Friday's Top Ways to Keep Up: 7 Charactersitics of Successful (Rich) People

1. Love what they do

It is important for you to find something that you truly enjoy doing. You will be surprised at how much it doesn't feel like a job. You won't mind waking up and going to work. Also when there is passion behind something, you tend to go a lot harder!

2. Competitive

There is so much competition out there and you need to be in the business of striving to beat out that competition. That means constantly gaining knowledge and skills. Always staying one step in front of everyone else.

3. Risk takers

You can't be afraid to go after what you want and sometimes that means taking major risk. Of course carefully research and plan out your moves, but don't sit around and wait for something to seem perfect. It never will...just do it!

4. Great communicators

No one ever got ahead be quite! Its as simple as that.

5. Kiss ass

Basically learn how to play the game. Know just the right things to say to the people above you, learn from them, and apply it to your own stuff.

6. They are OK with cutting corners sometimes

Come on this is an easy one: Work smart, not hard!

7. Glow

Demand attention where ever you go. If you don't stand out, then someone else will. That is more than likely the person that people will listen to.

Keep Up!


Disney's First Black Princess...But Guess Who Her Prince Is?

Photo by Aol Black Voices

Disney is finally including a black Princess in their array of animated royals. In December they will release, 'The Princess and the Frog,' set in New Orleans and featuring Princess Tiana, voiced by actress Anika Noni Rose. Oprah Winfrey is voicing Eudora, Tiana's mother.

AOL Black Voices points out that it is great that Princess Tiana is black, but wait for it....her Prince is not! Prince Naveen of Maldonia is voiced by a Brazilian actor, and his skin is ... tan. His hair and features are decidedly non-black

So I guess Disney isn't ready for a black man to be called a Prince yet. I don't understand why we can't ever just get the real deal? Would it have been so bad to just make the entire royal family black? Hey the First family is black.

Originally, the black princess was named Maddy, a maid working for a white family set in 1920s New Orleans. Glad they changed that...

Either way I will be checking out the movie and seeing how our first Black Disney Princess will be portrayed.

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What do you think about Princess Tiana not having a Black Prince?


TYSON Trailer....the Story of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Tyson Synopsis:

Tyson is acclaimed indie director James Toback's stylistically inventive portrait of a mesmerizing Mike Tyson. Toback allows Tyson to reveal himself without inhibition and with eloquence and a pervasive vulnerability. Through a mixture of original interviews and archival footage and photographs, a startlingly complex, fully-rounded human being emerges. The film ranges from Tyson's earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, to his roller coaster ride in the fun house of worldwide fame and fortunes won and lost. It is the story of a legendary and uniquely controversial international athletic icon, a figure conjuring radical questions of race and class. In its depiction of a man rising from the most debased circumstances to unlimited heights, destroyed by his own hubris, TYSON emerges as a modern day version of classic Greek tragedy.

Do you think more people look at Mike Tyson as an American Icon or have they let his trials and tribulations take over the image they have of him?

What do you think about Mike Tyson as an Icon?


You must be a Rare Woman to find a Rare Dude...

There is always major conversation on how women can't find the "man of their dreams". It could be that you are not dreaming up the right man, or that you are not the "woman of their dreams".

I think that as women it is important to truly evaluate the list that we have made up for our ideal man and possibly makes some changes in a few areas.

Keeping Up's own, Shyah, pointed out that maybe we should literally make a list. One list of the things that we want and another list of the things that we are willing to compromise off of that 1st list.

Then after that see if your ideal guy changes? See if some of the things you were looking for might have been things that you do not really need.

After you are done with your list, make a final list of the things that you have come up with that you truly need in a mate.

Finally, evaluate yourself and see if you have the characteristics that match this ideal mate of yours.

If you are not what he needs than it will never work! We must work on ourselves before we require someone else to. (The bold area is the key to truly find what you are looking that person they are looking for)

Keep Up! We will because we must...


