Industry Crowd or Young Black Professionals? Can you Keep Up?

Living in NY is like living in two different extreme worlds at the same time. I am speaking in terms of young black people and the crowds that we hang out with. There is the industry crowd, which includes athletes, celebrities, models, starving artist, and groupies. Then there is the young black professional crowd, which includes corporate America.

As a young black woman trying to meet people and network, these two extremes provide a variety of people that I could possibly meet. Here is the issue, both of these extremes could get very annoying at times. I'm thinking it has to be NY! Someone has to provide a guide on how to interact with these two different crowds fast.

You walk into an industry party and its like walking into fashion week. You're wondering if you missed the memo that fashion week is now an every week thing. The party becomes like a stage, and I am sitting there watching everyone put on a show. Everyone is pretending to be more important than they really are.

Then try having a conversation and figuring out what these people actually do. Did you say you are in fashion? Why because you dress yourself in the morning? And I guess being a groupie is a profession these days. Get the heck out of here.

The great thing about this crowd is that all of their pretending gets you free bottle service on someones tab that probably cannot really afford it. But that's cool, because I cannot really afford it either, and free is right in my budget. So yes sir you can buy me a drink.

The thing I do love about this crowd is that they do know how to party. There is always an after party for these folks. Well gooooo innnn then! They also all have deep passions and I love how they know how to express them.

Okay so now lets move on to the young black professionals. Now talk about a crowd knowing what they do for a living. These people wear their resumes on their sleeves. No literally! I feel like they are going to pull it out of their wallets at any minute. The conversations are always about what school you went to, where you work, what fraternity were you in, and were you in Jack and Jill? Okay really? I was just trying to reach across you to pick up my drink, that was not an invitation for you to start interviewing me.

And then this crowd is very uptight and walk around sipping on drinks. I am really trying to take shots right now; no time for sipping (lol) But really I do not have alot of time, because this crowd goes home at midnight. They have to go to work in the morning.

The great thing about this crowd is that you are amongst a group of people that will inspire you to want to achieve more. They also have a little bit of money, so you know when you leave with one of their numbers, you will have a great date on them!

Although, this does not describe every person that hangs out in these crowds, these are basically the two crowds that young black people hang out in. So how do you make the best of it and truly meet some quality people in either settings?

Industry Crowd:

1. Make sure that you read all of the gossip blogs before you hang out with them. They know what is going on with every celebrity in the world.

2. Make sure that you check out the latest trends so that you bring your A game when it comes to your clothes.

3. Guys if she is asking you to buy her a drink and you didn't even say hi yet, she is a groupie and will not make for a quality girl.

4. Girls if he says that he cannot tell you what he does, it means that he doesn't have a legal job.

5. Prepare to stay out all night...I always bring some flats with me that I hide in my purse. At 5am your feet will be hurting by then.

6. Guys you do not have to buy a bottle if you cannot afford it. Buying her one drink is fine. Bottles impress groupies not good girls. Good girls will drink from the bottles, but will not be impressed...just pleased to have so many free drinks. ;)

7. If you really want to know who probably has a job, look for the only guy signing for the bill at the end of the night. The rest of his homies will be busy trying to figure out which girl he is taking home tonight. Really? You just got that girl drunk off of your homies dime.

Young Black Professionals:

1. Make sure that you read up on your current events before you attend one of these events.

2. Make sure to have your business cards with you at all times.

3. Ladies prepare to have to buy at least one of your drinks. These guys do not just pop bottles right away.

4. Upgrade your phone to a blackberry!

5. The cool guys are the ones that will not sound like they are interviewing you.

6. Go to these events on the nights that you have to go to an early meeting! Your going home early tonight...

Some of this is really silly, but real! Every young person wants to know how to meet people in any setting. Our social lives are important and many times can lead to great professional connections. We also are looking for people to date and do not want to be locked into only one crowd. We must learn how to be able to interact with all types of people. It isn't any fun if you cannot explore the options of a crowd that you are not as familiar with.

Below leave any suggestions on how to interact with the two different crowds for the rest of the readers.

-The Socialite



Anonymous said...

Very true B. I like how you KEEP it real.

The Socialite said...

lol at KEEP...I love it!

MiKe said...

living in ATL, I always mix in between both of these crowds, ur observations are very true - very good post!

RiPPa said...

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I got something for you


Rowdy and Chic... said...

I can cosign for Mike in ATL. Those crowds run about the same. Stay true to self and be happy about you!

Daedalus said...

LOL! I loved this and could really relate. I work in the non profiut sector and I have to attend a lot of political events. It's part of the job.

GAWD! Sometimes I can't take these thjings as I see too many Blacks and Latino/as trying to be something they're not.

Every once in a while, it's great to run into someone who's dowan to earth, and moist of the time this is the crew I hang with at conferences and political events.

BTW, I'm here via Rippa's blog, and he didn't mention you were so fetching. He did say you're an excellent blogger! LOL

The Socialite said...

@Mike and Rowdy: I can imagine how ATL must be! I always thought that it would be interesting to see how the social scene was in ATL with so many black people. I can't wait to go there for a longer time than I have in the past.

@Daedalus: I am so happy that you stopped by! And I am glad Rippa had such great things to say about me. And fetching I am! ;) lol

musicalnote said...

To The Socialite,
I just had to let you know, your beautiful, I didnt want to be to blunt but could we converse sometime?

BabyDee said...

This was way too accurate. Los Angeles sounds like New York when it comes to those events. If one more person asks me what J&J region I was in, or conversely who is my current stylist (I dress myself by the way) I just might scream.

Thanks for the tips in this networking conundrum.

The Socialite said...

@Baby Dee: I figured LA had to be a little like NY also. Sounds like from coast to coast we all deal with the same types of crowds. ;)

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