New Year, New Look, New YOU!!!

Greetings gentle readers, Sartorially Savvy here with 2009’s first piece on how to sartorially “Keep Up…” It’s a new year, and prime time to upgrade yourself in every way possible!!! Including your wardrobe, which is where I have the privilege of coming in! In the beginning of the year, try to step up your sartorial game… simply put, dress up and be more stylish. Now’s the perfect time to do a slight “style reinvention” if you will, of yourself. Now, I know what you may be thinking, but this doesn’t have to cost a dime!!! (I know, we’re still in a recession!) You can definitely utilize what’s already in your closet and jewelry box to take it up a notch! Fellas, the next time you’re thinking of just pairing jeans w/a simple tee, why not try implementing some of the advice of previous pieces, and layer it a bit by throwing on a vest or blazer?

The next time you’re getting dressed for your day, instead of throwing on a pair of sneakers, try a loafer, boot, or driver? Use your tailored garments to add an air of customization to your ensembles. As opposed to your favorite 7’s, True’s or R&R’s, or perhaps even your favorite pair of vintage Levi’s, try a pair of khaki pants, flat front navy chinos, or better yet wool slacks. These items, which are usually reserved for dressier occasions and ensembles, will instantly dress up your tee or polo.

The opposite technique is also useful. If you’re going to be wearing a pair of jeans, stick to darker washes, they give a dressier look compared to lighter washes. Pair these with your button down shirts and throw a vest or sweater on top to polish off the look. You’ll instantly look more dressed up. And of course, adding a classic necktie to your button down shirts upgrades you that much more. Keep your ties in proportion, no gigantic knots, and the color compliment your shirt, vest, or sweater. Those of you who are more brazen gentlemen can also use jewelry to upgrade yourself… A gold watch, small gold chain (We’re not talking Soulja Boy or Young Berg here gents…) or bracelet also adds a touch of sophistication to your outfits. Keep your sneakers classic and save the J’s for the court. Dunks, Chuck Taylor’s and, Stan Smith’s all add a classic yet sporty silhouette to any ‘fit.

Ladies… As usual, when it comes to style, you all have it a bit easier than we gents. Throwing on a pair of heels instantly dresses up anything you decide to put on. You know full well how your entire look changes when you take off the sneakers and throw on the stilettos. Use this to your advantage! A current, yet classic trend in fashion is the belted waist. Everywhere we turn recently, we’ve seen the belted waist, all over magazines, TV, movies, and the concrete runway. Use your wide belts, skinny belts, chain belts, all belts to belt your blouses, camisoles, and even jackets. Creating a classic hourglass figure instantly dresses up and adds an air of sex appeal to your silhouette. Ladies you also have secret weapon in the “Upgrade Game” so to speak… And it’s right underneath your nose… On your dresser! Your jewelry box provides you endless possibilities for dressing up ensembles. Add a few baubles to your daily ensembles to give them that extra *umph*, a few necklaces, a brooch or bracelet or two, earrings and perhaps even a ring will add sparkle to what you’re already wearing, and sparkle automatically dresses up whatever it’s with.

So, readers in ’09, let’s step it up, to “Keep Up…” there’s never harm in being a tad over dressed, the worst case scenario is that people where you are will think you have somewhere better and more glamorous to be after you depart!!! Dress up to “Keep Up…” in ’09!!!

Stylishly yours,
Sartorially Savvy
(“Fashions fade, but style is eternal” – Yves St. Laurent)



The Socialite said...

I gotta step my belt game up now! thanks for helping me keep up...

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