Bristols 6 and Keeping Up with the Huxtables have teamed up to present the "Sheer Genius" Contest!!

Here is how it works:1. Visit to learn more about the company and their newest product Nippies Natural.

2. Answer the following three questions correctly: a) Name the popular celebrity that caused a media uproar when she showed up at the 1999 VMAs with her entire breast pratically exposed? b) Name 2 celebrities that have worn Nippies before? c) Who came up with the idea of Bristol 6:
i. Two guys and a girl?
ii. Two girls and a guy?
iii. Three girls?

3. Submit your answers to Include name and shipment information.

4. All submissions will be reviewed by the Keeping Up team and the staff at Bristol 6.

5. The winner of the contest will receive their very own shipment of Nippies Natural (adhesive or non-adhesive)!!!

Here at Keeping Up, everyone is a winner!

Just for Keeping Up readers, Bristol 6 is offering 15% off!! Use this promotional code: KEEPINGUP (Note: The promotional code expires on 2/28/2009 so get your orders in fast!)

*The contest will go on the entire month of February. Winners will be announced the first week in March. So submit, tell a friend to submit, and check back to see if you are a winner!



Richard said...

Hey, I have not commented yet, but you have a lot of good commentary on current events and news. I find the featuring of "nippies" to be a poor choice. The product does not seem to promote modesty, to say the least. It would seem to be promoting the objectification of black women as sexual objects, since the purpose of the product seems to be to expose as much skin as possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about Nippies Natural...I think this product is great, and the color is perfect. As far as I know, this is the only brand that makes these in a dark skintone. I don't think Richard really gets why a woman would need to wear an item like this. Nippies Natural isn't about dressing like a ho...the very opposite. A pretty sundress is cute, and I wear this when I can't wear a bra. AND as far as "promoting the objectification of black women as sexual objects," I would say it is better to cover it up than let it all hang out. Covering something up does not equal flaunting it...quite the opposite.

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