Discussion Topic of the Day: TMZ for President

Recently it hit the fan that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have split. The amount of attention they are getting, you would have thought the Obama's had split. Although they were a pretty interesting couple....I ask who cares??????????????

For a minute I have really been trying to figure out how to shift our attention off of celebrities and on to more important matters. I think that it is okay to entertain yourself with a little bit of celebrity gossip, but it becomes ridiculous when people spend more time wrapped up in other people's lives and not doing anything to add to their own. Do you understand how many hits TMZ gets a day?

I have been brainstorming on ways to get our race to take the time to learn about other things going on in the world and their own backyard for awhile, and of course came up with this blog.

But what do you think are some simple ways to get people to focus on more positive things, successful people besides stars, the economy, reading, etc...? (let's take these ideas and put them to work)

Do you think that we spend too much time reading celebrity gossip or do you think that it is not a problem?



Betty Blogger said...

I think young people spend so much time ogling celebrities because its a fun escape from our own drab realities and a working example of some of the rewards we can receive by working hard.

Without play, hard work is just that and hardly appealing to the average person. I think an appropriate mix of work and play will really grab readers' attention.

I love your blog as it is though. The ones who'll make the most use of your advice will find it and put it to practice.

runescape gold said...

That's sad, however, it would be wrong for Kim to give up her dreams and goals. I'm sure Reggie wouldn't give up the NFL and move to LA. It seems it's always the man who wants the woman to change her life for him? A woman could do that but would she really be happy? Probably not in the long run.
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The Socialite said...

@Betty: I think you are correct. It is an escape. You can live through someone else's life....and escape from your own for just a moment. I think that a balance is key also.

It is okay to read a few gossip articles, laugh and move on. But it should not be your main focus each and everyday.

I am glad that you like my blog as is. I try to mix it up a little...covering events and things like that.

Sabrina a.k.a Ms. Thang said...

YES!!! I'm at work and I turned on the TV for lunch and what do I see at 12:00pm???? Wendy WILLIAMS!!! not to mention that Solange is getting more hits than the election in Iran... That's pretty ridiculous to me... but hey I guess it's paying someone's bills.

LoudPen said...

I agree with Betty Blogger on the idea that reading gossip mags and blogs is an escape from your own reality. I used to be addicted to the ybf.com, I talked about it so much that you would think I actually knew the celebs.

But, then I realized that it wasn't adding anything to my life. I wasn't getting any richer, prettier, or more famous. So, I really only visit the site once a week, if even that. I'm trying to start only visiting blogs and sites that have knowledgeable well written posts and insightful comments from readers. Also, I am working on my own life so that one day I can be successful and be the person gossiped about not the one gossiping.

The Socialite said...

@Sabrina: Yeah it is crazy how long we stay on celebrities. Solange and that stupid haircut of her's is not that interesting. It is interesting when a celebrity lands a new movie or comes out with a new song.

It is important when they are doing something for their community.

It is even important when they are thanked for their work and given rewards.

But everything else should be left for manybe 5mins out your day for entertainment.

@Loudpen: Yeah I came to the same conclusion. I had to figure out what could I be doing throughout the day that would benefit my growth. Reading about a clebrities haircut won't.

I agree with Betty when she says all work and no play can be bad.

But reading about gossip all day is in know way fun 2 me.

Hanging out with friends, partying, going on trips...these are all things that are fun.

If people could balance between gossip and reading a meanigful book...then it wouldn't bother me as much.

I just want my people to be successful and watching celebrities splurge only goes so far.

Politicista said...

Good Evening All ,

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable week.

Personally I love reading political, inspirational, empowering and fashion savvy blogs (examples, Keeping up with the Huxtables ,The Bare Skinny ,Total Betty, even LoudPen’s). I commend you young women for going against the grain. You guys make me want to start my own blog (lol)

I agree with Betty Blogger and LoudPen that gossip magazines are “an escape from your own reality.” But when you truly think about it, it’s heartbreaking how much our society has placed on “fame “ and “celebrity” . Society doesn’t place an emphasis on being an independent, self – sufficient women or striving to get an Ivy League education. We can see this with the reality shows that air on television.

Which brings me to this question- Do you think the Real Housewives of Atlanta portray Black women in a positive light?

The Socialite said...

I think the housewives of AtL make it appear like we can only have money by being married 2 entertainers of athelets.But who knows maybe they inspire someone out there...

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