Discussion Topic of the Day: Does Colorism still exist?

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about Spike Lee trying to come out with a School Daze II. We were reminded of the popular scene in the original movie where the predominantly light-skinned African American women of the Gamma Rays, a women's auxiliary to the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity, battle it out with a number of natural-coifed fellow co-eds, who are predominantly dark-skinned. This scene was clearly highlighting how much colorism existed during this time.

We started discussing what areas of the HBCU experience would Spike Lee cover in a more updated School Daze. We couldn't determine if something like colorism would be a strong enough topic for him to still cover during this generation.

Do you think that colorism still exist amongst black college students? Is it still as strong of an issue as it was back in the day?

What other issues do you think black colleges face?



MissAttitude said...

I'm not in college, but I think a huge issue colleges face is finances. Especially with the economy being so bad, I'm afraid HBCUs will be getting even less funds from alumni and the government.
I don't think colorism is still that big an issue, but since I'm not in college, I don't really know.

MR. $TEPHEN$ said...

i just graduated college in December 08. I was the president of the Student Organization Council there also. I believe that colorism is a small issue but not a problem. More so of anything when it comes to women. You will see all the pretty lightskin girls in the videos and maybe 1 or 2 brown or darkskin girls. You will hear some guys say "your pretty for a darkskinned girl" I think the big thing with colorism comes from the ignorance of some men who believe an average looking lightskin girl looks better than a beautiful darkskin girl just becausse shes lightskin. So yes it does exist but i think that after Obama became President alot of that stopped immediately because of the impact of that milestone. And because Michelle is a beautiful First Lady and not lightskinned!

Politicista said...

Even though I don’t attend a "HBCU" , I have seen colorism within the black community at my predominantly white university.
I haven’t experienced it personally. But I’ve had friends comment on how a young lady is stuck up because she is “light skinned” or “she’s pretty for a dark-skinned girl”. I just believe has African Americans we need to come together and unite. We already are placed at a disadvantaged because of our skin color. ( We recently saw this with Professor Gates) . Being hypercritical towards each other will not help move our race further.

Politicista said...

Also , I believe other issues that face the black colleges is the lack of funding from the government. I believe that the " HBCU" deserve larger financial endowments . Especially Howard. It's endowments should be equivalent to Harvard , since Howard is considered the “Black Harvard” .

quarter-life-crisis said...

The issue of "colorism" in my opinion is very relevant today as it was back when Spike Lee did School Daze. Especially in the the state that I was born, raised, and went to college (a HBCU) in. There are some who still believe in the notion of "light skin = AKA" and "dark skin = Delta". The problem is that we have been program to self hate and divide by the mass media so it does not have to be done so outwardly anymore. You "know" your place. One has to be secure in themselves to move pass this and this takes embracing yourself for who you are and maturity.

Nevertheless what I feel should be addressed is the funds from ALUMNI. Why wait on the government to do something? If we stick together and demand that in order to get our money is to eliminate the weak links at the institution, you would see an increase in alumni money.

Just my opinion.......

LoudPen said...

Yes, colorism still exists because I know I experienced it several times. I was told many times that I was pretty for a dark skinned girl and once I was even asked, why I was the only brown skinned girl hanging with all the light skinned girls (as if I was somehow unworthy).

But, then most of the guys that try to talk to me are lighter and always say they're looking for a brown girl b/c they want brown babies or think that light skinned girls are stuck-up or they just aren't attracted to them.

I think the colorism issue is just a way for black folks to discriminate against each other. Also the past has shown, that light skinned was favored b/c it's closer to white, so, there is still animosity b/t the two.

The Socialite said...

I agree with quarter-life-crisis!

We need to come together as Alumni of our schools and fund our universities. That is what other private universities do. We dont need to rely on the government any longer.

In terms of colorism...I think that it still exist in college, because it still exist period amongst blacks.

I don't think it is as big when it comes to sororities and frats. Nor does it effect people in a large way on campus. But I still think it exist in terms of dating and other sterotypes.

I am not sure if that is what I would want him to cover in the next movie. I would probably want him to focus on:

HBCU Funding
Are Sororties and frats still relevant?
How HBCU involment in politics has changed and in what ways
greeks versus non greeks
The large foreign population of students

and the list goes on

Politicista said...

If Spike Lee goes thru with School Daze II , I think that he should cover the difference between African American’s that attend a regular private/public university and those who attend a HBCU . What are the major differences or similarities , etc. That would be a very interesting aspect to cover.

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