Is There Anymore Room for Me, in Those Jeans?? Pt. 2

Greetings gentle readers, I hope this historic week has been as eventful for you as it has for me and the remainder of the “Keeping Up…” staff!! It’s been quite a busy week for yours truly with both the inauguration and the men’s shows in Milan… We have some new loves in our life by the names of Moschino, Ferragamo and Versace. But that’s neither here nor there… We’re here to talk about you all, not me!!! Last time, we had our intro into the world of jeans. If you all recall, we talked about rise and length (check out Part 1 if you need a refresher).This week, we’ll talk about some cut… And get your minds out of the gutter!

There are several cuts of jeans, but the most popular and are universally flattering for all builds and body types, both male and female: boot cuts, trouser cuts, relaxed fits and skinny jeans. That means leave the super-wide flares for the 12 year old girls. We’re own our grown-woman/grown-man steez, and this is not 1997… We’re well past that phase. And now it’s time for a break down…

Boot cut: exactly what it sounds like: cut ideally to fit over boots. From the knee to the waist they’re cut like traditional jeans, creating a more fitted silhouette that usually sits slightly below the waist, and is slightly looser in the leg, this creates longer cleaner line on the leg. These are likely the cut of most of the jeans in your closet; they’re wardrobe staples, easy to dress up in especially in darker washes.

Trouser cut: (also know as the straight leg) once again, just like it sounds, fits like a like a trouser or slack. Properly fitting pairs should create a straight line from the hip to foot. They are extremely easy to dress up, even wear to work because the have the look of dressier pants especially since they usually come darker washes and higher quality denims.

Relaxed fit: Keeping in the trend of things being exactly what they sound like… Here’s another!! Yay! Cut fuller from thigh to hem, for ample leg room and maximum comfort. Just be careful not to get them too baggy, and then we’ll be reverting to that whole Wu-Tang look that we just talked about…

Skinny’s: Once again, just like they sound… They’re skinny. They fit like a pair of tights (for the ladies) and are cut to stick to the calf (for everyone). Ladies these are the ones for you that you tuck into your boots. For the fellas, they typically come in slightly longer cuts because they’re meant to be worn bunched at the ankle. But don’t worry about them dragging on the ground the narrow cut keeps them from falling underfoot.

There are some other fits and options, but these are for the masses. I’m available for personal one on one’s for individual body types! You all know where to find me!
Until next time my well dressed friends!!!

Stylishly yours,
Sartorially Savvy
“Fashions fade, but style is eternal” ~ Yves St. Laurent.



The Socialite said...

I need to get back into the other fits...cause skinny has taken over my world!!!! lol

Thanks for the advice.

Sartorially Savvy said...

No prob!! I know you've got some trouser cuts somewhere in that closet!!! They're classic, and never go out of style!!!

TD1016 said...

I'm starting to like the skinny more and more, but I have a hard time finding a decent pair. Considering how short I am (5'0) found a really cute pair at Old Navy in short leg, but they were still a little too long.

I'm still a fan or flare and wide leg or pazzo pant. I don't do the 12 yr old huge bell flare, but the it could almost be a bootcut. I like flares like that b/c they compliment my height and body shape. Don't get me wrong, I have trouser and bootcut, but I love my flare.

Sartorially Savvy said...


I'm glad you've found a few pairs and styles that work for you! Remember if a jean is too long, you can easily take it to the tailor and have it shortened to fit you perfectly!! I would also encourage you to look into the trouser cut/straight leg b/c at your height, it'll help create a long lean line on the leg, something that is always flattering, and make you look a bit taller!! Best of luck!

S. Savvy!!

Nicole Marie said...

I used to work in the denim market in NYC and there is also a new silhouette called "catwalk." It is a cross between straight and bootcut. As opposed to a bootcut, where the leg opening begins to widen mid-calf, the catwalk jean begins to widen right below the knee and is very, very subtle. The leg opening is typically 2" wider than your straight leg.

Love the post, by the way!! You're oh-so-Savvy!
Nicole Marie

Sartorially Savvy said...

That "catwalk" sounds like a hybrid cut, like "athletic fit" for men. It's a bit tapered in the waist and more roomy in the thighs and leg to accommodate the build of athletes. Both sound as if they could be what's up. Thanks for the info Nicole!!

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