This Chris Brown Mess Got Me Thinking...

All around us we are watching so many Black people achieve success in a number of ways. We couldn't be more proud of Barack Obama for achieving one of the biggest accomplishments of our race. We smiled as Lil Wayne was announced eight times as a nominee for a Grammy. We couldn't have been more happy for the Black Coach, Mike Tomlin, and him leading the Steelers to victory. Micheal Steele became head of the RNC (If that makes you happy or not). Desiree Rogers became Barack Obama's Social Secretary. A f-ing Black Vogue came out this year...amazing.

Black people are at the top of their game and have the potential to help those around them "Keep Up" in ways that we could never imagine. Then what the hell is going on? Why must we do a million things that negate our success? I guess once you make it, it is a ticket to act the heck up. I know I know...they are human. I also know that some celebrities never asked to be role models. Grow up and realize that you didn't have to ask for it, it comes with the territory. If you do not want the responsibility then trade in the "Straight to the front of the line, invited to the hottest events, can't wait to open my free box of designer clothes, I get million dollars to do it, get our of jail free card" in!

Please I am tired of hearing Blacks say that they do not have to carry the entire race on their shoulders. That's fine, but does it really take a lot to act right and just do your job? You are a role model by default. You can't ask for an easier way to influence people under you. Some of us try everyday and only a few people hear us hollering. It does not make sense that the following happened:

Plaxico shot himself

TI had weapons of mass destruction

Lil Wayne does mass destruction to his body by taking drugs

Jim Jones jumps someone

Jesse Jackson talks shit about Barack Obama on TV

Chris Brown "might have" beat up Rhianna

Athletes can't stop saying what they want to people

Beyonce called out the Jackson's and basically said they weren't shit

And the lists goes on...

How do we finally have a positive Black family in the spotlight that we can look up to, but then create other BS that serves as a negative image to our youth. Come on Chris who was your role model Ike? Beyonce why would you come at Michael and them? TI are you in the army? Jesse what do you stand for? Jim Jones are you in high school? Lil Wayne are you trying to be the top crack head also; they don't have an award for that homie.

I understand that it is hard being in the spotlight all of the time. It is also such a hard job to have people in your personal life 24/7. You tell us everyday that you are just like everyone mess up. But are you really normal? How much of you fame would you trade in to be average again?

Come on celebs help us "Keep Up". Helping others should be the task of the entire race. What do you think your task should be? Or are you to big to care?




Anonymous said...

I think its hilar (yes hilar) that everyone acts like they know the TRUE AND FULL FACTS OF THE CASE! Most entertainers had rough childhoods and have not dealt with their own issues. They are human and choose entertaining to maximize on the opportunity to make money. Hence why we have trash artists being played on the radio. Maybe if we raise our on children instead of allowing TV or entertainers too we wouldn't have to worry about these "entertainers" to represent us or be role models. We have to remember this is the material world so there is negativity lurking around the corner. It's easy to throw stones at entertainers who are not reachable but those who really have the potential to be role models are those in the community. Throw stones at them.

I volunteer with the local youth groups, tutor and mentor the kids. I give back to my undergrad institution by sharing my time to mentor and help with fundraisers for groups on campus. I also go back to my old neighborhood to try and convince my old friends from the neighborhood that they can stop living in the box but it takes discipline.

Instead of throwing stones...I try to uplift and stay positive instead of focusing on celebrities and how they destroy their own life I focus on the community.

The Socialite said...

Ill be the first one to say that my goal is to be positive and uplift the community. I also do not think I am throwing stones or judging them. All I am doing is charging everyone...not just celebs... with the responsibility of trying their hardest to be the best that they can be.

The reasons that celebs are going to get called out probably is because...Too much is given...much much more is required.

If you have been blessed then you try hard to do something for others.

I do not think they are superhuman. And I point out the positive things they do on my site everyday. But if you can go out in the community and do good...then they can at least try to act right on tv!

Thanks for stopping by.

The Socialite said...

It also takes a village to raise a child...never can your parents be all it takes. We step out into the real world everyday. No matter what your parents teach you there will be other things to counter it.

One day we will realize that we must all come together to make a difference. The big and little people.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

morale of story women dont sleep aroung and pass out stds like azz or get jaw broke lol

The Socialite said...

lmao! Now thats true..Rhianna needs to be added to the list if she is passing stuff arounds. The point in everyone needs to be careful about what they do. You don't get a pass no matter what you do. Everything that you do has a reaction..good or bad. Lets aim towards more positive ones fam!

whiteim said...

