…Oh the shoe game is real; she gave him the Christian Louboutin’s with the 4 inch heels…

Greetings Gentle Readers, Sartorially Savvy here with this week’s way to stylishly “Keep Up…” This week, we’ll focus on putting your best foot forward…Literally. The topic at hand for this week’s column is shoes!! Everyone knows the shoes make the outfit!!! Seriously… you can’t be rockin’ the latest ‘fit, mean and clean in your custom suit, elegant and graceful in your gorgeous gown, cute and sexy in your cocktail dress with dusty, busted, crusty kicks!! On the other hand, if the shoe is right, the ensemble’s tight. Fellas, did you know in poll after poll ladies said that that the FIRST thing they check out is your shoes?!? Not your line up, not your eyes, not your smile, but those busted Timbs you’ve been rocking since ‘01. And you wonder why you couldn’t pull that banger at the bar, and you tried to blame it on the alcohol!!! A bangin’ shoe makes the look that much hotter! For those of us Carrie and Cameron Bradshaw’s out there, we already know the power of a good shoe. As a matter of fact, we have a closet full of them! But, for those of you missing a few quintessential pairs, fear not!! Sartorially Savvy is here to help you “Keep Up…”

The MUST HAVE pair in the closet of those “Keeping Up…” differ for the genders of course. For the ladies, they’re the black pumps, and for the fellas, the black loafer.

The Black Pump: Ladies, this is your go to shoe. The black pump goes with almost EVERYTHING, it is to your feet, what the “little black dress” is to your closet: complements your body, is easy to dress up and dress down, and never goes out of style. Pair with jeans for a dressier daytime look, wear with slacks in the office for that perfect pinch of polish, or put that cocktail dress to add drama and sex appeal for evening.

The Black Loafer: Fellas, this staple is your go to like LeBron in the 4th!! He can do it all!!! Pair with slacks and a sweater on a date to avoid the above mentioned bar scenario, wear to work with your slacks and suits to keep it clean and professional, and pair with jeans while hanging during the day to add an air of sophistication and panache.

(**~SPECIAL NOTE~**, because these are your go to shoe, invest a bit more in them. You’ll find throughout the years they’ll never let you down, and the higher quality the shoe, the more they’ll endure the test of time, and the better they’ll feel and wear. OH! Be sure to take care of them with regular polishes and keep shoe trees in them, they’ll look brand new all over again!!)
In the spirit of offering a casual option, here we go!! The deuce in this collection is the ballet flat for the ladies and the classic sneaker for the fellas.

The Ballet Flat: Ladies, the ballet flat is your option when keeping it casual but cute at the same time. Perfect for running around the city or the country, this classic comes in a variety of colors. To “Keep Up…” try to go for a bold contrasting color, like red, blue or pink. If you have a signature color, here’s an opportunity to put it into play with your outfit. The shoe is so simple that the pop of color will add just the right pinch of personality to your ensemble! Always remember to pair a color that while it contrasts, is still complementary to what you have on. Matching here is not important, but, a cohesive look ALWAYS is.

The Classic Kick (sneaker): Fellas, the classic sneaker is your opportunity to dress it down a little bit, and show a glimpse or two into your personality. And by classic, we mean your Stan Smith Adidas, Jack Purcell’s, Chuck Taylor’s and maybe even your Nike Dunks, or on the high end, for a lil’ flava you can find the shape (slim, non-bulky soles, the classic tennis shoe silhouette) of the aforementioned shoes in designer styles. A few faves of ours are Gucci, Vuitton and Prada, but this is indeed, a recession and everyone might not be on that kind of budget. Just like I told the ladies w/the ballet flats, your kicks are your chance to experiment with a little color and pattern…with a notable exception, keep the Stan Smith’s all white. ‘s just a better look. Chuck’s come in almost every color under the rainbow and here’s where you can have a little fun! Cop ‘em in red, navy, green, tan, your favorite color or a designer signature and play off the colors in your ensemble. As they are the first thing that catches the interested eye, they’ll see your pop of personality, and may even give you an in into talking to the cutie heading downtown on the 2 train from 135th and Lennox, or the banger on the 5:30 MARC to Union station.

And now, for the WILD CARD… While the 1st two options may have appeared a little basic and easy… Here’s a little something a little more difficult for those of us truly “Keeping Up…” Beyond the basic and elementary we go… As always, ladies first:

The Brown suede peep-toe pump: Ah ha! Got you didn’t we? Just when you thought you had ole’ S dot Savvy figured out, we go and change the game on you! Well, maybe not, but, we’d like to think this was a bit of an unexpected twist. The brown suede peep-toe pump is as classic as your black boys mentioned above, only with a little twist. ;-). The peep toe is a classic silhouette in shoes, but the brown and suede bring both texture and sophistication to the shoe. The color brown is very rich and complementary to almost every color. Try it instead of black, you might be surprised, some colors you never thought would go together are quite nice. Brown and pink is a favorite of ours. Suede is extremely underutilized texture in most wardrobes. Suede adds the feel of luxury and gives you the opportunity to break from leather, and variety is after all, the spice of life. The brown suede peep-toe pump is an extremely sexy shoe, so utilize with caution. You can definitely wear it to work, try it with a pencil skirt and cardigan/cami-combo for a little “business sexy”, pair it with your dark trouser cut jeans and a blouse for a little Saturday sexy, and in the evening with an A-line halter dress for a little vintage sexy… Claire Huxtable definitely had the brown suede peep-toe pump in her closet. Just sayin’…

The Brown suede loafer: Fellas, whether your budget is Ferragamo or Foot Locker, COP THESE!!! The brown suede loafer does the same for you as the brown suede peep-toe pump does for the ladies, the long and short of it is, it’ll have you bringing sexy back better than JT and Tim. Think of these as your Kobe’s (if Kobe and LeBron played on the same team). When you want to switch up your styles, add a little different type of sophistication to your roster, break these boys out. As I was telling the ladies, suede is an incredibly luxurious texture that any well heeled man would be a fool not to be seen in. Not only is suede a rich texture, but the color brown adds more richness, warmth and sex appeal to the entire look. Pair these with your heather grey slacks and a jewel toned (emerald green, or eggplant is a good look here!!) sweater for a winning date look, with your navy pinstripe suit for handling business, and with dark denim jeans, a v-neck tee and a caramel or olive colored blazer for a killer weekend look. Swap out the tee for a teal button down for Sunday brunch with the one who’s got your eye… or whose eye you’re trying to get…

So, Gentle Readers, I’ve given you an intro into the shoe game. Use it to your advantage to “Keep Up…” Of course, there are a few more options and tricks, but we’ll save those for our advanced courses. And if there are any specific shoe questions, I’d love to hear from you all. After all, without you, there’s no me!! I’m here for YOU! Until next time…

Stylishly Yours,
Sartorially Savvy
“Fashions fade, but style is eternal…” ~Yves Saint Laurent



Quettajarob said...

Very pleasant read. You know I loves my shoes.

The Socialite said...

I love shoes also! I loved this post from Savvy!!!!

Sartorially Savvy said...

The two of you are some of the most Carrie Bradshaw-ist that I know!!!

Anonymous said...

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