Alicia Keys in Atlanta

Alicia Keys concert reviewthe other Night I Was Lucky Enough To Attend A Sold Out, One Night Show LIVE In ATLANTA From The Mad Talented Alicia Keys.

After multiple cancellations earlier in the week, due to illness, I was in doubt on whether the event would go ahead, but it did & Alicia showed almost no signs or effects from being ill. She was vocally on form, had a much better stage presence than I expected & was accompanied by some vocally talented back ground singers. With a very expensive drink in my hand, & the soulful vocals of Alicia being pounded from the speakers, the evening went down without a hitch. She started the show amongst huge cheers with a shortened versions of ; Ghetto Story, Waiting For Your Love, Where Do We Go From Here & You Don't Know My Name.

Towards the end of the show she performed the now classic track Fallin', with a short burst of the musical inspiration for the song, James Browns' - It's A Man's Man's Man's World. She then proceeded to close the show with her recent smash hits; No One and Teenage Love Affair, this was the highlight of the evening, with a show stopping performance which had every one on their feet, joining in with the 'Oh Oh Oh' towards the end of the track.The evening went far to quickly & I was totally amazed by Alicia's CD quality vocals & solid stage presence, which I really wasn't expecting.

Some random stuff from the concert included the fact that because of the smoking ban in the GA, everyone had to put their mobile phones in the air instead of lighters. Also, the opening introduction video had Alicia in a church & a preacher warning her about the outside world, he had this one line that told her about those 'Lions, Tigers & Snoop Doggs'. Lol

-The Bachelor


Friday's Top Ways to Keep up with the Huxtables..


Start working towards a healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of things that you can do for the summer that will not only help you get fit for the summer, but help you live a healthy life.

Exercise for at least 30 min a day.

Ways to make exercising more fun:

  • Go with friends to the gym
  • Play a sport on the weekend with a group of friends (Basketball or Tennis)
  • Join a dance class (Hip Hop dancing could be fun)


Eat healthier Foods.

List of Ways:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Wheat breads
  • grill or bake your food
  • less sugar and salt
  • Less Drinking (you will get a beer belly)
  • Eat spicy food (Speeds up your metabolism)


Organize your life

  • Keep a planner
  • Make List (The old fashion way of writing things down, and then cross things out as you go. Trust me it will make you accomplish alot more, and make you feel better about completing your task)
  • Budget
  • Keep a journal
  • Plan ahead and don't overbook
  • Sleep


A Major Key to a healthy lifestyle is making sure that you balance work and play. Never overwork yourself, ENJOY Life!

If you don't know how, ask the Socialite! Keep Up!


Tanqueray Style Sessions

Ready to Tanqueray?


Last night I attended the final Tanqueray Style Sessions event in New York, at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The event was coordinated by Carolyn Concepcion, Account Executive for Tanqueray. The event featured Tanqueray Gin's custom made clothing line and a performance by the talented Ryan Leslie. Tony Sinclair began the show by asking us, "Ready to Tanqueray?" and Ryan Leslie answered it, by giving us a smashing performance. This guy has more energy then what it is going to take for anyone to beat the Lakers in the finals. The performance was amazing.

Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie

Tony Sinclair

You will never believe who else made an appearance in the show, none other than the Retro Kidz. For all of my loyal readers, you remember the article on these guys, the stuck in the 80s dudes that are spotted all over New York rocking gold chains and Adidas. This time they were not just in the crowd, they were on stage. Also up and coming Super Model Miguel Perdomo from the Dominican Republic, made an appearance at the event. Watch out for him, he will be gracing the cover of Vogue really soon, I'm sure of it.

Retro Kidz
Retro Kidz

Miguel Perdomo

The rest of the night included tasty treats, strong gin cocktails, an amazing venue, the talented US concepts crew (Shout out to the Baileys team, Kevin Madden and Angela Gee), and of course Diageo.

This is an event that must be attended next year!

Ready to Keep Up?


Black Youtube

Talk about Keeping Up with the latest phenomenons and making it your own, someone has managed to create a Black Youtube. On you can:

Create your own profile
Upload/Download videos
Tag videos/friends
Share videos
Build your online community
Purchase merchandise
Sell you music and videos
100% Free Membership

Also features: celebrity interviews, historical and current archives, Black news, history and Black Entertainment

Do you ever sit around and wonder why you didn't come up with google, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, the microwave, television, or any invention out there?

