken, fish, salad, chocolate cake, and of course a glass of Trump Vodka. Don't judge me, the food was free, so I tried everything. A few minutes later the boxing match began. After a couple of hours of boxers, the main event was ready to begin, Peter "Kid chocolate" Quillin versus Antwun Echols. Peter is known for throwing out chocolate Hershey's to the audience before he begins to fight. He is a 24 year old African American and born in Chicago. He is in the Super Middleweight Division. After ten rounds of fighting, Kid Chocolate won the match, making it his 18th win and still undefeated. Later on that night, World Heavyweight Champion, Wladimir Klitschko, got a check from Box NYC for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the official charity of the event. I didn't pay attention to the amount of the donation, but I am sure it was a lot, because the seats started at 3,250 dollars for eight guests.

The Socialite is Keeping up...



Charan P from Chi-Town

Charan P is a poet from Chi-Town and now lives in New York! She travels around the city to places like the Sugar Bar and Cimarron, performing with a group called the Collective Six. The first time I heard her was at an event at the Sugar Bar, hosted by Trump Vodka. You have to check her out.


Comcast to Launch New Black News Network

According to MultiChannel News, Black Television News Channel (BTNC) announced Tuesday it has reached an agreement with Comcast Cable for ditribution in several of the urban-based systems beginning in 2009. This network was created by U.S. congressman J.C. Watts Jr., and will provide original news programming with a distinctively African-American perspective, according to a network press release. Ladies and Gents this will be the first cable service to offer 24-hour news targeted to African-Americans.

Tune into BTNC in 2009...They will be Keeping up...

First BET, then TV One, now BTNC!

Questions: Is BET Keeping up with the expectations of our community? Are their programs the ideal programs that you think they should be showing? If you could come up with a television show that BET would show, what would it be about?


Shopping for Mother's Day

Our Own Heritage presents: "Mother's Day Cards", by Baby Face Nelson. Our Own Heritage is located on 22 E 125th st in Harlem. Mother's Day is a time to celebrate your mother and show her how much you appreciate her. The cards by Baby Face Nelson are made from the richest fabrics on earth! The cards not only celebrate your mother, but our rich African American heritage.

He already has over 200 orders! Make your mother feel special, don't settle for Hallmark. Visit now or call him at 646-596-9768

Small Cards: :$10
Medium Cards: $20
Large Cards: $35

A Mom's Love: Priceless


John Legend, Estelle, and "American Boy" Brandon Hines stop in DC

Last night Keeping up with the Huxtables sent Patricia, one of Keeping ups finest reporters, to get some exclusive footage of the Baileys Get Together Tour, featuring Estelle, hosted by John Legend, and accompanied by special guest Brandon Hines, an up and coming artist. The event was held at the Zanzibar, a trendy lounge in DC. The "American Boy", Brandon Hines opened the show singing some of his latest songs, including some of the crowds favorites like, "We need We". After Brandon Hines amazing performance, John Legend appeared on stage and excited the crowd with his introduction of Estelle. Estelle of course dazzled the crowd with her amazing vocals and left them wanting to hear more of their favorites, such as "American Boy", which by the way is the song that coined Brandon Hines the American Boy, because of his appearance in her video. Throughout the night guests were invited to share in the Bailey's experience by trying the free Bailey's cocktails that were being offered. Patricia said the crowds favorite was the Apple Twist Martini, which includes Bailey's Caramel with Apple Smirnoff Vodka. All in all, Patricia says the event was a success; however, she thinks that next time they should pick a better venue.

Patricia is Keeping up!

photos by Patricia Roberts


A Tribute to Great TV and a Great African American Childhood Star

This is for those of you that never had a chance to watch Gary Coleman and a Different Strokes. This is classic TV!


Harlem Underground

Every time I walk down 125th street on my way to the 6 Train, I always manage to bump into some of my great friends. They sit there everyday faithfully smiling and yelling out something new for the community to do. One is yelling, "Yes we Can", and the other one is shouting, "I have a Dream". Today I decided to stop by and say hi. I walked into Harlem Underground, which is the store they hang out in. I asked if I could take a few pictures and asked a few questions. My friends told me how much they loved Harlem Underground and told me a few things about the place:

Me: So guys tell me a little bit about the store.

MLK: They do Custom Embroidery Logos that can help you personalize your wardrobe or promote your company logo.

Obama: They specialize in Baseball caps, sweatshirts, track jackets, tee-shirts, and other items that have the faces of different African American leaders and icons in our community.

Malcolm: Harlem Underground's mission is, "to share the style, energy and the spirit of this wonderful village with the rest of the world."

Spike: They are located at 20 E. 125th Street

They also told me I can visit their website at

Of course I really didnt have a conversation with these great men; however, the T-Shirts are so amazing and stand out so much, that you feel like you are viewing the real thing!

