Michelle On The Cover of Vogue...Out with the Blow and Go - In with the Roots

Michelle Obama makes the cover of the March 2009 edition of Vogue Magazine! (see picture of the cover) The majority of the First Ladies have been covered by Vogue, but only two have actually made the cover, the other being Hillary Clinton. The thing that makes this so amazing is the new standard of beauty that Michelle is creating. So many style magazines and blogs constantly talk about her style and beauty. They cover a type of Black woman that America has never paid attention to.

It is great to finally see another form of beauty being shown and admired. Michelle represents your average Black woman who has to blow dry, flat iron, press the roots, and then wrap her hair at the end of the night to make sure that it is still popped the next day. She does not have your typical long straight hair and other long admired white features.

There are so many forms of beauty, and I am glad that Black women can now see their own image on magazines as highly respected as Vogue. Isn't it great that a few years from now we might not have to convince our daughters that there is not just one standard of beauty? Being Black is a great thing, but so often we are convinced that our texture of hair and the color of our skin does not represent beauty.We think that we have to look exotic, wear weaves, and change the color of our eyes.

All I have to say is thanks Michelle and Vogue for helping little girls around the world understand that God made a variety of beautiful people and that we must embrace all of them.


What do you think about Michelle being on the cover of Vogue?

Do you think that having her represent a new form of beauty will have any effect on how our society views beauty? Or will people still not be convinced?



Sartorially Savvy said...

I think that the First Lady serves as an excellent example of beauty. It is my hope that she can serve as another spark in the catalyst of changing the paradigm of the perception of beauty.

The Socialite said...

Wouldn't it be great if that perception was changed! Don't people in the spotlight now see how important they are to the change our country needs. One person can make such a difference to the entire world. This is amazing influence to have.

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