Support Our Own...Miss Mykie: That Pink, That Green Vol.2

Greek Love...Let's Go!

Hey Fam! I am confident that when Jay Z said "everyday a star is born," he wasn't lying, especially when it comes to this young lady that comes straight out of Houston. She is a Howard alum and a lovely lady of Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Ladies and Gents meet Miss Mykie. She has just released her highly anticipated mixtape: That Pink, That Green Vol. 2. Take a moment to check out the Youtube video to hear a snippet of what the mixtape will sound like. Also, make sure to click on the link below and download her music. You know the drill...

If we don't support our own...who will?



Speakerboxx said...


BiancaNoelle said...

the song is haute! i know she better perform at everybodys homecoming next year..lets make it big!
-greek love from
Alpha Chapter D.S.T.

The Socialite said...

She is hot! Please Please go download the entire mixtape. We have to support her :)

Denisha said...

ALRIGHT SOROR!!!! Hold down that Alpha chapter! I facebooked this & sent it to my chapter Lambda Iota Omega! THIS IS HAUTE!!!!!! Do you Soror!

Decatur, Summer 09

EduAKAted Lady said...

I love it! I'm def forwarding your mixtape to my friends.

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