Friday's Top Five Ways to Keep up with the Huxtables..

1. Catch the deals on Black Friday! And don't miss out on what they now call Cyber Mondays. On Cyber Monday's you will be able to get online deals.

2. Check out Cadillac Records on December 5th. This movie chronicles the rise of Chess Records and its recording artist. Beyonce Knowles will play Etta James. Will this performance finally give her the Oscar she has been working for? I don't know...I just hope that they managed to create another classic like The Five Heartbeats. Do they even make classic Black movies anymore?

3. Don't let major companies get away with ignorance. A lady name Brenda McElmore went to JCPenny's to get her hair dyed and they told her no. The receptionist told her that they don't do African American hair. This lady asked for her hair to be dyed, not permed or pressed. I didn't know that it was extremely different dying techniques. But if they felt that they were not properly trained to deal with her texture of hair, they could have said that. Not, "We don't do African American hair".

4. Read Walter Mosley, the man in my basement. I am reading this book right now and it has truly kept my attention the entire time. "The book tells the story of Charles Blakey, a young black man who can't find a job, drinks too much, and, worst of all, stands to lose the beautiful home that has belonged to his family for generations. But Charles's fortunes take an odd turn when a stranger offers nearly $50,000 to rent out Charles's basement. Soon the boarder transforms the basement into a prison cell, Charles finds himself drawn into circumstances almost unimaginably bizarre and profoundly unsettling."

What book are you currently reading?

Do you have anything that has been passed down from generations in your home?

I have one of the pens that signed the right for women to vote, from my Great Grandmother. It is very important to hold on and pass down things that make up the history of your family.

5. Remember during the Holiday season that they biggest gift you can give your family members, is spending quality time with them. Take time this season to reach out to a family member that you do not speak to on a regular.


His Last Wish....Feed the Homeless

Some of you might have already seen this video, but if you have not...WATCH IT!

This is an amazing story of a little boy that was told he had two weeks to live. When asked what his last wish was, he stated that he just wanted to feed the homeless. Most kids usually ask to meet their favorite celebrity, take a trip, or have a certain toy, this little boy wanted to give to other people. His request inspired people all over to participate in a food drive to feed the homeless.

This little boy has left a legacy behind of service...

What legacy will you leave behind?

Have you ever done a major selfless act?

During the week of Thanksgiving think of one thing that you are going to do for someone else.
Write it down below and share with the rest of us. We will hold you to it! :)

Let this little boy be an inspiration to give back as much as you can to other people! The more you are blessed...the more you should bless others.

(Check the comment section to see what I plan on doing this week for someone else)


In search of my better half...

I have had the same discussion with different friends for the past two weeks...."Why can't we find our better halves?" I am sure that this is not a conversation that just me and my friends have; I am positive that women all over share the same type of concerns.

The conversation becomes really heated right around the mid-twenties, when everyone is slowly counting the years til the deadline we set for our ideal age to get married. Women begin to panic and think that it's impossible that they are going to reach their well thoughtout goal.

If you are feeling this way as you read this post, don't worry you are not alone. I used to be someone that worried about meeting someone, and spent a lot of my time putting myself in the right situations to meet guys. I would sometimes even settle for going on dates with guys that I knew there was no future with.

It wasn't until recently that I developed a new approach to this whole finding my better half thing. I begin to pay attention more at church and read a few books on relationships. The constant theme that begin to come up, was that I needed to work on myself before I could find my better half.

I need to understand what makes me whole, before I can find someone that completes me. So often as people we develop a list of things that we think we are looking for in a person, never understanding that the list is probably not correct if we don't understand who we are first.

Steps to finding your better half:

1. Develop who you are a person. Work on personal and career goals. Let your first priority be yourself. How can you truly be great for someone else, if you don't have your own stuff together? Yes there is room for people to grow together, but you have to at least lay a foundation for yourself.

2. Understand what makes you happy. If you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, you need to already know what makes you happy. Work on enjoying life alone and with friends/family before you look for someone else to make you happy.