I encourage you to visit and support this black owned and operated store. You too can meet Malcolm, Martin, Obama, and many more that are no strangers to Harlem and to this great store. On the T-Shirts of course :)

(These are not real quotes from them. I have to put this before I get sued ) :)


Young and Keeping UP

"They wanna bring the 80s back, that's ok, that's where they made me at" - Jay Z

They say fashion comes back in cycles and we all know the 80s is back. How fitting, because the 80s babies are taking the world by storm...they are Young and Keeping up...

Born in London, Kesh is a 21 Year Old Fashion Designer, stylist, magazine editor, model and DJ. Kesh Wear is 80s inspired fashion from London and has been picked up by celebrities like Kanye West, Mariah Carey, and Lupe Fiasco.

I first spotted this girl when I was hanging out with Kelis and her Stylist Damon for his birthday, with of course , my friend Taylor. The theme of the night is something like, "Over the top, more is everything, blah blah blah", basically be extra. So of course Taylor and I throw on a few put together pieces that we think are "Over the Top". When we get to the club Kelis is decked out in jewels and diamonds, and puts everyone to shame. Damon manages to keep up with his outstanding outfit changes. But only one girl manages to come in third place, none other than Kesh. I didn't know who this girl was, all I knew is that she screamed 80s and was "Over the Top".

It wasn't until we got home that Taylor told me that she had her own clothing line. So of course by nature, I did my research. I was excited to discover that her unique style and loads of talent landed her on my Young and Keeping 20 list. Stay tuned to find out who else makes the list.

Check out her myspace page


The Life of a New Blogger

So I'm walking home from a much needed visit to the hair salon and I hit up my friend Lenzy, who by the way has one of the best entertainment blogs out there, I called him to ask him for some advice on blogging and some cool sites to visit to improve mine. So he gives me this long explanation on what to do and concludes the conversation by saying that he will send me some cool templates that I can upload. I'm like cool! So if you don't know me, I'm the type of person that isn't patient and likes to try things on my own. So I start googling to try and find some templates of my own. I run into this site called Webfetti! I see these nice backgrounds where they have celebrity faces as the backgrounds of the layouts. Well silly me thinks that I can download one of them and then change the faces to strong black people in our community. You will not believe what happens next. I press quickload and up loads the BACKSTREET BOYS onto my Page. For two hours they starred me in the face and all I could hear was "Bye Bye Bye", oh wait that's Insync. But anyways I tried everything I could do to get them off of there and after a while I just closed the page to out side viewers. I kept thinking the irony. I have a site that is suppose to promote African Americans in our community, and this white boy band is on my page. I'm thinking people are going to be confused. Then I laugh and think to myself, "We can't ever have anything to ourselves, I make a blog to promote 'us' and 'they' show up to take over, but I didn't give up...I refused to give our site up like we did BET"

I'm going to stick to the templates that Lenzy sends me...that's what I get for trying to KEEP UP with the seasoned bloogers.


"American Boy" Brandon Hines on Tour

“American Boy” Brandon Hines has just been confirmed as the opening act on Estelle’s tour, hosted by John Legend in the following markets:

4/13 – Philadelphia – The Fillmore @ TLA – 8pm
4/15 – DC - Zanzibar on the Waterfront – 8pm
4/22 – Ft. Lauderdale – Culture Room – 8pm
4/28 – NYC – Highline Ballroom – 9pm
5/01 – LA ( Santa Monica ) – Temple Bar – 8pm
Please arrive at 7pm, the place will be packed by 8:00pm

To purchase tickets please visit

Brandon thanks you for your support!


Cultivated in Motown, Brandon Hines and his refreshingly natural singing talent are campaigning for legendary status. With a recent feature on MTV’s TRL as one of the hottest unsigned acts of 2008, a special guest spot in the video for hit single “American Boy” with Estelle and Kanye West and over 1.8 million hits on Myspace, Hines smooth, tenor vocals and relatable lyrics has commanded the attention of many. Hines lulls his sultry love songs in a distinct, raspy tone that sets him apart from others in the current music climate.

Hines independent debut, Love Music: Fallin in Fallin Out has sold over 10,000 copies to date and currently available for sale on I-Tunes. Brandon Hines has worked with R & B singers Trey Songz, Cassie, Troy Taylor, Ryan Leslie and Johnta Austin just to name a few. Hines won the 2007 Who's Next Award at the major music conference in New York , and has been featured on, and, solidifying the obvious: fans are eager to hear more.

For more information about Brandon Hines please visit

(Bio given by Kevin Madden)


The New Age Slave

The New Age Slave can be defined as someone that is completely subservient to a dominating influence. The New Age Slave doesn't walk around in shackles, but is tied down by poverty. The New Age Slave doesn't work in fields or masters kitchen, instead he works a nine to five, and although he gets paid, its barley enough to make ends meet. There is no more split between house and field, its more of a split between who has and doesn't. The New Age Slave doesn't get sold in auctions anymore, but still manages to get sold to Louis, Donna, and Marc, Mr. Jacobs to you. The New Age Slave doesn't have to tend to the horses and sheep, oh no he's moved on up, its now a Jaguar. So now he's walking around and think he's looking better than you and because he is the one, "Who has", he is closer to being better than you. Better than you, better than me, but less than him, not good enough for me. So he goes back to work to work ten times harder, and this time he comes out and goes ten times farther. He graduates from Harvard and seems ten times smarter. But now we question if everyone else in now ten times darker. So now he worries about not being black enough, black enough for you, black enough for me, oh but the biggest worry is if he is light enough for thee. He's convinced because now is graces the cover of Vogue Magazine and gets paid about a mill just to be seen. So little kids run around and can't wait to be him, but think the only way to get there is by being friends with Mary Jane. But he doesn't take the time out to show them anything else, because he's too busy being better than you, better than me, less than him, not good enough for me.


