They have Black and White People Furniture?

The video below is an advertisement for a furniture store. The ad has sparked a lot of controversy recently, and has some calling it racist. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

(As seen on Aol Black Voices)

For those of you who think this video is racist, we'd like you to distinguish between "racist" and "racial." Racism is "hatred or intolerance of another race or other races." Racial is "of, relating to, or based on a race." This video is very obviously racial as opposed to racist. This video doesn't promote or feature hatred or intolerance. Rather, it's the very opposite. This commercial promotes inclusion and reconciliation, if not in a comical way. To point out the obvious, the irony in this video is that it's completely ridiculous for people to relate furniture to their race. People of all colors are welcome at the Red House, which is something that is taken for granted today, but there was a time in the not-so-recent past during which things as simple as a water fountain were NOT for everyone. Source: Rhett & Link

I personally think that the video is just stupid. It's not racist. But like the above comment states, why would the color of your skin be associated with buying furniture. Everyone is welcome would have worked!

What do you think of the commercial?



MirthNadir said...

That is a terrible commercial. Horrible acting and the lines are just stupid. Why can't they just be the best furniture store? I mean I know North carolina is in the south, but c'mon ... What about Latino's and Asians?? Do they not like the furniture there? SMH.

The Socialite said...

@MirthNadir: It was an idea gone bad. They clearly wanted to get across that their furniture is the best and for everyone. They probably took that approach because it is still racist down south and they wanted to prove that they weren't. But it came off so stupid.

philosopher said...

Yea I think the commercial is just dumb and in poor taste. Not necessarily racist, but there are definitely some unnecessary racial tones.

Anonymous said...

It looks like something Saturday Night Live would do. I think we should save our racial outcrys from things more pressing. I laughed at the end. It is just a dumb ass commercial.

FreeMan said...

Remind me never to visit High Point NC because if that can come on TV I might kill someone. It's dumb as to be damned but they just seized on controversy by saying Black and White people. It's not racist because it's for everyone it's just they identified two groups. You can do the same with ice cream.

When I lived in Baltimore they had a Shoe City commercial that I thought was pretty ignorant now the Red House is stuck in my brain. Thanks to you!

givepeace05401 said...

And here we are (and all of NC)discussing The Red House. Mission accomplished.

As someone else noted, it is funnier than what has been seen on SNL since the election.

Beauté Noire said...

I'm sure it wasn't meant to be but that commercial was hilarious. I have never seen such foolishness in my life.

I can only imagine the lightbulb that went off in their heads when they came up with the idea for this commercial. Yes, equating race with furniture is silly, but going out of your way to tell people that all races are welcome to buy furniture from you is silly as well. I mean, duh. I'd better be welcome...

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