I think the idea behind great ideas, is taking old ones and reinventing the wheel or finding ways to improve a current concept.

Keeping up is going to keep an eye on and see if they manage to Keep Up with the brain child Youtube.

Lets us know what you think!



Have you ever wished that you had a personal shopper? Do you wish that you could take away the hassle of going to the mall, only to spend hours shopping and find nothing? Well I know of a site that can help the busy professional in Manhattan! allows you to shop online for the latest trends and schedule appointments with personal shoppers. Valstyle shows us how we can Keep Up from out Laptops or Blackberry).

Check out the site @
As Val would say, "Happy Shopping"


Exclusive Bryan-Michael Cox Interview

Photo from
So I'm totally Addicted to Fresh. One of my favorite sites,, did an exclusive interview on Bryan-Michael Cox. If you don't know who that is, he is an award winning song writer and producer. He has co-written and co-produced songs such as Usher's "Confessions, pt2", and Mariah Carey's "Shake it off". Lenzism keeps us Addicted to Fresh, as he asks Cox questions such as, "What is your advice for up and coming Producers and Artist?"

I think Lenzism is trying to help us Keep UP!
Check it out:


No Pounds Entertainment- Off Topic

No Pounds Entertainment would like to welcome you to see how they view TV! No Pounds is on a mission to change the dynamics of television. Founded in 2003 by CEO Ola Alabi and COO Carlito Ulett, and later joined by the lovely and talented, CTC Leah Janell, No Pounds' mission is to, "deliver quality programs for the little and big screen". Who knows everyone they might take it back to the days of TGIF or even classic shows such as, "The Cosby's or A Different World". (Now that would be Keeping Up) They are the company who, "Dares to dream the big dream". Check out the trailer below from one of their many projects, called Off Topic.

Keeping Up encourages you to go and view the many other projects that No Pounds Entertainment is working on!


Memorial Day and remembering those that fought for us!

Keeping UP would like for everyone to take a moment of silence for all of the soldiers that fought in the Civil War....

"After Charleston, South Carolina was evacuated in February 1865 near the end of the Civil War, most of the people remaining among the ruins of the city were thousands of blacks. During the final eight months of the war, Charleston had been bombarded by Union batteries and gunboats, and much of its magnificent architecture lay in ruin. Also during the final months of war the Confederates had converted the Planters' Race Course (a horse track) into a prison in which some 257 Union soldiers had died and were thrown into a mass grave behind the grandstand.

In April, more than twenty black carpenters and laborers went to the gravesite, reinterred the bodies in proper graves, built a tall fence around the cemetery enclosure one hundred yards long, and built an archway over an entrance. On the archway they inscribed the words, "Martyrs of the Race Course." And with great organization, on May 1, 1865, the black folk of Charleston, in cooperation with white missionaries, teachers, and Union troops, conducted an extraordinary parade of approximately ten thousand people." -Online Journal, Common Place.

They say this was the first Memorial Day!


Memorial Day Weekend and the Checklist

When it comes to Memorial Day weekend, tradiationally it is a weekend of picnics, barbecues, family gatherings, and sporting events. Of course people also go visit cemetaries and memorials, remembering U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. Some important things about any holiday is knowing why you are celebrating that holiday and spending it with the people that you love. The most important one is making memories that you can live to tell about!

My Agenda for Memorial Day Weekend

BBQ, Hookah, Red Velvet Cake, Citron Vodka Lemonade, HBCU crowd, Keeping up and the Pistons Losing the Game = Saturday

Highlight: At the HBCU BBQ there was a round of Hookah going on and Trump Citron Vodka mixed with fresh lemons was the drink of the day. Best thing about that day, was that people were Keeping UP, shout out to Quincy!


Sleeping, Raspberry Vodka Lemonade, Hookah again, Lotus, Wine Shop, Breakfast, and driving a G-Wagon= Sunday

Highlight: Driving a G-Wagon that belonged to some random African guy and Lotus which included: (the line to get in, the bouncers pretending to be important, the glass of juice that someone tried to pass off as vodka, seeing my line sisters and big sister, the bottles of Moet, the G-wagon again, visiting a wine shop in the middle of the night, and eating breakfast at 5:00am in the morning)


Margarita's, Home-made Shrimp Scampi, trip to Jersey, Sleep again= Monday

Highlight: We cooked Shrimp Scampi and it took us like three hours to plan it all out, but it was worth it. Our Trip to Jersey was also a highlight, its because we didn't go. It took us four hours, 10 taxi cars, being put out of one of them, and $70 before we said that we would never make it to the Mansion party in Jersey.