3. Throw away the list. Stop creating list of things that you are looking for in a person. Usually the list that we create are full of superficial garbage anyway. It's like when we write a Christmas list, it is going to be filled with things that we would love to have, and rarely have anything on there that we need. When you are looking for a mate your list is going to have to include things that you need. Because most people cannot figure out the difference between needs and wants, don't even bother making them. Once you have developed who your are, you will begin to attract people that match self. The list won't be needed, because what you need will be reflected in who you are.

4. Just be friends at first. When you finally do meet a person, just be their friend. Taking the time to really get to know a person is key. You want to be able to thoroughly get to know their character and not the superficial things about them. So often if we don't take the time to get to know a person, we let our physical attractions for a person take over. You begin to think that the feelings that you have when you are having sex is indication of deep feelings for a person. It begins to confuse you; you ignore the signs that this person isn't right for you. If someone can truly be your friend, then that is the first sign that they relate to you in someway or another.

5. For females, stop looking so much and let the man find you. If you have developed yourself and have become the ultimate catch, then you will be caught. The key is having confidence in who you are....that will shine in a room full of a million girls all wearing short skirts. Never seem so thirsty to be in a relationship. If a guy thinks that you will give your all to any guy because you are desperate to be in a relationship, then he will assume that it is not him that you really want, it's any guy that will accept your offer. Chill, relax...they will come to you.

6. Never try to change someone. Naturally people grow, but it is not your job to re-create who they are. So often girls take a guy for who he is, but then try to shape him into their ideal man. It does not work like this, and for the most part you will fail. You will set high expectations for the relationship, never meeting any of them.

The key is that if both men and women are working on becoming better people, then by the time they come together, they will be able to concentrate on being good husbands and wives. Neo said it best, "I'm a movement by myself, but were a force when were together."

More advice to come...Feel free to ask me questions. Ill give the best advice I can. Always take people's advice and apply it with ease to your situation. All advice doesn't work for your personal situation.


Friday's Top Three Ways to Keep UP!

1. Today the new Blackberry Storm came out, and the lines at Verizon are ridiculus this morning. Why is it that every time something new comes out, people want to be the first to have it? As if you now become so much cooler then you were a day ago, because you have the latest new item. The crazy thing about trying to get the hottest new electronic that the first batches are always messed up anyway. You end up having to take it in and trade it for a new one. The price is also really high when it first comes out, but like a week later the price drops like crazy.

How to Keep Up:

a. Never wait in a long line for the hottest new item just to say that you had something first.

b. Never hang around people that care that much that you have it. lol

c. Wait for the second batch to come out, because you are going to have to return it anyways.

d. Wait for the price to drop so that you are not spending $500 for it.

e. Never be that into material things, that you wait longer in line then you did to vote for President of the United States.

2. It is nice to be able to still see artist that strive to be unique, and really show us that music artist can still be creative. We are stuck in a current world where everyone has gone mainstream and the poster child for talent is Beyonce.

There is something to say about someone who can come out today and can go against the grain. Earlier this week Janelle Monae showed us that Black Girls really do Rock!!!

Im Keeping Up

Photo by Selena Singleton

Janelle Monae with her unstraightened hair, boyish look, and rock star personality, is definitely a change from our typical female artist today. This girl was smashing speakers with guitars, surfing the crowd, and had the audience truly partying like rock stars.

How to Keep Up: If you are an artist of any form....stay true to who you are, and show the world something new! The beauty of art is that it can not be defined by one standard; art is defined by the artist.

3. Let's go into this weekend with the idea of taking the time to truly show the people that we care about that we Love them. Remember God's idea of Love:

"It is patient, kind, not jealous, doesn't brag, is not arrogant, doesn't act unbecomingly, does not seek its own, is not easily provoked, does not take into account any wrongs suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails!"

Have a Great Weekend Keeping Up Fam. Love you much...Keep UP!


Al-Quaida No. 2 calls Obama a House Slave...

In a recent video, Al-Quaida's No. 2 leader was recorded describing how he thinks that the president-elect does the bidding of whites, and refers to him as a House Negro, which also means House Slave. He includes leaders such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice in the list of House Negroes.

