Did he just call me the N word?

Keeping Up Family below is an email that I received yesterday from shall I say a fan! He wanted to give me some feedback on my site I guess. The crazy thing is that he said some things that I know have been said before to millions of black people throughout our history, but never in a million years did I ever think someone would actually say this word to me. Check it out below:

"Scott Lewis" Execvicepres@comcast.net


Subject: ASSHOLE

I see your hateful anti white blog.. know what nigbama supporter????? I can have pride too.. Im white and not on welfare, I don't have sixty kids by 12 hobags.. and I have an edjumacation that I didn't get from the libarry....

face it... it's not wheter you are african american or black.. call a spade a spade.. you re a racist, hateful nigger!

I was never racist my entire life till this fuckin crook Obama got in.. how stupid are you anyways for electing and supporting a common criminal.

Suck my balls nigger girl!

All my love and wished that you fail!

Ok let me take all of this in:

1. What part of my blog shows that I hate white people? My blog is about inspiring people.

2. Did he just say that he wasn't racist until Obama got in office? Sorry sir you probably were racist all along. How can one man turn you into such a hateful person?

3. Did he tell me to suck his balls and call me a nigger? I have never been called a nigger a day in my life. I read about it, I know about it, and I heard about it....but never has someone called me one. It's not a great feeling and I now see why it hurts some people to even hear the word nigga.

4. Did he just say that he wishes that I would fail? What did I ever do to him?

It is 2009 and for a moment I felt like I was back on a plantation. My heart is heavy from this one guys. Fam I need to hear from you.



B. Erin said...


So I read and re-read this email trying to really get a grasp on what this man was going through when he wrote this....conclusion: His normal everyday life!

This right here is live proof that racism will never die. Just because people say "they're not racist" doesn't make it so. Here's my beef...

1. Title of the email is ASSHOLE...if he had anything remotely intelligent to say he would have started off on a proessional foot.

2. Why is inspiring and empowering black people automatically considered anti-white and hateful. Should the goal of every person in the world be to uplift and keep "The Man" on top...can I not have dreams of getting my slice of the Sweet Potatoe pie? Do I have to eat Apple and Pumpkin?

3. Nigbama? Seriously must you insult My president? Does he not realize that by insulting My president and half of his heritage that he insults HIS president as well...and the other half of his heritage!!!! WOW

4. 60 Kids by 12 hobags, edjumacation, education that didn't come from the free library...I'm sorry Sir but what exactly are you getting at with this? I am 23 going on 24 with no children, I am also educated both by the free library, a prestigious university, and the wisdom life expereinces has brought me...seems to me that what ever education you recieved was lacking in MANY areas get your Intelligence and Tolerance Game Up PLEASE!!!

5. Suck My Balls Nigger Girl? I have 2 issues with this...suck ur balls...Sir you couldn't get me to suck ur ball is if I were a 2-bit hooker standing on her last leg trynna get a $1 to feed my 12 children who if they don't eat would starve...I'd still be above you and your balls at that moment! Second Little Nigger Girl...First I am no ones nigger and if given the opportunity to see you in person I'd make you eat those words, chop off those lil balls ur talking so big about and feed them to your IGNORANT mother for raising such an ASSHOLE...and WOMAN would have been the correct way to address me. Girl is something I haven't been in years. Don't get it twisted unbraid that shit!

6. Last but certainly NOT least with all your love and wishes that I FAIL. It is clear that you only peruse the pages of Imkeepingup.com because if you actually took the time to read them you would be certain that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me/you/us to FAIL. That's just something we don't do. We excel in every situation, no matter the tribulation, or admiration masked as hateration!

This is email did not/can not/will not BREAK the everlasting Spirit of Success that I was born with and carry with me each and everyday!!! So I welcome such emails it only further fuels my fire to continue exactly what I do which is inspire MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK People to rise above such ignorance that is the very essence of YOU!

With all my love, tolerance, patience, and understanding I hope that you live out your days here on Earth in peace and when you meet you maker have the unwavering hand of GOD place a judgment on you only HE could deliver!

Good Day Sir!
Proud Black Empress

S. said...

This is disheartening. Racism is still alive but we have to press on anyway. Someone once told me that when you do something right the hate mail will come. Continue to uplift the AFRICAN-AMERICAN community!!!!!!!

God Bless him and all his anger and frustration.

Keeping Up encourages a diverse readership.... it is what it is.

He's ignorant. Let's not entertain...

Michele said...

Well...we still live in a hateful world. Yes he called you a nigger and to some people thats all African Americans will ever be...but dont get discouraged and miss half of a step for someone else's ignorance. Im not surprised that he's "keeping up" with this progressive blog! There will always be people trying to hod, pull and keep you back but those are the unimportant people in life. Stay positive not only because you're doing awesome but because you're a beautiful BLACK woman who's awesome. im not surprised at all with his email...and its not remotely close to being on a plantation because you could have deleted his message like it never existed whereas our ancestors were starring the "master" in the face who was also sapitting in their face, kicking them and probably raping their daughter all in the same 30 minutes. Stay proud of who we are, where we came from, what we have and where we're going. God bless this terrible place...everyday is a chance to make a difference...not in everybody but in somebody who will continue the legacy of Change, Hope and Growth of this country and its people.

smile brandi...we believe in you!


