Getting Rid of the "I" Attitude (I put my nigga nigga put...)

As a race we have constantly been on a mission to make it to the top. Too often do we live in poverty with only dreams of making it out. Those of us that see our dreams turning into reality are on a mission to get to the top alone. Isn't it crazy how our race differs from the rest?

Our mission this year is to figure out how to put our heads together and help each other become successful. This year is about combining talents and making our journey a much easier one. If you look around you at some of the other races, you will see them working together to make their way in this crazy country.

I don't know about you, but I have a ton of talented friends and we can't wait to see the success that comes from us working together to get to the top. If you don't know how to turn the "I" attitude into "We", here it goes:

Example 1: On the Come up Together

If you are an up-and-coming artist then you need a team. You need a manager, publicist, lawyer, stylist...just to name a few.

Look no further than your immediate circle if you have any friends that are trying to grow in these fields. Each day help each other become better. If you do not have a circle of friends that you can reach out to...maybe you need to extend your circle and reach out in a new direction.

Result: You probably have a team of people that want to see each other grow. You have a team that probably has your best interest at heart. You also have maximized on the number of people that are going to make it to the top. Gooooo hard together...its much easier than doing it alone.

Example 2: Already at the Top

We all heard the saying, "I put my niggas niggas put they niggas on"

Let's say you are Ludacris and you need a personal chef. You have a homie that loves to cook all of the time. Send him to culinary school and make him your personal chef! :)

Result: You don't have to leave everybody behind. Once you bring someone else up with you...they can reach back also.

The point is that we all must work together to get to where we want to be. If you want success...model the examples around you. If everyone else works together, we think that we can do it alone? What do we have some magic superpowers that makes us different? Clearly we do not, because it isn't working for us.

Let's take the "I" attitude and turn it into "We".

Below give an example of how you have worked with someone to become more successful?



WHY IZ H said...

i hear u on tis one but i been in situations in which my friends straight got funny when the money was being discuss ya dig trust me sometime u have to do u

The Socialite said...

@ Why: I agree with you. I think we just have to be smart about the situation. Def make sure that you are protected when dealig with other people. But I still think we can put our brains together to do great things! :)

Humbly Beautiful said...

I feel you on this concept, but I think it is a little more complicated. I try to give people a hand up in so many ways, but it does not always work.

I don't mean to sound negative, but just got irritated recently about this scenario. You can't help someone who does not want to help themselves or work hard. I got my friends back or if I am mentoring you I can help show you the way, but I can not do the work for you.

The more kids and grown ups I see that want help, but they don't want to do the work that goes along with the help. Not everyone is like this, but sad to say it is happening more and more. Just my take on it.

I do think a lot of the "Huxtables" have gotten there's and not looked back. I know my parents were fortunate and I had opportunities that many did not. Until after a graduated from college and started working and really did not focus on helping others and most of my friends did not either. Some of us have changed and learned from our experiences, but I think that is exception in today's society and not the norm.

The Socialite said...

@ Humbly: I agree with you. This isn't as easy as I made it seem. Like WHY stated earlier some people you can't even trust. I think that it is important that we at least try. I think it also means coming together with people that have achieve the level of success you have thus far...and working together to get better. nothing is going to work out perfectly. But we have alot of people not even trying to come together.

MrBrown said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this one. Black people are so stuck on not dealing with other black people, putting that 'black business is gonna be ghetto' blanket on all of us.

Just like one commenter said, many of the 'Huxtables' (many of which families have had $ and opportunity since 'massa'/daddy died) turned their backs and haven't looked over their shoulders since. And now ppl want to wonder why black ppl still can't even begin to support each other!?!

It's not like you just put all of your friends from around the way on the payroll, but when you see someone who has a talent and interest in something, and you can help them out, why not give them a chance.

The worst part of job postings is when they ask for 10 yrs experience. And we all ask, "well how can I get the experience if no one gives me the opportunity", so knowing that feeling, why shut our own ppl out just because Tyquisha and Tyrone aren't responsible.

Sartorially Savvy said...

My Example:

I have a friend who I've known since we were about 6, she started a blog, and knew of my talent fashion wise. We discussed me contributing to her blog... And well, the rest, is history!!! Thanks Mademoiselle Socialite!!! LOL

WHY IZ H said...


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