The translation of his message further goes on to point out that the leader says that Obama is the direct opposite of Honorable Blacks such as Malcolm X. Clippings then flash across the screen of Obama praying with Jewish leaders.

Finally, he states that Obama's plan to shift troops to Afghanistan is doomed to failure, because Afghans will resist.

So here is the issue:

Of course when you compare Barack Obama to the original Malcolm X, then hands down it would appear that Obama is a "House Negro". That is what people called Martin when comparing his approach to Malcolm's. Whenever a Black person tries to cater to all races and not just Black's, people will probably question who they truly represent.

I think that it becomes hard for Black's when they become political figures, or are in the spot light, because they begin to have an obligation to the people, and not just one particular race. Barack Obama is president-elect and has been given the task of running an entire country. There is no way that he can have the same fight as great figures such as Malcolm X.

Barack Obama must learn how to carefully answers the concerns of all races. I do hope that in the process that he does not forget about the struggles of African Americans, and totally cater to the majority. I ask that everyone remember that he is a politician at the end of the day...never forget that. If he would have been outward about racism and Black Power, do you think he would have got elected?

Please do not join in with this leader in calling Barack Obama a House Slave. Give him a chance to do his job, and cater to the needs of the entire nation. He has already done a large deed for our race alone, and that was showing our youth that they can be more than just rappers and actors. He has actually given them a new set of dreams and hopes.

What I do ask is that instead of sitting around and waiting for the next Martin or Malcolm, why don't you become the person you are waiting for. You can be the activist we need for our community. Everyone in our community is going to have to hold a different job...let Obama do his.


Are you Living or Just Existing?

Are you living or are you just existing?

I heard an interesting question the other day, “Are you living or are you just existing?” The question hit hard, and made me really sit back and think. Everyday we wake up and do our daily routines. Some of us occasionally alter our daily task, and insert extra activities that come up here and there. But how many people are truly living?

Below is a list of questions to ask yourself to determine if you are living or existing…

Do you wake up and follow the same schedule everyday?

Do you enjoy trying new things and going new places?

Do you feel like you have grown as a person since the beginning of the year?

Have you added any new activities to your life that were different from last month?

Have you overcome a challenge in your life?

Do you take time everyday to enjoy the company of your friends and family?

Do you smile and laugh throughout the day?

Do you set weekly short and long-term goals?

Do you ever do something without putting much thought into it?

Do you feel like your life has a purpose?
Take these questions and answer them every week to determine if you are truly living.
Please take the time to live life! KEEP UP!


Recipe of the Month: Dishes inspired by those Who Motivate...

The Culinary Goddess:

Hello again to all my fantastic food coinsures out there, quite a bit of time has passed since the last time I spoke to you. But I come baring gifts….YUP I said it gifts. All new recipes that are sure to make your taste buds dance. Recently I’ve been searching for new tastes that excite me and I wasn’t coming up with anything. Then I had a nice conversation with our favorite Socialite and realized that I already had everything I was searching for!! Inspiration and Motivation come in all different shapes and sizes and for me it comes in the form of my friends! So this Month’s recipe is inspired by those who MOTIVATE me to do what I love!

Appetizer: Seared Curry Scallops

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Ingredients: 1 lb Sea Scallops (cleaned), 2 table spoons curry powder, 2 teaspoons jalapeno peppers chopped, 3 teaspoons salt, 1 ½ teaspoon fresh black pepper, 2 table spoons fresh minced garlic, 2 teaspoons onion powder, 3 tablespoons butter, 2 green onions chopped, 1 cup coconut milk.

Take your cleaned scallops and season with half the salt, pepper and onion powder.
In a small sauce pan sauté over medium heat half the butter and half the minced garlic until slightly golden, add the coconut milk, half the salt, half the pepper, half the green onions, curry powder, and half the onion powder and stir. Allow this to cook for 3 minutes and then add the peppers and lower the heat and simmer. In an adjacent sauce pan sauté over medium heat the remainder of the butter and garlic until golden. Add the scallops and sear for 3 minutes on both sides until cooked to your liking. Place 2-3 tablespoons of the coconut curry sauce in a shallow bowl, place 2-3 scallops in the sauce and garnish with green onions.

