Lets Talk About It...Emmett Till's Casket off to the Smithsonian

(photo taken from http://www.blackvoices.com/)

If you haven't heard yet, Emmett Till's casket is headed to the Smithsonian Institution. His glass-topped casket with his disfigured body will be on display for the world to see.

"Part of the responsibility of a national museum is to help people to remember, and through this donation we will ensure that future generations will remember how the death of a child, a mother's courage, helped to transform America," Bunch said.(Lonnie Bunch is the director of the Smithsonian)

Emmett Till, at the age of 14, was murdered after reportedly whistling at a white woman, and was noted as one of the leading events that sparked the American Civil Rights Movement. I think that the best statement said was by Simoen Wright, Emmett Till's cousin. She said that Till's mother's message of what racism looks like still needs to be told.

I couldn't have said it better myself. People don't understand why it is so important to our race that our story be told. People will never truly understand until they get a real feeling on how it feels to be us. Most importantly our own people need to understand where we were and how far we have come. I think it is a great gift to the Smithsonian and I hope that millions of people will witness what "racism looks like".

To read more about Emmett Till and the Smithsonian click here. (http://www.blackvoices.com/)

How do you feel about Emmett Till's body being put on display at the Smithsonian?



Chardonnay said...

It truely speaks to the core of America's evil disregard for the simplicity and beauty of life. What does it say about our country when the remains of a 14 year old boy, brutally murdered are on display in a museum exhibit? Is that really what it takes for (white) people to relate or learn what its like to be black in america. I mean seriously, when are we going to get some respect around here. I am saddened and insulted by the negligence of this, while I think the story of Emmitt Till is important and definately something to be remembered and embraced, for his remains to be on display for the world to see is too much. There is a fine line between paying tribute and respects to the history of (black) america and making a mockery (i.e. (Michael Jackson)of its leaders, pioneers, and martyrs.

The Socialite said...

@Chardonnay: Interesting perspective. I never looked at it that way. But I also think that his family has the right to decide what they think should be done with what remains of their family member. It was already on display at their church. His mother constantly wanted people to know her sons story. I think that it is great that it will be told on a larger level...like the Smithsonian.

But I can see what you mean when it comes to a body Resting in Peace; however, I think that his spirit is gone and what remains is his bones. I think that they display mummies and things like that all of the time. Some people believe that it pays respect...

Either way interesting perspective.

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