Howard University Homecoming Celebrity Basketball Game 2009 Recap

I attended the 2nd Annual Howard University Basketball Game and was pleased to say that it was a wonderful addition to the HU Homecoming events. The event was originally introduced to the HU lineup of events by last years vice coordinator Brett Williams. This year his vision expanded and I was excited to be there to capture the moment.

The sponsors of this years event was New Era Cap, Cricket Wireless, and WKYS' Angie Ange was the Host, who is also a Howard Alum.

The coordinator of this years game was Charles Bell.

Some of the players included:

Pooch Hall from "The Game" who took a little time to tell us, "I've always wanted to get to HU, but I never had the financial blessing," and that he is working on his new show "Accidentally on Purpose" on CBC.

Midget Mac

Lance Gross "House of Payne"


The team celebrity coaches:

Essence Akins "Half and Half"
Melyssa Ford

The game was interesting, and the coordinator forced the crowd to be interactive as he included a performance by Omarian, dunk contest, and a free throw contest, where the winner received tickets to the Trey Songz concert from WKYS.

The best part of the game, was when $200 was rewarded to a student from Bruce Monroe Middle School for being the winner of an Essay contest, sponsored by the celebrity basketball game.

Not only was this game a "ball" of fun, but it touched my heart to see HU helping the youth Keep Up!

I encourage everyone to attend the game next year...

-Keep Up!



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