* This dish was inspired by The Socialite who always motivates me to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone*

Main Course: Steak w/ Honey Apple Horseradish Slaw and Gorgonzola Potato Gratin

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Ingredients: Steak of your choice (cut, number), 4 medium sized Yukon gold potatoes, 2 large granny smith apples, 3 tablespoons honey, ¼ cup horseradish, 3.4 oz Gorgonzola cheese, 1 oz Asiago cheese, 1 oz Romano cheese, salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder, 4 tablespoons butter, and 2 cups heavy cream.

Pre heat oven to 425º. Wash, peel and thinly slice the potatoes and season them with salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder. In a sauce pan sauté 1 tablespoon of butter, slowly add the heavy cream until it begins to thicken. Add ¾ of all cheese until completely melted. Season to taste. In a deep baking layer the potatoes and sauce beginning with the sauce. Once the layers are complete take the remainder of the cheese and sprinkle it across the top. Cover with foil and bake for 45-60 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Take your steak and season both sides with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Sauté in a large pan the remainder of the butter. Add the steaks and cover. Cook on both sides for 4-5 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Remove steaks from pan and allow to rest on a platter. Wash, peel and thinly grate your apples. In a large mixing bowl add the honey and horseradish and a pinch of salt & pepper.

Take your steak and place it in the center of the serving plate. Spoon the apple slaw on top in a small mountainous formation. Place a serving of gratin on a small plate beside the steak and serve.

* This dish was inspired by The Boys who’s simplicity in taste always motivated me to put new twists on old traditions.*

Cocktail: Royal Flush

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Ingredients (makes two drinks): 5 oz Crown Royal, 2 oz Peach Schnapps, 2 oz Cranberry Juice.
In a shaker filled with ice add the above ingredients and shake well. Pour into the desired glassed and serve.

* This cocktail is inspired by The King of Tweak and The CEO whose SWEET words and STRONG love motivate me to stay grounded and continue pursuing my dreams.*


Learning Leaders are Helping Kids Keep Up!

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Learning Leaders has played a big role in New York City public schools for over 50 years, offering academic support, as well as other school-based service to students says Heather Whyte, the organization’s Manager for Recruitment and Marketing. Learning Leaders, founded in 1956, is New York City’s preeminent school volunteer program and primary source of volunteers supporting public education.

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

The organization recruits, trains and assigns volunteers – over 12,000 last school year – who devote at least two hours a week to working with more than 265,000 students in 912 public schools city-wide. Volunteers work with students in all grades from pre-K through high school in reading, English as a second language, math and other subjects. They also introduce students to the arts by offering tours of the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts and the Brooklyn Museum. In the upper grades, they prepare students for critical examinations and assist with college planning and financial aid.

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

In spring 2008, the organization held its second annual Share Fairs, a series of career day events wherein professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise visit public schools to speak to students about their jobs, career and educational choices. The Learning Leaders Career Fair Program created and implemented by Heather in 2007, and later renamed Share Fairs, took place this year at P.S. 221, P.S. 92 and P.S. 75 reaching over 150 students. Heather noted that she reached out to professional associations, fraternities, sororities and Learning Leaders professional volunteers to recruit speakers for the event. She added that she wanted to offer the program to public school students so that they are aware of the different career path they can pursue.

To learn more about Learning Leaders or to participate in a Share Fair event, please visit their website at or contact Heather Whyte at

Visit our Facebook page to see all of our Friends.

Keeping Up with the Huxtables


Keeping Up with Sketch Comedy!

Yesterday the Socialite had her first experience of live sketch comedy. After leaving a trendy little spot called Concrete for drinks, we headed over to 307 W. 26th Street in New York. When we arrived we were asked to pay a $5 entrance fee. I'm thinking...not bad!

We go to take our seats, which are comfortable couch like chairs, and we pass a stand that is selling beers. If you could see the stand I saw, you would have immediately known what type of crowd it was. We sit down in like the second row, and I sit there wondering what this is going to be like.

