For the Love of Happiness..Or the Love of Money

If America was to become a country where we focused more on working to live a happy life, instead of living to consume, how much different would our lives be? I recently became addicted with how the Danes live, and wondered if America could ever be like other countries? Do we want to? Money is at the top of our list of wants, and happiness is at the top of other's. We live in a country where people will kill to be rich, and I mean that literally. I am starting to think that America is going to self-destruct. It scares me to think that we have all become slaves to a life that beats us down everyday. We wake up and can't wait to be able to compete against the next American by having the nicest material items. We rarely focus on family time, health, or simply going outside to enjoy the air. We spend hours behind our desk, determined to hit a level where we can "ball out of control".

It bothers me that the majority of Americans are so depressed with life. We complain about everything...taxes, bills, traffic, people, places, things, love, how we look, and the list could go on. How can we live a life where the majority of it will be spent being angry in hopes that money will buy our happiness. "Get rich, or die trying" has forced a lot of people to miss out on the beauty of life because they have buried themselves in working towards material wealth.

What confuses me is how so many rich people end up committing suicide, how people get money and end up going to jail like TI, how people end up killing other's to get more money, how people can get money, but still continue to work all of their lives? So are you telling me that money doesn't buy happiness? I am sure that it makes life so much easier, but easier because of how America is set up. Is being an American the ideal way to live? If I had all the money in the world, but never spent much time with my family, and then one died, would money take away being sad? If you had all the money in the world because you married someone that was rich but abusive, and then you died, would the money still be worth the pain? If you worked hard every day to live the American Dream, and never reached that goal, would you be able to say you still lived life?

I think that we need to re-evaluate what we live for in America...I have already started. Life has so much to offer, and I think we miss out on it everyday as we concentrate on the wrong things. You do not need billions of dollars to live the best life. Of course there is nothing wrong with having money, but when you get it, will drowning yourself in material things make it better? Some people die lonely with money....will that be you? Begin to focus on your family, friends, fun times, mother nature...if you aren't living never will!



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