Malia and Sasha Dolls...Hot or Not?

First Lady Michelle Obama is unhappy about the Malia and Sasha dolls. The first lady's press secretary, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, said in a statement Saturday it is "inappropriate to use young, private citizens for marketing purposes."

The makers of Beanie Babies have created $10 Brown skinned dolls that have been named Malia and Sasha.

Ty spokeswoman Tania Lundeen told a Chicago newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday the dolls were inspired by the first family's daughters. Later, she told the Associated Press the names of the $10, brown-skinned dolls were chosen because "they are beautiful names," and not because of any resemblance to the Obama children.

I agree with Michelle. I understand that the First Family is no longer just regular people. So I understand that it is going to be very hard for Malia and Sasha to live regular lives. And there is going to be so much that happens to them that "regular" little girls probably will never experience. But making dolls of them is something that is not not necessary at their age.

In some ways this could be an inspiration to little Black girls as they carry around little Malia and Sasha dolls, but this is something that should have been approved by the First family. Anything made with Barack's name is probably fair game...but they are little girls. I think that from this point on Michelle should have say whenever Malia and Sasha is going to be used to promote a brand. Mommy knows best on what her daughters can handle.

Lets try and respect their youth and innocence for as long as we can. Trust me soon the press will be all over them as they get older.

How do you feel about the dolls?



Humbly Beautiful said...

I so think Ty overstepped their bounds on this one. What gets me is that it is just a coincidence that the names are the same...yeah right. If they made President Obama dolls I would not have been mad, but of the girls and without their parents' permission is too much. I have heard from several people that they are boycotting Ty and refusing to buy the dolls. I honestly do not think that they will get as many sales as they had hoped for.

Laurie said...

I tend to agree with both of you. Yes it might be inspirational for young black girls, but it is wrong to do it without Michelle and Baracks approval.

I think a revolt by boycott is a great way Americans can show more support for the Obamas.

Unfortunately, I bet there are more out there who will care less what Michelle thinks about this and buy them for their children anyhow.

Then there are those who will buy them BECAUSE of the controversy, figuring they will become collectors items is forced off the market. It seems like a no win situation for the Obamas.


The Socialite said...

@ Humbly and Laurie: Yeah i think that a boycott is in line. I def think that they wont get as many sales as they hoped for. But Laurie I agree when you say that people might still buy them...especailly if they think that they can be collectors items.

At Inauguration there were so many werid Obama things...and people were buying it all. Obama lipstick, name it.

So I am sure people will buy the dolls. I just hope that after this situation...companies will show a little more respect.

HA Im talking about the American market...respect...doubt it!

Zelle said...

Stop the madness Ty.

They're worse than the hustlas out there making money off Obama's moment...cause Ty not only denies that they're supposed to be likenesses of the Obama girls, but also they have millions or billions of dollars and do not need to hustle off Barack Obama like dude on the corner {maybe} needs to.

Definitely a boycott is necessary. Little black girls don't need these phony-baloney dora-the-explorer lookin dolls. All they need to do is go to or turn on CNN at the right moment to be inspired.

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