The show begins with this weird guy doing impersonations of people on Youtube doing bad impersonations of celebrities. I laughed a little, but was glad he was just the host, and would be introducing the acts. So the first show we saw were by two different groups. Both groups had a chance to go on stage and do a few skits. I must admit the skits were funny.

One group did a skit about CNN and how no one watches it anymore now that the elections are over. They had me rolling when they were trying to still find ways that McCain could win. They were turning Blue states red and giving him land that did not exist. I could not stop laughing.

The second show consisted of stand up comedy. That was the best part. This one White lady was like, "I date Black and Hispanics all the time. But I just started dating this White guy...I finally realized I was worthy". Hey I had to admit it was funny. The last performance was the best part. John Oliver from the Daily Show did stand up comedy, and had everyone rolling out of their seats. He was like, "The last eight years have been like a drunk girl throwing up and someone needing to hold her hair back. Americans are the drunk girl throwing up, and the rest of the world has been holding your hair back saying its going to be okay. We felt so bad for you guys."

If you have never seen sketch comedy live, it's a must see. I went to a show called Maude Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Like I said before, its only $5 and you can stay for as many shows as you want.

How to Keep Up with Sketch comedy:

1. Be prepared for racial jokes.

2. Arrive on time

3. You can drink as much as you want. (lol)

4. Prepare to stay for longer than a hour.

5. Go with friends that have a sense of humor! It will be way more fun if you do.

Keep Up! On the path to help us truly enjoy life and stop complaining about its misfortunes. Laugh a little. :)


Keeping Up on Broadway! Judy & Me...

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

On Friday, us Socialites went on a journey to try and Keep Up in the Big Apple. So far we have been to events, restaurants, and even a golfing tournament. But you are not truly Keeping Up in New York if you have never been to a Broadway play. Of course many of us have been to see plays in other cities, but it is nothing like seeing actors display their talent on the original Broadway street.

So in our quest to continue to Keep Up, we decided that we were going to go see a play on Broadway. Now there are so many shows that you can see on Broadway, and so many popular shows that are a must see. We decided that we were going to go see a small production, where it would be more intimate and we would really get to see the nitty gritty of the production.



We decided that we would go see a play called Judy & Me, by Peter Mac. The play is about a teenage boy who struggles in school with being accepted by his peers, because they think he is a homosexual. During his struggle he looks to his favorite actress, Judy Garland, for help and comfort. Throughout the movie it points out a lot of issues that young kids go through, and shows how oftentimes they need to have some type of role model to look up to. Some of the issues include, domestic violence, peer pressure, and lack of parent support.

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Throughout the play Judy Garland comes into the scenes and helps the struggling boy through her songs, and kind words of encouragement. Peter Mac does an unique portrayal of Judy Garland and hopes that people get to see Judy in a positive light.

If you do not know who Judy Garland is, she is best known for playing Dorothy in the Wizard of of Oz. A lot of people remember her great talent, but her tragic death seems to stand out more. Peter Mac wants you to see pass the tragic death in his portrayal of her.

For some reason Peter Mac is not the only one that looks at Judy as a great idol; Judy is a huge icon in the entire gay community.

As the Socialite and her friends watched the play, we laughed throughout the entire play, pausing for a few sad moments. We enjoyed the production and congratulate Peter Mac for successfully telling his story.

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Peter Mac

The Actors include: Jean Ann Kump, Basil Meola, Elyse Beyer, Christopher McCabe, starring Christopher Brick.

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Elyse Beyer and Christopher Brick

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Jean Ann Kump and Christopher McCabe


Basil Meola

Being that this was our first time, we learned some Broadway etiquette along the way. Here is some Broadway etiquette for those of you trying to Keep Up:

1. Show up on time. Once it starts you might be out of luck and will not be seated. This is not the club, you can not come fashionably late.

2. Be courteous and respectful. Do not treat this like an Apollo show.

3. Do not get up during the production. Use the bathroom before or after the show.

4. No cell phones (That means texting and emailing also)

Keep Up!


Supporters lives feel empty after the Election!

