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"Until we're educating every kid in a fantastic way, until every inner city is cleaned up, there is no shortage of things to do." -Bill Gates



LoudPen said...

Wow, what an awesome comment. Sometimes it is hard for me to admire people, that I feel I can't relate to, and at first I placed Bill Gates into that category. Don't get me wrong, I gave him props because Microsoft is huge and is a very important computer program, but, it wasn't until I heard things about him that he started to seem more relatable.

He really cares about people and getting things done. He's not all about making money. He's given a lot of his money to charity and I heard that he's not leaving his children with a large sum of money when he dies. He wants them to work and make their own money so that they can be self-sufficient.

But, the reason this quote is so great is because it means that until there is no one left destitute or without, then we still have work to do. Basically, we constantly need to be looking for ways to keep up. I know this quote made me think about my charity work which I've neglected since I've been in NYC, but, I'm seriously going to get involved with an organization really soon. My passion is children.

Sorry for the long comment. One of my followers nicknamed me longpen. LOL.

MissAttitude said...

This is such an awesome quote! I agree with LoudPen, it does mean that there's always going to be something to do, someway to help others. At least in our lifetime.
I really admire Bill Gates and his total devotion to charity, along with his wife Melinda. They are the ultimate millionaires. Not only do they have money, but they are great people who actually use all their money to help others. I wish that all celebrities were like that!

The Socialite said...

I think this was an amazing quote that should put a lot of things into perspective. We have to understand that there is still a struggle and fight going on. So often we think that since things have changed since the Jim Crow days, that there isn't much left to fight for. This quote reminded me of the things that we should be fighting for everyday.

Politicista said...

Good Evening Everyone ,

I believe that this quote represents our society in a whole. One of the biggest problem we have in our society is the funding of urban elementary and secondary schools. There are so many talented and gifted young children in these environments. Bill gates has given some of them the opportunity to have a incredible education.

God Bless him for The Gates Millennium Scholarship.

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