All Eyes On Me: Obama's first Rap Mix Tape...

Sometimes when we do things it doesn't always make sense to others or ourselves. For many of us we are looking for a straight path to success, but our paths are not always nicely laid out for us. We go after dreams that seem far away, and sometimes it forces us to settle for things that simply seem easier. That's why this story touches my heart and is a perfect example of how you must go after your own dreams even when it appears that other choices make more sense.

Emeka Onyejekwe graduated from New York University Law School and is a practicing attorney that specializes in intellectual property litigation. At 27 Emeka is at an ideal place in his life that many young Black people struggle to get to.

But Emeka has a dream that takes him off of this "ideal" straight path. He has a dream that makes his roads a little rockier, and the steps he takes a little off balance. Emeka is going after his true love for Hip Hop.

As an educated Black man he faces the reverse challenge of not having street credit, not living the hood life, and not being able to rap about things that mainstream radio expects to hear from its rappers.

But what makes Mekka Don, Emeka's stage name, so amazing is his passion and his eagerness to touch people with his words. Mekka wants to tell a story that inspires people.

Recently, Mekka Don has released a mix tape with Mick Boogie called All Eyes on Me EP. He has already been featured in the Daily News, XXL, The SOURCE, and the NY Post.

Lets take a trip through the beginning of his mix tape:

November 4th- Lets us know that we will be listening to Obama's point of view through the voice of Mekka Don...

All Eyes on Me: Talks about how there are so many people watching Obama. Some have criticized him from the beginning, some still doubt him, many are waiting for him to fail, and others are looking for him to be their savior. He also has to live up to the dreams of the great men that came before him, like MLK. The pressure is on...all eyes are definitely on him!

How do you want it: He talks about how Obama is asking America to compromise on the millions of things they want and be realistic. He ask them what they really want, and do they really believe in him? Or do they want him to just fail? Obama wonders will America stand behind him, because he believes that together they can make a change. He points out how Obama says that he is not perfect, but he will work his hardest for every American.

Heart of Men: Talks about the past President's and all of the issues they had to deal with. He talks about how he has now been passed the torch and all of the issues he must address. He knows he has to take us in a new direction...Its his turn now!

There are of course more tracks, but the first few tracks alone takes us through sort of a journey of what might be going through Barack Obama's head as he takes the role of our Commander- in- Chief. Mekka Don does a wonderful job of helping us relate to what Barack Obama goes through on a regular basis as the first African American President.

Thanks for helping us Keep Up and inspiring us to follow our dreams! Mekka wrote the lyrics, but because the music is sampled from a Tupac Shakur album, the CD cannot be sold.

It is available for free downloading at You can also check out the songs for free at



The Krimson King said...

This is a great post. I am not much of a fan of conscious rap (in spite of the fact I am not from a bad neighborhood, I am a big Young Jeezy fan). Nor am I a fan of this crazy capitalization of our President. But I will give this album a try. As a lawyer, I hope he got some type of licensing to use the man's image.

I can definitely feel the whole Tupac theme. The more I learn about Pac, the more I realize he was not only a radical, but an activist for his people. It is a great reference. The "All Eyes on Me" track is the truth. People really are hating.

Prime Example:

The Socialite said...

Yeah I dont think people should crazy capitalize on Obama either. But I think in some cases the excitement sparks new ideas...and new ideas create opportunity. There have been so many things done in the name of MLK...its because he was great. And SO IS OBAMA. If people werent doing things I would be surprised.

This mix tape is def something to listen to!

I am going to check out the link below to see how people are hating lol.

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