Does anyone else find that the campaign took up a large part of their lives for the past year? All of the blogs, television shows, and news stations were filled with conversation about the candidates. People stood on corners everyday after work registering people to vote, passing out fliers, and selling t-shirts/buttons. We donated all of our money to the campaign; it was like we were working just to support Obama. We even changed our social lives and begin to party in the name of Obama. I have never been to so many debate parties, fundraiser events, or result parties in my life. My emails all had subjects that said a message from the Obama campaign and my text messages were filled with made up quotes meant to inspire us to vote. Facebook status should have just been called updates on the elections, and profile pictures were a bunch of Obama faces. Does anyone find that there is nothing to do anymore? lol

I mean of course once Obama gets in office the conversation about politics is going to start up again, but it will be nothing like the past year. The election was our lives!!!!

Watch the movie below and see how they make fun of Obama supporters:

What is on your agenda now?

My new agenda:

1. Excel at my new job....I want to get a promotion in like 6 months.
2. Concentrate on blogging more
3. Working out at least three times a week
4. Saving!!!!
5. Becoming more organized with my finances
6. Becoming more active in the community


What is next after the Elections?

After months of campaigning, registering people to vote, debates, and turning out to the polls, Obama finally has been announced President Elect of the United States of America. But many people are asking what is next? What is next for Obama and for the American people?

Well, it appears that already Obama is getting ready to pick his team. I wonder who this dream team will be? Well, here are a few possibles that are flying around out there:

Lawrence Summers Possible Position: Treasury Secretary

Robert Rubin Possible Position: Treasury Secretary

Warren Buffett Possible Position: Treasury Secretary

Timothy Geithner Possible Position: Treasury Secretary

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. Possible Position: Secretary of State

Gen. Colin Powell Possible Positions: Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Education

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Possible Position: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

Caroline Kennedy Possible Position: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill. Possible Position: White House Chief of Staff

These are some interesting picks, and I cannot wait to see who actually gets the positions. I would definitely consider Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, and the Kennedy's.

But if I could pick my dream team...Picture this: Barack Obama and a team of powerful Black women. Of course this would never happen, and Michelle would never go for it, but in my mind it is hot. I see Neos video and Obama walking through in office of all women.

Oprah: White House Chief of Staff
Cathy Hughes: Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Education
Sylvia Rhone: Secretary of State
Ursula M. Burns: Treasury Secretary

(lol they are just powerful Black women that don't really have experience that would make them fit for the positions, but hey they could be taught. Palin was about to be President of the United States, I am confident that they will be okay)

Besides picking his dream team, many people are wondering what is next for the African American community? After turning out to the polls in masses, what will we do next as a race? Here are a few things that I think are really important:

1. Support Obama through his journey in the White House. So often our race is the first one to knock our own.

2. Help make change by being active in your local communities.

3. Help the youth become future leaders of tomorrow.

4. Come together as a race on other important issues that effect us.

5. Realize that we now have no excuse for not achieving all that we can. Don't let anything stand in your way of progress. Strive for perfection at all times; what else would you do?

6. Realize that Obama is not God, and he can not do anything alone. It takes more than just Rosa to sit, Martin to walk, and Obama to run...we must all take action in someway towards the true meaning of change.

7. And as we watch racism come back to the forefront, remember to stand strong like all of those that came before you. Never let anyone get the best of you.

Will the results of this election bring out the true color in people? Already in Texas they are burning Obama signs, hanging things from trees, and throwing rocks at Blacks.

Keep Up! And we will keep you updated on the progress towards change.
What would your dream team look like?


MY PRESIDENTS BLACK! (and white and Asian)

Dreams really do come true!

Barack Obama has been named the 44th President of the United States of America! The First Black President in the history of the US.

Winning by a landslide 349 to 147

Also congrats to my Dad, James Womack, for winning State Representative in Michigan! He won 97% of the vote. He was on the same ticket as Barack!!!!!!!

And to my Mom and all of the others that did not make it to see this wonderful moment in history, you have the best view in the house. Thank you for doing all you could to get us to where we are at this moment.

Martin had a dream that one day the country would live to see this moment. Dreams really do come true.

How did last night make you feel?

Stay tuned to the recap of a day in history later on today.


Problems in the Polls in New York...Just One Booth?