Miss Hilton said...


He is crazy, and a racist and thats it. I don't even want to write too much of an explation b/c foolishness doesn't have rhyme or reason. I had ppl say many things like this to me when I was working on the Obama campaign. And it stings. But it just goes to show you how many toothless, ignorant, backwoods, "nigger" hating ppl still walk amongst us everyday.

I love your Blog and its positivity! KEEP UP the good work.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Girl, welcome to the blog world. I get those all the time...either via email or in my comment section.

Just don't worry about it. It's just someone who doesn't have anything better to do with his time (not even to use spell check). It just means you're doing a wonderful job...

...keep on "keeping up"...

LoudPen said...

Well that was offensive and unnecessary. Who the hell does he think he is? Don't worry about him, he's obviously a racist and a hater who has issues with himself. Keep on Keeping Up!

AnyaPosh said...

Oh my...what an idiot! He's so stupid & ignorant. Heck, you have to be really stupid to be ignorant in 2009! What a douche.

Latonya said...

You have to be very strong to have a blog (or even read some of the crappy comments in the blogsphere). There are some crazies out there that are just a pinky toe of what most common folk are. Nuts like these roam blogs like Satan roams the earth. He came to hurt your feelings, but you are better than that! Don't take it personal. HE has the problem, not you. We've got your back...

Sartorially Savvy said...

I don't even know what to say to this... Half of me wouldn't even dignify this with a response... But another half of me... Well, let's just go with the first half.

Mr. Smart Guy said...

No need to even worry about that... people are just ignorant. Keep up keeping up others and don't let this minor situation get you down.

Anonymous said...



Miss Stylishly Graceful said...

Hey..dont let it get you down...there will always be miserable people who will want to spread their negativity. I experienced something similar during the presidential election when Al Gore was running for president. I was minding my business being a college student trying to make a few extra dollars working for the campaign on election day...just holding up signs trying to get people to blow their horns in support for Mr. Gore, literally out of nowhere this white police officer pulls up, rolls down his window, spits at the group of us, and calls us DIRTY NIGGERS. I didnt know whether time stood still or i just did. I heard shouting and my enraged friends but i felt numb. It wasnt so much what he said but it was like why?? i mean really seriously sir why?? i have since gotten over it but it still kinda hits home when i think about how ridiculous people can be. i know we all wont get along but if u dont like something just keep it to u r self...i mean seriously sir, knock it off.

The Socialite said...

Thanks everyone! I def wont let him get me down or stop me from "Keeing Up". It is people like this who gave our ancestors to fuel to push forward. You need things like this to remind you that the struggle is not over and we still have so far to go. I will continue to try and inspire my fellow Americans to "Keep Up"...if not now then when?

KIM said...

What!!! Wow he needs to get a grip for real!! I think Obama really set him off. For one thing he is a liar if he thinks we are going to believe he was not a racist before Obama go elected. Secondly why is he reading your blog?? It's not for him! LOL! Wow! Glad you posted the email and his email address!


ifwalton said...

This is your first time, huh. I am a 52 year old teacher who constantly fights every day to get my African American middle-schoolers to stop using the N word no matter how you spell it. It does hurt and now you know why. Please let every young person you encounter know how you felt so that WE can stop using it. That will be the best way to answer that stupid, hateful, crazy, racist $#@!

...garnet.terri... said...

wait, what?
i OBVIOUSLY mussed have missed something.
but, if he thinks all of this he has "read" the blog, right?
so i will just take this hate as positive energy.

keep it up B. Wo!

(shakes head)

.Blank.Bare.Clean. said...

Keep doing what you are doing! Your blog is great. Just because you display pride in yourself and your heritage, doesn't mean you tear down others and their heritage...unlike some other cultures have done for centuries.

The hating comes with the territory! Do you!

Amber said...

Wow. I am in such disbelief. I don't know that I can come up with the words to aptly describe my disgust with the vile waste of space who sent you such hate filled trash. But then trash begets trash. So, keep your head up. Your blog is fabulous, don't change a thing! He probably just came across your blog and decided to act a fool. The fabulousness that is "Keeping Up.." probably scared the hell out of him, and the only way an ignorant, frightened fool like him could respond is through such filth. I am so sick of justifiable Black pride being taken as anti-White, militant hatred. Excuse me, Scott Lewis, if my self love makes you so afraid!

dailyvisitor! said...

all you can do is pray for him...seems like he a troubled soul...(shakin my head)

Freeman Press said...

Truth be told I don't think your blog has anything on there that is really anti-white you have a positive what's going on blog. Now mine is different but yours is interesting and is on the lighter side of the world.

For such a positive blog I think you just got the drive by white rage. Obama has caused a lot of white people to feel liek they need to do something. Sorry that something manifested itself into that email.

We never did anything wrong it's just the manifestation of their guilt.

the prisoner's wife said...

the very sad thing is that for every mysterious man that gets his courage up enough to send you a hateful email w/ a fake name, there are 20 more that will hate you (and on you) in private.

it's just sad that his view of the world is so limited, that he is so uninspired by his own life that he can't see positivity for all the hate he spews. karma is powerful.

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