Lets talk about Sex Baby...

Sex is number one on kids agenda's these days...Is there any way to knock it down lower on their priority list? In the society that we live abstinence is a thing that is rarely practiced. You have kids having sex as early as 12. There have been hundreds of commercials on STD's, AIDS campaigns, and other methods to get people to understand the risk of having unprotected sex. They have even gone as far as to say that the only safe sex is no sex.

It seems like despite the plea for the youth to stop having sex, more and more teens think that it is the norm. Waiting til marriage is almost the thing of the past. Sex is rarely even valued or considered a special connection between two people. And these days Virgins have to be in some type of secret society that only come out every blue moon.

With the increasing number of sexual images in movies, television shows, commercials, songs and other media outlets...will kids ever see that sex can wait? Is it how its being said or what is being said? Ultra Teen Choice takes a stab at it....

Check out Ultra Teen Choice event going on below:

What do you think? Is sex at a young age here to stay? Whose fault is it?
What values do you put on SEX?

Abstinence Awareness Week Youth Forum is coming to Howard University School of Business Auditorium, Georgia Ave. & Fairmont St. NW on March 9 from 6 pm to 9 pm. This forum will feature a youth panel, parent panel, speakers, entertainment and table space for community organizations and businesses. Christian recording artist Angelia Robinson and the Howard University Steppers for Christ will perform at the youth forum. Register and get more information at http://www.ultrateenchoice.org/, or call Richard Urban at 202-558-5550.

They also have sponsorship opportunities available, and you can set up a table at the youth forum.



Sartorially Savvy said...

Teaching our future generation's about sex and safe and healthy sexual practices is pertinent to securing their futures. Abstinence education is something that isn't really applicable or realistic in our hyper-sexualized culture. Informing and educating the youth is the only way to insure they make better, and more thoughtful sexual decisions. If you want someone to make better decisions about anything, you arm them with the facts.

The Socialite said...

I heard that in some other countries instead of telling them not to have sex, instead they tell them to have sex with only one person. They stress the importance of being in a relationship and being commited. They say that it has actually decreased the amount of kids having sex with so many people and spreading STD's.

I dont know what their approach was or if it would work here...but we need to try something different.

philosopher said...

Yes, sex at a young age will continue. It's society's fault. Not only do kids have sex at a young age, but many just have overall bad character. Kids get away with things easier now which is just a sign of the times. Parents are less in the home which also is an ill of current society. I'm not really sure how to remedy it (obviously the current sex ed practice isn't working), but it is a growing problem, I think. And I'm not necessarily saying people should wait until marriage, but I AM saying that having sex at 12, 13, 14 etc. years old is absolutely ridiculous.

The Socialite said...
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The Socialite said...

@Philosopher: Yeah I agree! I dont know if waiting til marriage is neccessary :) but come one 12? I heard this story about a boy who was around 12 who got a 15 year old girl pregnant. Who knew dude had it in him lol.

But come on a 12 year old and a 15 years with a baby??????

This has to stop.

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