Just One?

I heard that there are lots of problems occurring at the polls across the country, but New York might top the charts. Supposedly they have never had so many Black people come out to vote in history, and they were not prepared for the outcome at all. A lot of the polls have only one voting booth. That means there are hundreds of people waiting in line for one person to go in at a time. It is taking people over three hours to vote. Some people are leaving because they just do not have that much time in their schedule to wait. We are talking about the working class of our community, whose boss is not letting them miss that many hours of work.

Then the old people that are running the polls, God bless their souls, are not prepared to handle the crowds. They are panicking and it is becoming a mess. The crazy thing about all of this, is that you would think that the city would have planned for this mass amount of voters. I mean more Blacks have become registered than ever before. Even if they ended up not coming out and voting, you would have been on the safe side.

I think that the city is using the fact that they are not use to this type of turn out as an excuse. Any excuse to give us a hard time for voting. Takes me back to the days when we finally got the right to vote, and them fools did everything in their power to stop us.

Do better and may Barack Obama still win! For every win there are going to be trials and tribulations that come first.

What have been some of your experiences?
What have you heard about some of the polls in your area?




On Sunday, November 2nd, Keeping Up with the Huxtables attended BlACK GIRLS ROCK! where they payed tribute to Iman, Erykah Badu, Pam Grier, Estelle, Nicole Paultre-Bell and other great Black women. This was the third annual BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Award show, hosted by Regina King. The event was held at Stanley H. Kaplin Penthouse at Lincoln Center in New York!

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. was founded by celebrity DJ Beverly Bond, who partnered with VH1 Soul to honor "exceptional women of color for their outstanding achievements and distinguishing career marks".

As we approach one of the greatest historical moments in Black history, it was amazing to see Black women getting honored for the contributions that they have made to our society. It showed me that Black people have not, and will not stop breaking barriers and helping others do the same. I was honored to be in the presence of such great women, and I have never been more inspired to follow my own dreams.

Beverly Bonds has created an organization for young Black girls to feel like they too can be somebody. I was glad I was able to join with Beverly and the attendees of last nights event in saying, "BLACK GIRLS ROCK!".

DJ Cocoa Chanelle
Shyah (Im Keeping Up Publicist) and DJ Cocoa Chanelle

DJ Cocoa Chanelle
DJ Cocoa Chanelle and The Socialite

Sylvia Rhone
Sylvia Rhone and The Socialite

Malinda Williams
Malinda Williams and The Socialite

Shyah and Suai

Tracy Nguyen

Tracy Nguyen (founder of IPR) and Shyah


Estelle and The Socialite


Iman walking into the event


They had red velvet cup cakes!!!!

June Ambrose

June Ambrose and Shyah

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams and Shyah

The Event:

Regina King, the host of the event, opened up the show by telling us to go out and vote tomorrow. Watch us make history!

1st performance: Marsha Ambrosius (songstress )
Her performance was beautiful having everyone in the audience wanting to kiss someone!

1st Award: BGR! Who Got Next Award (recipient has the potential to be one of the greats)

Presenters: Teyana Taylor (American singer, rapper, and dancer)

Ryan Leslie (American music producer and singer)

Winner: Estelle (Grammy nominated English hip hop/ R&B singer, rapper, and producer.

2nd Award: BGR! Community Service Award (recipient voluntarily gives her time to the community)

Presenter: Danny Simmons (RUSH Philanthropic)

Winner: Rachel Lloyd, Founder, G.E.M.S (helping people recover from sexual abuse)

She points out in her thank you speech: Why is there a double standard for young girls? They can't consent to sex at the age of 12, but can get charged for prostitution at the age of 12. Thanks to the fight of the organization, the law has changed, and these girls will be treated as victims.

3rd Award: BGR! Fashionista Award

Presenter: Kenya Moore (Actress and Model)

Winner: June Ambrose ( responsible for the looks of some of today's most influential artists. Artist include Diddy and Missy!)

During her speech she tells every young girl to think of themselves as a brand, be fearless, and be recognized. And Yes Black Girls Rock! and Nov. 4th vote Barack.

