Is Gay the new Black?

There has been a lot of controversy since the introduction of Proposition 8. People are asking is there some type of comparison between gay rights and black rights? It has many asking is gay the new black? Is our struggle for civil rights the same?

This is something to think about. One side says that both gays and blacks struggle for civil rights, both are discriminated against, both deserve to be treated the way all Americans are treated.

But another side states that the struggle is much different. Some people argue that you have no control over the color of your skin, but you can control being gay. They don't think that gays should be discriminated against, they simply do not think it is the same struggle. Although, many would argue that you cannot control being gay.

I still remain confused on if it is the same struggle or not. I do not know what it means to be gay. I do not know if you are born with it or if it is something that you choose to do. I do not know what it means to wake up and be laughed at because of the person I am attracted to. I understand that it has to be a bad situation to be in when you cannot live your life the way you would like too.

I do know as a black woman where we started in this Country and how we were not even looked at as a whole person. I also know that we cannot walk around and pretend we are not is written all over our face.

Although, you might not be able to change if you are gay, and shouldn't have to, you can pretend if only for a moment that you are not. As a black person we are who we are, and even if we wanted to hide...we couldn't. So maybe it isn't exactly the same struggle!

But regardless if it is the same struggle or not, all Americans should be treated equally. We have a constitution and we have to live by it. I stand behind the struggle for gay rights! I just don't know if I want to go around saying gay is the new black. Jews, blacks, gays, women, and anyone else that has ever been discriminated against, is a fight that needs to be fought, but I don't think any of us had the exact same struggle.

What do you think? Is the Gay the new Black?



Humbly Beautiful said...

I have heard this argument so many times and I do not believe the gay is the new black. Rather your condone the lifestyle or not there are different struggles in being gay or being black. All people should be treated equally and should not be discriminated on the basis of their sexualy preference, but like you said, when I walk into a room you can see that I am black and that I am a woman. A gay person, unless they announce it or bring their partner around you are only assuming.

A lot of times when people bring up the topic and try not to take sides because I have my on opinions and they are evolving and I try not to judge. I do strongly believe that you can not equate the two struggles although have similiarties. I was watching a documentary on LOGO one day about lesbian of color and one lady said it best. For blacks it was the the Civil rights movement with a capital "C" and for the LGBT community they have a civil rights movement with a lower case "c."

Just my thoughts and perceptions.

The Socialite said...

@Humbly Beautiful: Nicely stated! I agree I think that both stuggles are important, but simply not equal.

Kim said...

no it's not and I wish that comparison would stop.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said... will never be.

FreeMan Press said...

No it's not the new black because Gay is a act not a race! Although they are discriminated against there are no signs say Gay people don't get caught out here after dark, no one is keeping little gay kids from going to school and they don't have a history. Gay is a act not a culture! As such it's phrased to guilt people into feeling its like the civil rights but it's not at all.

I'm in favor of them having rights because they are human but I am not into making them part of the culture like it's normal. They can lump as many things as they want into it like it's discrimination but it's not the same thing.

I actually get offended when they put Blacks with it because someone choosing to have sex with the same sex is not Black. Just because the same tactics are used against it doesn't mean it's the same thing.

The Socialite said...

Why does everything we do in America have to be explained with a stupid slogan...."Gay is the new Black"? I blame Jay Z for this one.

Anonymous said...

Is there some scientific study proving whether or not people are born gay or what is the cause? If not their should be. I think this is an important enough issue to do a study on. One in which it could be definately stated, that people are born gay. If they are not born gay, then that would mean some parent did not properly do his or her job. Therefor, what we are now faced with is giving equal rights to someone who is straight, out of control and immoral and forcing people to view this immorality as a necessity and teaching it to our children. I'm sick of it myself.

Anonymous said...

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brothasoul said...

The reality is that there are parallels between both struggles. Blacks have been discriminated against and killed in this country because of an aspect of their being, as have individuals who identify as sexual minorities. Hesitance to connect the struggles may be attributed to resistance of individuals who prefer that African American and homosexual interest be rigidly separate, despite the presence of individuals like myself who live securely in both realms.

The Socialite said...

@brothasoul: I think that again but blacks and gays have had extreme cases of discrimination against. But there are some things that make the stuggle different. The story starts different, certain things can be hidden in some cases...for example I think that the jews had a really horrible situation happen to them, and black was not the new jew. Two different struggles.

Mercii said...

I don't think that there is EVER such a thing as the "same struggle". I'm not suggesting that homosexuality is a uniform choice/genetic disposition. However, I as an African American female will NEVER understand the struggle of a white homosexual male the same way that a white homosexual male will never understand the struggle of a African American homosexual male.

There are way too many cultural difference to take into consideration. A perceived cultural taboo is completely different from a race of people who were not considered to be "Completely Human".

A lot of the times when I hear this argument (and I hear it a lot in the home state of Prop 8), I get angry in almost a reflexive manner. The civil rights struggle was long-suffering and often violent experience for many in the Black community.

I agree that there is a serious struggle for rights among the LGBT community. But to equate it to the struggle of Blacks in this country is, for lack of a better word, insulting.

the L word said...

I think this video should help everybody understand a bit better, because it encompasses all sides of this debate.

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