A Year of Growth...R.I.P Mommy...I am Trying to Keep Up!

As I reflect on the year that has passed, I see so many moments that I knew were meant to be times that I was suppose to grow. But there was one moment that stood out from the rest. It was the situation where I thought I lost someone that kept me going though this crazy thing we call life. She was the one that I would run to every time something did not make sense and I needed answers. She was the beat that helped me keep my rhythm. Her existence served as an example everyday to the type of woman that I needed to be .

What happens when you think you have lost your guiding light? Your entire world begins to crumble and you cannot figure out how you are going to go on. You wake up everyday wondering how you are going to make it through the next hour?

Well for a moment I felt like this after my mother passed away on February 17th, 2008. And as I look back at this day, I cannot believe that it has been a year? A year of cries, smiles, but most importantly growth. What started off as a whole bunch of confusion and whys, ended up being the biggest growth I have had in years.

You see my mother was a lady that represented excellence in everything that she did. Growing up as the oldest of six, she was determined to succeed to help her family. Her dreams came true when she became Dr. Sophie Womack. But helping sick babies was not the end of her goal to help others. She set on the board of many organizations that helped our community in different ways. She started her own non-profit organization that raised money to for various causes. She became the first African American Woman President of Wayne County Medical Society. Everyday she touched and inspired someone new. Her life was dedicated to the improvement of others lives.

As a child looking at this image, I didn't think I had any other choice but to follow in her footsteps. For so many years I thought that I needed my mothers guidance to get me to where I wanted to be. It wasn't until she passed away that I realized that she had already given me the tools that I needed. And I realized that the last day that we saw each other was when she finally passed the torch. I looked up at the sky and knew that she was looking down on me ready to see me reach my goals. At that moment I knew that she would be with me forever.

My guiding light became brighter than it had ever been before. It shines down every time I wake up and walk one step closer to my destination. It shines every time I write a new post for this blog. My mother taught me that if you aren't helping others, you aren't helping yourself. So as I continue with this blog I hope to inspire and motivate people everyday in any way that I can. One can only hope that I live up to my mothers teachings and make her proud in some type of way.

If there is one person that we should "Keep Up" with it would be Dr. Sophie Womack, MY MOTHER.

RIP Mommy...may your dreams live on!



...garnet.terri... said...

your mother? amazing!
...then, now and forever!

rest in peace...

The Socialite said...

Thank you! She was amazing...don't even know if that is the word.

Anonymous said...

I love you!!! and admire your stregnth...keep striving, and continue to celebrate your mom's life and all that she did...which is sooo much! She inspires me everyday, know that!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Mothers are always wonderful to us...I wish I had 1/3 of my mother's strength, intelligence, and wisdom...

...I'm sure she is very proud of you...

Boss Lady said...
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B. Erin said...

I never had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Sophie Womack personally but I was fortunate enough to get to know you! Your mother was a PHENOMENAL woman who went above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference. One person may not be able to change the world alone but they can certainly get the ball rolling. Dr. Womack touched and inspired many both on and off this earth, just know that you are a DIRECT reflection of her greatness. You are a continuation of her bright light and there is much in store for you on this journey.

I am incredibly proud of the woman you are today and overwhelmingly blessed that I'll get to know the woman you'll be tomorrow! You are a daily inspiration to me as when I wake up every morning I aspire to "Keep Up" with you!

Love Always
The Culinary Goddess

Cocoa_mademoiselle said...


This was Beautiful. You have been on my mind like crazy today, although you are on my mind often anyway.

I am in awe of your fortitude. Your light shines on my path and being your friend and your sister always Keeps me on my toes, because who in the heck can Keep Up with you?

I read this and it is so apparent why you are the way you are. Excellence breeds Excellence. So today I honor you, your grandmothers and of course, Dr. Sophie...thank you for being a source of inspiration in my life.

I am here for you always! Keep it Up Girl....like Mother, like Daughter.

-Your Dime

Sartorially Savvy said...

It has been and always will be my utmost pleasure to have known you and your family for as long as I have... You are a reflection of your mother's example and excellence in every way. I'm sure she's BEAMING with pride, while singing in His choir...


Boss Lady said...

Your mom was the greatest! I remember being at her funeral and asking myself how was I going to touch the world in the same way Mrs. Womack did? On top of all the great things, she had a wonderful daughter that I am glad to call one of my best friends.

I would hope that I am able to "keep up" with Mrs. Womack and all the wonderful things she did to inspire a generation. B, I mean socialite, you are great and make your mom proud everyday

Miss V Marie said...

Socialite, Spec,....

I remembering hearing the news about your mom and immediately texting you to tell you that you were in my prayers, and although I didn't lose my Mother, I lost a parent before and I could relate.

I never met her, but being at the funeral was amazing because it was like reading about a hero in a history book, and celebrating their life and achievements. Your mom was nothing short of a hero not only to your family, but to our beloved city... Detroit.

Bran, you are such an inspiration. We are close because why wouldn't I stay close to a person so talented with crazy drive. If WE are all proud of you, imagine how proud Dr. Womack is looking down on you.

Imagine what an impact you have had your little sisters, the people around you, and all those who try to "keep up" with you...

I was looking for a role model and then I found you!

You already know I'm trying to keep up with you spec,

Marci Alagio said...


I remember that moment as well, you are your family are still in my prayers. I told you b4 I am meant it I am here if you need anything. Keep on keeping up....you are doing a fab job!

On behalf of Heels and Hightops you are doing JUST what you were supposed to do.


Anonymous said...

like mother like daughter....;-D


The Socialite said...

Thank you everyone! Without friends, sisters, and my readers...I promise I wouldnt have been able to handle this year. I also would not be able to do anything great without being inspired by all of the great people around me!

S. said...

Dr. Womack is certainly a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope a nd strive to make some of the many strides she has made.

I remember sitting at her funeral and thinking I wanted to be a neonatologist!!! I had to snap back into reality QUICK. But I do hope to touch just as many people as she touched along the way.

I didn't have the opportunity to know her personally but I know her daughter and from stories and pictures "Like Mother. Like Daughter" certainly rings true in this instance.

I love you Brandi and I feel comfort in knowing that your mom is in heaven with the most high looking down on you (and me too) :)

I know she is proud of everything you are!

Love You!

R.I.P Dr. Soror. Sophie Jan Womack

Sicrit said...

This is beautifully written. We've known each other since freshman and its amazing to see the woman you have become today. We get to kick it but so often but its always a pleasure to be around you. Although I never met your mother I honor her and her legacy which is YOU... I'm Keeping Up!

Peace & Love

Sicrit "The One You Love to Love"

Anonymous said...

dear "socalite"
today is the first time I discovered your blog via another blog.
I read this lovely lines about your mother and got tears in my eyes.
she must have been an adoreable lovely person.
you got trough the past year and I admire you.keep it up. I just had a quick view on your other topics. there is are many interesting things I have to read;)
I am impressed and I will follow your blog as I am sure I found with you a *secret-diamond* in the big big internet-world.
greetings to you from germany.

The Socialite said...

Thank you and I am glad you discovered my blog. I appreciate your comment. :)

miSs pRiss said...

A very most touching post and your mother was a most dyanmic woman. My mother has also been the guiding light in my life, and as I grow I continue to realize just how important her influence has been. Without her guidance, love, encourgement, and standards I would not be who I am today.

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