Yes celebrities(not just black ones because they all screw up) need to realize that people look up to them because they are in the spot light. People want their children to see positive successful people but is that really realistic? What if all the celebs pic's and video's we see on t.v. are of perfect little good semaritans with perfect morales? HELLO! Your kids are going to go out there in the real world and be disappointed. We are born into this world as sinners. Humans are a very selfish race. People are thinking about their lives and are a result of the backgrounds they live in. Instead of focusing on the bad lets focus on the good. Yes these people do some dumb things but they also do some pretty amazing things. We,our children, can learn from their successes AND their failures or flaws

YungFlyMariTha God said...

So true our so called stars who are in the media spotlight do need to start portraying a better image for themselves and the many young kids who look up to them and also want to be just like them , Plaxico is a clown, Jimmy just be fronting and Wayne seriously has issues anyone with tattoos on their eye lids clearly does come on . We understand that you guys are human just like us common folk but all im asking for is just a lil bit of decency to be displayed on ya'lls behalf but before one can do that one must start to lookin at ones self in a whole new light nah mean Remember the motto Each One Teach One Im Out

Tatiana said...

"TI are you in the army?" LOL..I had to address that..nice touch.

Anyways, I am not new to viewing this site, but I am new to posting a comment. I must say that this case in particular has the Black community in an uproar. This afternoon all throughout my five hour-long hair appointment at the salon, the general consensus was of shock.

At this point there are true PARTS to the story, and the details are murky...but for someone who suffered through seeing his own mother put through domestic violence it makes one think, how could Chris Brown do such a thing? Perhaps he internalized the very thing he despised went from a victim to the abuser.

I agree with you wholeheartedly that regardless if you "ask for it or not", once you become a public figure you are just that--a person who will be judged by the people (rightly or wrongly) and either chastised or praised depending upon what you do. You give up that anonymity the moment you become a "star". And if you have a squeaky clean image, please believe that people will hold you to it. And the moment you make an exaggerated deviation from it, you will be skewered alive.

I feel bad for Chris but he must be held accountable for his actions. In fact, this brings up the whole Michael Phelps conversation the salon had as well. We found it pretty funny that after being caught with the Mary Jane that it was a clear hesitation on his endorsement companies and even the US Swim Association themselves to administer suspensions/cancellations. It took a good week and a half before anything happened. But for Chris brown, literally less than 24 hours later his endorsement with Wrigley's & Got Milk was pulled. Radio proclaimed him the devil incarnate and stopped playing his music...its incredible.

The Socialite said...

@Whiteim: The point of this site is to point out the positive things that people in our community do everyday. But it is also to charge everyone within our society with trying to make some type of difference. No one is asking for them to have squeakly clean images. No one is asking for them to give back all of the money they have. I am simply asking them not to act a damn fool.

I think we often give celebs excuses because they are attacked so much. I am one not to focus on them at all most of the time because of the attention they get. If you look at the rest of my site you will see very little mention of celebs at all.

I had to point it out this time because it comes a time when you have to be called out and asked to at least watch some of the things that you do.

the amazing things are praised everyday. They get awards, they get paid a million dollars, and we look up to them everyday. Trust me they get all the praise and more.

THOSE THAT ARE GIVEN...Much more is required.

Do not beat them up for being human, but pointing out some flaws is okay. The reality is our kids are going to have negative and positive things to look at everyday. And there is no way all of the celebrities will have extremely positive images. But come on I am sure you can stop yourself from jumping someone. (Jim Jones) And i know the kid that he jumped...his life was not in jeopardy.

But I do agree with you when you say point out the positive things that they do!

@Yung: Great way to end your message! We gotta give back especially when we have made it. Not too many people in the Black community make it to the top. Those that do...come on try a little.

@Titiana: I feel bad for chris also. Who knows what really happened????? thats my point. Not only should they watch what they do because people are watching, but because they are blowing an opportunity that many people never will get. Thanks for coming back!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I can't do anything but agree with you. I feel as though all of use, whether we're a celebrity or not, has a responsibility to our community, or else our people will perish.

There are entertainers that I'm pleased with on a professional level, but on a personal level, it's very rare. There isn't a celebrity (except for Oprah) that I could I say I truly admire...wish to be like...wish to care to meet, for I probably wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with their hindered level of intelligence.

Our community needs to definetly do better and take control over our antics.

The Socialite said...

@Beautifully: That says alot for a person like Orpah to be able to be such a great role model. She didnt come from a great up bringing and she is in the spotlight more than anybody. If she can can others!

LoudPen said...

I think the article was good and very well written. It's true that celebs need to take more responsiblity for their actions. I'm a regular person and I do it all the time. As my mama would say, "Act like you got some sense."

The Socialite said...

@Loud: Your Mama aint never lied. All we are asking is for celebs to act like they have sense. We are not asking them to save the world. But isn't it crazy that those that do save the world like Doctors and Fireman get paid so much more less. And they have to still act like they have sense. Celebs get a million to act what you get paid to do.

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