The weekend being a success Photobucket

Well the Socialite finished everything on her agenda and hopes that you were Keeping Up this weekend...

Comment and tell us how you were Keeping Up with the celebrations this weekend...what was the highlight of your weekend?


Pictures of the Week- Artist Brienne Herbert

These photos are drawn and painted by artist Brienne Herbert, graduate from Pratt Institute and the new shoe designer for Baby Phat. Congrats for Keeping up!


Friday's Top Ways to Keep up with the Huxtables..


1.) Always take business cards with you when you go out to any event. Make sure that you remember that you are marketing yourself to any and everyone who is willing to listen. Networking is Key to any ones success. The Key to networking is having alot of knowledge on current events, facts about your industry, knowing key people in your industry, knowing how to make small talk. A good opener could be, "How are you enjoying this event, isn't it nice how..." Someone once said, "Its not what you know, its who you know"

Keeping up says, "Why not know both?"


Forget to pay it forward...

When my roommate and I first arrived in New York last summer, we both arrived with no housing, but had to immediately start our jobs. On a entry-level salary and with time against us, we had to ask our friends for room and board for the entire summer. We went from house to house, oftentimes feeling like burdens and our stress levels increased from day to day. After a summer of no place to call home, we finally moved into our very own apartment.

So this summer we welcome our neo into our home, with an effort to help her get on her feet.

Whatever blessings God give you, they mean nothing unless you PAY IT FORWARD!


Second Annual Toast to Bedford-Stuyvesant Wine & Cocktail Tasting Fundraiser

Keeping up would like to make a toast: Congrats to all the local businesses in Bedford-Stuyvesant for Keeping Up!


Last night I attended the Second Annual Toast to Bedford-Stuyvesant Wine & Cocktail Tasting Fundraiser, along with my friend Rachel, held inside the Bedford-Stuyvesant branch of Carver Federal Savings Bank in Brooklyn, NY. This event highlights and celebrates the small businesses, community leaders, and organizations in the Bedford-Stuyvesant primary business district. Liquor and Wine brands of all kinds came out to showcase their brands to the attendees. The event also featured hors d’oeuvres and live music by Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Brandon Sanders Jazz Ensemble.

In the effort to help promote small businesses, it was very fitting for Keeping Up to be in attendance. It was both inspiring and motivational to witness an effort to celebrate African American businesses and entrepreneurs. Once again congrats for Keeping Up!




Recipe of the Week (Part 2): Memorial Day Potluck BBQ- For the Sassy

For all of you out there who are used to doing the big BBQ and aren’t afraid to try something new then you can punch up the menu a bit more! I’d go with a variety of skewers. Spicy shrimp, Savory Beef, and Sweet Tooth Chicken with veggies and fruits. You can also do burgers but to make them a bit sassier try salmon and bison burgers and instead of regular hotdogs try smoked and hot sausages it’s sure to peak the interests of your guests! To make your three skewers you’ll need to make your marinades and here’s how to do it!

Spicy Shrimp: In order to make your dry spice rub you’ll need, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, Mexican chili powder, and onion powder. To make your sassy spice rub simple use equal parts of each. Just make sure you have enough to coat your shrimp and veggies (I suggest tri colored peppers) and let sit for at least an hour before grilling.

Savory Beef: This marinade is a just as east. You’ll need tequila, lime juice, orange concentrate, green onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. 1 part tequila, 1 part lime juice, 2 parts orange concentrate and season as you like. Marinate your beef for at least 4 hours or overnight before applying your veggies (I suggest onions, avocados, tomatoes and corn) and grilling.

Sweet Tooth Chicken: All you need for this bite of heaven is honey, brown sugar, white vinegar, minced garlic and butter. Melt 1 stick of butter in a sauce pan, add 2 tablespoons of garlic and allow to sauté for about a minute. Then add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, and a half cup of your favorite honey. Blend together well and then add a splash of vinegar. If you’d like to add a bit of heat throw in a few red pepper flakes. Take your honey solution and coat your chicken pieces. They only need to sit for about 30 minutes before grilling. For this dish I’d add sliced pineapple and peach.

