Disney's First Black Princess...But Guess Who Her Prince Is?

Photo by Aol Black Voices

Disney is finally including a black Princess in their array of animated royals. In December they will release, 'The Princess and the Frog,' set in New Orleans and featuring Princess Tiana, voiced by actress Anika Noni Rose. Oprah Winfrey is voicing Eudora, Tiana's mother.

AOL Black Voices points out that it is great that Princess Tiana is black, but wait for it....her Prince is not! Prince Naveen of Maldonia is voiced by a Brazilian actor, and his skin is ... tan. His hair and features are decidedly non-black

So I guess Disney isn't ready for a black man to be called a Prince yet. I don't understand why we can't ever just get the real deal? Would it have been so bad to just make the entire royal family black? Hey the First family is black.

Originally, the black princess was named Maddy, a maid working for a white family set in 1920s New Orleans. Glad they changed that...

Either way I will be checking out the movie and seeing how our first Black Disney Princess will be portrayed.

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What do you think about Princess Tiana not having a Black Prince?



yours truly said...

it's a double sided coin to me. on the one hand, i totally agree that it would have been nice to see an actual black couple in a disney feature. at the same time, i like seeing a black woman being paired with a non-black lead. interracial relationships are very real and in a world where media portrayals can be skewed to "black male + non-black female", seeing the reverse is pretty refreshing sometimes.

black love is beautiful but promoting the message that black women, like all others, can find happiness with a non-black partner sits well with me too. i just want the film to be a successful and well delivered one at the end of it all.

The Socialite said...

I can see your point of view. I still rather see a black princess and prince. But I agree interracial dating is alive and cool.

Sartorially Savvy said...

As a Black man, I think it would have been nice to see the first Black Princess, who, we assume has Black parents, be paired with the first Black Prince. I remember when I was younger we used to go as a group, boys and girls, to see Disney movies, Aladdin, The Lion King, all of them, I think it would would be nice for Disney, just as they are reinforcing positive images of Black womanhood, to do the same for our young Black boys, who so desperately need it.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a white man i amagine

The Socialite said...

For Disney to be around so long...it is amazing how long it has taken for us to get our Black Princess. I wonder how long for the black prince. I encourage everyone to go out and see it. Show them that people do want to see people of color in Disney movies!

sachab28 said...

BW with WM are on the rise. When you see BM, they are mostly with WW, not BW. And definitely not DARK-SKINNED BW. If the prince was a WM, I wouldn't have a problem. To me particularly in the US, Non-BM are more appreciative of DS-BW. I'm in the UK right now and I see WM with BW all the time.

Anonymous said...

Disney is a busines. They are only going to take so much risk and making a movie that is completely black-based would be a pretty huge risk.
Honestly, how many "black" movies are really successful outside of the black community?
I'm not saying Disney is right but they, like 99.9% of businesses, are not trying to make social change, they are focusing on profit.

I do think that Disney having a black main character is a nice step forward.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in another 50 years...

Von Hochenberger said...

Who really cares!!!There are a lot of mixed couples. There are a lot of African Royal Families in Africa. The difference is Africans from Africa exude extreme elegance and fantastic style and etiquette. They are not into all of these things. They are confident and also not into beat boxes, chicks and nice cars. They are into education, classical music, opera and very high scaled activities. They are not concerned with what is black and what is white. This is stupid. All things are the same! There have been African Princesses and Prinses for ages, but they DO NOT have the same attitudes as do minorities in the USA. It is time to stop all of this and take pride in who you are as individuals and began to carry yourselves as you should.

The Socialite said...

@Von: The problem is that minorities in the USA can't take pride is something they don't know. Many blacks have no clue who they are because for years they were stripped of it. That is why it is important to show positive images for them to see. If a little black boy or girl can see themselves in a positive light, then they too can have as much pride as "Africans". It hurts my heart as I work with the youth and they think all they can be is a basketball player or singer in order to be successful and happy. They see themselves as the ones on the lower end of the stick. They don't like how they look. They don't like who they are. If you wake up everyday and white is pushed as right...then you have nothing that makes you think you can be better. How dare you compare minorities and the impact of slavery to other people. It is a different situation then in Africa no matter which way you spin it.

You ask who cares? I care!!!! Work with youth in the inner city and you might care. If you already do...listen harder to what is going on in their heads. If you still don't think they need to see images of themselves in a positive light...then that is your opinion.

Yes, there is other things that need to be done to give them more confidence. But it does not help if they have to look on tv and think that they can't even be a damn prince of a fake made up country. Please Please don't ask who cares. African's might have went through a lot, but they have a sense of who and what they are. They for damn sure no where they came from. The understand that they are Kings and Queens. Blacks here have no fucking clue, and if asked where they are from, people don't consider them Americans and clearly African look down on them. You want them to have as much confidence as an African. Im extemely confused on how you expect them to be at that point. Again how dare anyone compare the two.

And yes i'm mad!

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