If I ruled the World...Imagine that! Black Women at the Forefront in Politics...

Black women are running the country and the world!

As a member of the strong sisterhood of Black women, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Inga S. Willis states, "What better time than now"?

Seven of about three dozen senior positions on President Obama's team are filled by African American women.

Mona Stephen- Deputy Chief of Staff
Valerie Jarrett- Senior Advisor in the Administration
Melody Barnes- Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council
Susan Rice- President Obama's U.N. Ambassador
Desiree Rogers- The White House Social Secretary
Cassandra Butts- A Deputy White House Counsel
Lisa Jackson- The EPA Administrator

The "Obama women" -- as African American women who've taken big jobs in his administration have been nicknamed -- mark another step in the long journey of black women from outsiders to gatekeepers in political Washington. They have quietly entered their jobs with little attention paid to the fact that they are the largest contingent of high-ranking black women to work for a president.

Many are firsts -- as in the first black woman to run the Domestic Policy Council, the first black EPA chief and the first black woman to be deputy chief of staff. Last week, Obama tapped Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg to lead the Food and Drug Administration. If confirmed, Hamburg -- who is biracial (her mother is African American, her father Jewish) -- will also be a first.

Seven of about three dozen senior positions on President Obama's team are filled by African American women.

(to read entire article) (article sent in by Michelle Arrington)

It is amazing to see so many successful Black people in so many fields. It is even more astonishing to see Black women reach heights that they never could imagine.

Obama is making history with his administration in so many different ways; what will he do next?

Black women keep working hard to "Keep Up!" Congrats to those that are leading the way.



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