For your burgers you can either buy then frozen and grill or make from scratch…..either way is a tasty treat for both you and your guests. One you’ve made you marinades and made your burger patties your good to go….now just tell your guests what to bring and the party can begin!
Side Suggestions: So that we keep things sassy I would suggest a red potato salad, an upscale seafood salad (no imitation meats), seasonal fruit salad (maybe served in a watermelon halve) and chips. No matter how sassy your BBQ is a good chip is something you don’t pass up!

(Side note: if you have friends who don’t eat meats get veggie burgers and dogs, and do skewers with just veggies made in the same marinades.)

- The Culinary Goddess


Recipe of the Week: Memorial Day Potluck BBQ- For the Simple

This week’s recipe is written in the universal language of BBQ! This is something we all can enjoy because there are so many ways to do it. Doesn’t have to be too fancy or too simple but it always ends up tasty! So before you make reservations at Famous Dave’s BBQ lets start planning one of our own. The best way to do a BBQ and still have energy to enjoy it is make it a pot luck. All of your friends will be looking for some good backyard BBQ fun this weekend and all anyone has to do is bring their favorite BBQ dish and you’ve got a party in no time. As the host/hostess it is your job to take care of the big dishes (i.e. meats) and it’s your prerogative to delegate all of the small dishes (i.e. salads, sides, snacks and drinks)

For the simple or beginner BBQ all you need is a few packages of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken pieces. Season your chicken and burgers with your favorite seasonings and pop everything on the grill. Make sure you have plenty of fixings. My suggestion would be to have a fixings platter. You can have sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions and anything else that sparks your palette! And don’t forget to have plenty of ketchup, mustard, and of course BBQ sauce! In no time your meats will be done and all you’ll have to do is wait for your sides and your friends!

Side Suggestions: In order to keep with your simple but tasty theme I would have my friends bring things like spaghetti salad, macaroni salad and family size bags of chips……you just can’t go wrong with those!

-The Culinary Goddess


Photos of the Week- Rosco Spears

Inspiring model from Detroit, MI...Rosco can't help but to Keep Up!


Young and Keeping Up- Critty Morris "Dirt Label"

Critty Morris

As I stare at the images of Chris "Critty" Morris's clothing line, "abstraction Dirt Label", I can't help but to imagine biker boys riding down the west side highway, or skater boys doing tricks on their inclined ramps. Can't you just hear the sounds of Skateboard P, "Matter fact, you should take four B And think before you f*** wit lil Skateboard P". This clothing line takes you into the world of Rock Stars, where people "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT".

Critty has created a t-shirt line that he says, "screams independence. Bold, Daring and Aggressive, our innovative designs appeal to those who strive to be different. Individuals who wear the abstraction insignia embody a vision of life with no boundaries."

Sean, Critty's right hand man, says, "its inspired by the rugged image of fight clubs".
Keeping up says, "congrats on making the list for Young and Keeping Up and the Bad Boy image is hot!"

Check out more Critty's designs at or check out Dirt Labels Myspace page.
"We don't create trends, we avoid them"



Colon Cancer- Men are you at risk?

Physician Philip Browning wanted to talk about the landmark cancer research project he's working on. He wanted to make certain that his audience of black writers understood the significance of this health study, the largest ever undertaken among African-Americans.
Browning wanted to press home the point that this $22 million study is expected to produce a strategy for slashing the cancer death rate among blacks. The collaborative effort between Georgia State University and Meharry Medical College will track nearly 70,000 blacks in six Southern states.

But while he tried to keep the focus on those points, my mind was stuck on what he said at the beginning of his presentation to the Trotter Group, an organization of African-American columnists. Browning, the cancer researcher, said he is also a cancer survivor.
In 2000, Browning discovered blood in his stool and insisted on having a colonoscopy. That examination revealed a cancerous tumor, which was removed, said Browning, the associate director of Vanderbilt's Ingram Cancer Center. He is now undergoing chemotherapy, although you couldn't tell by looking at him.