A Different World- Presidential Election Episode

As we approach the 2008 Elections, check out the, "A different World Presidential Election Episode", where they talk about how we need "Change"...and how the candidates need to focus on the issues.


YES WE CAN...Keep up!

In 2004 Diddy tried to convince us to Vote or Die, and while more than ever people chose to Vote, it was still many that said I rather DIE! And of course all of over people are telling us to Rock the Vote, and people are slowly catching onto the trend. However, one man has stood up and brought back the dream that Martin Luther King once had, and other great leaders of course tried to make happen. He has youth from all over shouting on the corners of their hood yelling "Yes We Can"

On April 24th, 2008 in New York, the Talented Tenth Society and Young Professionals for Obama will host the 3rd annual installment of the Young and Powerful Benefit titled THE TRI-FECTA in support of U.S. Senator Barack Obama's movement towards the White House.

It will be held at Gypsytea 33w 24th st. You must donate at least $50 to attend the event.

To make contributions and to RSVP to the event, please visit the NYC Event Link(s):

100% of the proceeds will go to the Obama for America campaign.

Some of the Hosts include Howard Universities own: Adam Guthrie, Floyd Mitchell, Felicia Crabtree, Kevin Madden, Brandon Hines, Taylor Cook, Cameron Trimble, Joshua Mercer, and Chanelle Dumas.


Miss USA 2008 is Black and Keeping up...

The new Miss USA is a 26 year old African American woman from Texas, name Crystle Stewart. The thing that stands out about this girl is that she in an entrepreneur, that runs a party-planning and motivational speaking company. Big-ups to African American women becoming entreprenurs. I guess the contestants are more than just pretty faces!

Question: Can you name more than five black businesses that you personally support?

Personally I can't and think that it is ashame that the majority of African America's can not. There was a time when African Americans supported their own businesses, had their own Wall Street and attended their own schools. It is perfectly ok that we have become intergrated instead of segegated, but has it forced us to not support our own? The black dollar leaves the community faster than it comes in. Doesn't anyone else see this as an issue? I make a pledge to support more black owned businesses and help them Keep up with the Huxtables...


The PIT Award

For those of you that didn't know, the hang out spot on a Different World, a spin off of The Cosby Show, for the students that attended Hillman, was The PIT. So every week I will try and highlight a popular hang out spot for the "Urban Crowd". This weeks winner is Tillmans Bar and Lounge. Tillman's is located in the popular Meat Packing district of New York city, on 165 w 26Th street.

So I walk up to the door and am stopped by a bouncer who is covering what appears to look like a secret location. Imagine those movies where you have to to knock on the door three times, tap your foot once and silently say "I am Legend", before you can be let in. Anyways, the bouncer checks my id and lets me into a perfectly dim lighted lounge, which immediately feels like I am home. I search around for my friend Taylor, the stylist, designer, I work in fashion ,but told she works in sales, rock-star kind of girl, Cook. I spot her sitting next to my other friend Shyah, the publicist, the blogger, the travelnista, often called little miss make it happen, Dickerson. I walk over to the table and sit down with them to patiently wait for Leah, the I'm already a star, need I say more, our business partner, Janell. Our team is suppose to be meeting up with Brandon Hines, the American Boy, unsigned artist, and his manager Kevin Madden, Behind it all.

The Fabulous Kevin is the one that suggested this spot for us to meet and we couldn't help but notice why. The place had dim lights, jazz music playing in the background, an environment that made you feel like you were in an intimate setting, and a menu filled with popular cocktails and soul food dishes. It was a place that made you feel like you would always see a familiar face. In our case we met a couple of unfamiliar faces that accompanied Brandon Hines and Kevin to our meeting. None other than BJ, Baby Phats publicist, I only roll with Sexy people, I'm going to name my kids August and September, there is no one more Fabulous then I, Coleman.

A few others join us before our meeting begins and BJ looks around and says, "I guess you didn't plan on all of us being here" To my surprise he snaps his fingers and we are moved into a private area that overlooks the rest of the restaurant, with a nicely lit fire place, to I guess keep us warm! We are now in BJ's world!

BJ's world means that we are at a venue that lives up to the highest of expectations. BJ becomes the perfect host of the night as we sit down and enjoy Tillman's Famous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and many cocktails. We conclude the night with an unsuccessful meeting, but a well needed dining experience, naming Tillman's the Pit of the week!!!!!!


The real sermon given by Pastor Wright...You be the Judge


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