2nd Performance: DJ Diamond Cut, recipient of last years BGR! Jazzy Joyce DJ Award.

4th Award: BGR! Jazzy Joyce Award (accomplished DJ's)

Presenter: DJ Mark Ronson (Grammy Award winning music producer, artist, and co-founder of of Allido Records)

Winner: DJ Cocoa Chanelle ( The Best Kept of the Best New York DJ's. Seen all over MTV, BET, and much more.)

5th Award: BGR! Shot Caller Award (recipient is not afraid to bring her beliefs to the forefront

Presenter: Tracy Reese (clothing designer)

Winner: Bethann Hardinson (Legendary Model-Agent and founder of Bethann Management. Known for promoting African Americans in fashion. Best known for getting model Tyson Beckford signed to Ralph Lauren, becoming the first African American male to model for them)

3rd Performance: Bilal (neo soul singer)

6th Award: BGR! Soul Brother #1 Award (recipient is a brother who has done great things in our community)

Presenter: Vanessa Williams (Actress "Soul Food")

Malinda Williams (Actress "Soul Food")

Winner: Kharry Lazarre-White (Director of Brotherhood/Sister Sol)

In his thank you speech he let us know that he was honored to be at BLACK GIRLS ROCK! and leaves us with, "the circle is not complete until men take a stand on women's rights".

7th Award: BGR! Monument Award

Presenter: Kevin Powell (FOR CONGRESS!)

Winner: Nicole Paultre-Bell and Valerie Bell (Sean Bell's wife and mother were honored for their fight to making sure that other's do not have to fall victim like Sean Bell)

4th Performance: Saui (New Motown/Universal Recording Artist)

Founder DJ Beverly Bond took a moment to introduce some of the girls in the BlACK GIRLS ROCK! program. A few girls take time to tell us what being apart of the program means to them. "Most importantly we learn that we matter".

Keynote Speaker: Susan L.Taylor (Former Editor in Chief of Essence Magazine. Now heads the National Cares Mentoring Movement)

"I'm not pointing the finger at politicians anymore, I am looking in the mirror"

8th Award: BGR! Rock Star Award

Presenter: Sylvia Rhone (President of Motown Records)

Winner: Erykah Badu (singer)

9th Award: BGR! Be Legendary Award

Presenter: Mechelle Lewis (2007 World Outdoor 4x100m gold medalist; 2007 Pan Am 100m silver medalist; 2007 NACAC 100m champion)

Winner: April Holmes (Paralympian! Worlds fastest Amputee. 100, 200, and 400 meter world record holder)

5th Performance: Sarah Jones (poet/actress...known for playing different ethnic characters)

10th Award: BGR! Social Humanitarian Award

Presenter: Veronica Webb (actress and model)

Winner: Iman (Iman for Keep a Child Alive! and model)

Final Award: BGR! Living Legend Award

Presenter: Melvin Van Peebles (actor, director, and screen writer)

Faith Evans (R&B singer)

Winner: Pam Grier (legendary actress. successful for her women in prison films and blaxploitation films)

Final Performance: Faith Evans

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Costumes For Change Recap


On Friday I attended Costumes for Change, where the profit would go to the final days of the Obama campaign. The beauty of the event was seeing young black professionals come together in New York and partying with a purpose. During these hard economic times, it is amazing to see young Black people still manage to give their last towards the fight for change. I am reminded of the 50s and 60s where Blacks from all over the country joined together to fight Jim Crow laws and end the many years of segregation. Just like on Friday, on November 4th we must come together and exercise our right to vote. For without your vote, there will be no change!

As young Blacks we must realize that we are in charge of ensuring that generations that follow us will experience a better America than we have. We must continue to come together beyond the election, because the Change cannot be made by Barack alone. It is going to take all of us to continue the fight until it is won.

Enjoy the photos from Friday's event and tell us which Costume for Change you liked the best!

Special congrats to Jennifer Law for her vision. BIVY and Adam Guthrie for carrying it out.

Costume for Change,Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables



The Socialite as Jane the Plumber (Joes wife)




Im Keeping Up,Keeping Up with the Huxtables













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