A warning sign
Shortly after Browning's cancer was discovered, I had my own colon cancer scare when I found blood and knew I had to go to the doctor. When I went, my doctor removed a non-cancerous polyp from my colon. Some polyps, if not removed, can become cancerous. That close call was an awakening. A follow-up colonoscopy this year uncovered two more benign polyps — and reinforced my resolve to encourage black men, who have the highest colon cancer death rate in this country, to have the procedure early and as often as is medically necessary.

Cultural breakthrough needed
Browning, however, knows it's going to take more than a scientific breakthrough to reduce the cancer death rate among black Americans,especially black men.
"One could say that this disparity occurs because of our inadequate, ineffective health care system in this country," Browning said. " Colorectal cancer in African-American men is often discovered in its later stages not only because the lack of health care keeps many of them from going to the doctor, but also because cultural taboos cause many who have medical coverage not to respond to the early warning signs. I was lucky. I put aside my hang-ups and, in doing so, may have saved my life. Browning didn't fare quite as well as I did; he did have cancer. But had his cancer gone undetected, he might not have lived long enough to come before us last week to talk about the promising cancer research that he and others are doing.

-The Bachelor


The Pit of the week(Where you should hang out)...Pop Burger

In the world of clubs, bars, trendy shops and the most expensive restaurants, stands are pit of the week.... Pop Burger. Last week after the Janelle Monae event, the girls were hungry and we decided to hit up Pop Burger. To our surprise everyone was in the mood for one of those small miniature burgers, lightly topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce. It was like the after party to the concert and all that was missing was an encore performance from Janelle. Like all of the spots in New York, Pop Burger is a trendy spot that includes a bar, lounge, pool room, and of course the "Counter". That's where lines of people stood waiting for their burgers, side of fries, and a milk shake. I am kind of greedy, so I thought that the two burgers would not fill me up. To my surprise I was full off the first one and the first bite landed Pop Burger the Pit of the Week!




Socialite rule: "There are no rules when enjoying burgers and fries. Load the toppings, use your hands, and dig in"

-The Socialite


Justice for Sean Bell

The system is trying to KEEP Up with the wishes of the community, which is for there to be justice for Sean Bell...

So apparently the officers involved in the shooting of Sean Bell could possibly be fired, and I guess this is suppose to serve as justice. The issue is that although they will never be able to, "protect and serve" again, there are still other cops on the force that would do the same thing. If the only punishment is getting fired, we might have a few cops pushing the limits.

Is this justice?


Deontre Blayz- Continental

Blayz is an up and coming rapper from Brooklyn. Listen and watch his animated film, CONTINENTAL. In this day and age, it takes creativity to get attention...are animated films the next hot thing?

Let Keeping Up know what you think about another Young African American trying to Keep Up..."Blayz" and his new animated video.

Visit him at:


Business Tip of the Week- Steer Your Destiny!!

In this World of Business where every insignificant decision/interaction feels like its riding on a $400 million investment anyway, oblige yourself by taking the aggressive approach and beating your “enemy” to the punch. So many times I hear references of the “big dog” taking advantage of the “small fish”…have we not learned anything from the pioneers of our childhood foundation: Jerry of ‘Tom & Jerry’, the Smurfs demise of Gargamel, or Simba’a slay of


It’s the motivation, determination, and wit that will defeat any “big dog” at their own game. I empower you to take control of your responsibilities by directly expressing yourself in the work place and dictate the tone of all conversations, transactions, and negotiations; as if you are getting that million-dollar investment.

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did"

-the Ceo


Trying to Keep Up- Ask the Socialite

After my post on the type of jeans to wear when the invitation says "dress to impress", a reader asked me the following:

Well what type of jeans does a guy wear when it says "dress to impress", girls can get away with skinny jeans, but...


Well contrary to what you may think, skinny jeans are actually in for men. However, I understand that some men might not be able to get into the whole skinny jean trend. So you can try Colored Denim- brightly colored jeans. Kanye West has been spotted in Gray and Green. Just make sure that when you wear colored denim that you sport it with a plain T-shirt, basically down play the color of your top. You can pair up the jeans with dress shoes or a hot trendy sneaker. You can also stick with the MID-RANGE BLUE DENIM, classic true blue jeans.


Also two of our Young and Keeping Up list makers shows us that they can Keep up with the latest fashion. Up and Coming artist Brandon Hines shows you how to rock the gray denim.


Ladies colored denim is in for you also!

-The Socialite
You ask it, I'll Find it


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