The Ball is in your Court...It Can Only Be One!

I know that the Socialite rarely gives credit to the world of sports, mostly because the rest of the world focuses on it like its God. But looking at this years play offs, I can honestly say that I am so proud of my black men. It is so great knowing that black men are some of the most athletic people in the WORLD. It has been an amazing time watching athletes like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James fight for the title of the best basketball players in the league. The amount of talent and skills they have is ridiculous. It would be hard to knock either one of them out of the title for the best. They are truly inspirations to young guys out there to work hard to "Keep Up" and don't stop until you reach the top.

But some true inspirations have been the Nuggets and the Magic. With the entire world routing for Bron and Kobe to play in the finals, the Nuggets and Magic are not letting them get there easily. With the Nuggets bringing their series to a tie, and the Magic leading theirs, I can't help but say these dudes truly have heart.

One of the greatest things about the NBA Play Offs is that you can learn a few lessons from these guys. They show you that besides the necessary skills needed to succeed in life, you need determination, dedication, and heart to truly WIN. They also show you that no one can determine your fate, the BALL is in YOUR COURT!

Thanks guys for helping us "Keep Up"! You truly have heart and may the best team win...better yet the team that WANTS to win the most.

How will the Magic-Cavs series play out?

Magic in game 5

Magic in game 6

Magic in game 7

Cavs in game 7

How will the Lakers-Nuggets series play out?

Lakers in game 6

Lakers in game 7

Nuggets in game 6

Nuggets in game 7



NasAngeles said...

I think, we will see the Lebron Kobe match up that everyone has been hoping and wishing for, even though Lebron is down 3-1 right now, it's just prime time for him to make his mark, and be crowned one of the greatest players in the league, no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series, so if Lebron does it, it's just another reason for everyone to call him the best player ever. Great Article nonetheless.. iLove keeping up!!!

The Socialite said...

@NasAngeles If Bron comes back then he is one of the greatest period. I have confidence that he can do it. But this is going to be a hard one folks.

Nasser The Great said...

He may come back to win the series, but he still hasn't won a championship, that's how a majority of the Great Ones are measured, by the amount of championships they have.. so no he won't be THE GREATEST just bc he came back from a 3-1 deficit, if he does that and wins the chip, then we can have that discussion, but we'll cross that bridge when it's time!

The Socialite said...

@Nasser: No one said he would be The GREATEST...just one of them.

E. Meezy said...

if the Lakers play with the same level of intensity as they did tonight, they will close out the series in 6. Cleveland and Orlando - this is going to the wire,right now I cant call it hopefully the Cavs they will be an easier matchup for the Lakers.

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