Keeping Up in the Fashion World…From a male perspective

Greetings Gentle Readers, Sartorially Savvy here with a tag on an article featured last week. The Design and PR Teams of Baby Phat were kind enough to send us some ways to Keep Up in the fashion world. They gave some great advice for the ladies, so, we decided to parlay off what they offered and put the fellas on game… (Our input is listed in bold below the original)

Do go out and be a social butterfly. Style is a way of life and the fashion world is closely-knit. Go out and meet people, build relationships and show off your style!!!
This is true for both genders. Social events are excellent venues to show off your personal style. You always want to make sure you put your best (bamboo buckled Gucci loafered) foot forward!

Do attend fashion week shows
, they set the tone for the seasons to come. Anyone trying to keep up in the fashion world will have loads of stories surrounding Fashion Week, weather it's NY, Paris or LA. Try to get out to the shows. If you cannot make it, look at footage online. You cannot keep up if you do not know what's hot on the runway!
It’s cool to attend fashion shows if you can. The opportunity to go and see men’s shows isn’t as prevalent as it is for the women, b/c there simply aren’t as many, however, if you want to check out the ladies shows, by all means, do so. You might just meet a stunner who catches your eye. But to not miss a beat as to what’s going on on the runways, we recommend checking websites of your favorite fashion magazines to check the collections. That way you can see what’s new and hot, and incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Do read all fashion publications and stay on top of trends (styles and color) use them for inspiration. From Vogue to Harpers you should read through these pages every month. Read the articles. Rip out pictures. Be inspired. If you want to know the color of the season, you'll find in within the pages of your favorite fashion publication.
We couldn’t agree more!! We live by our GQ and Details; it’d be a sad month without them. The advice given by team Baby Phat is pretty gender neutral and really sound. Just switch out “Vogue and Harpers” to L’Uomo Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Details, Nylon Guys, or whatever you read every month. You’ll find yourself good and current on more than just the fashion world.

Do read WWD everyday!!! You'll find everything from articles on top designers to breaking news in the fashion industry. The WWD keeps you in the know.
To this we’d say, instead of Women’s Wear Daily (which is what WWD stands for) we’d suggest The coverage is quite comprehensive; you’ll be hard pressed to not find what you’re looking for.

Do KNOW your designers. Be able to recognize signature pieces. Imagine rushing down 5th ave trying to make it to the office in time, when you notice a fashionista with to die for pumps on. Without enough time to ask any questions you quickly notice the red bottom on her shoe. Return to your desk and instantaneously go online to Bergdorf and find the Christian Louboutin pumps. What happens if you didn't know who was famous for the red bottom? Should we say... doomed?
Once again, we wholeheartedly concur. We’d switch out pumps for horse bit buckle loafers for the fellas. You could pop on your Blackberry to Nieman’s website and know that those loafers you’re coveting come straight from the new Gucci cruise collection. Crisis averted.

Do know your size. Fit is everything! Too big never works. Too small even worse. Know your size. Get a tailor. Make your clothes work for you!
Now gentle readers, we should all know by now how S dot Savvy feels about fit and sizing. We’ve written entire articles, in great details, about it (see here)

Do try new things. Be bold. Be daring. Don't be afraid to pair those red pumps with a leopard jacket. It's your world. Live it!!!
Fellas, definitely try new things!! …within reason. For example, skinny jeans… It ain’t for everybody! However, we encourage you to try a new color, or mix up your go-to’s. Like instead of your favorite jeans, try a pair of khaki’s or chinos one day for a more polished look.

Do keep tight relationships with contacts. Like the world in general, the fashion world is a small world. In fashion, it's important to keep a good rapport with colleagues. Follow up. Meet up. Brunch, Lunch and Dinners are a way of life!
This is also great advice!! Use that iPhone, Treo, Blackberry!!! Store those contacts and while you’re chillin’ on the train, or waiting for that next meeting or class to start, send out a quick email to a new contact you established. You never know who knows who or what. You might miss out because you’re slackin’!!!

Do read the masthead. Familiarize yourself with top fashion editors. Anna Wintour. Andre Leon Talley. Glenda Bailey. Meredith Melling Burke. Please know who they are!
Simply put, we live by the masthead. Ask the Socialite, she’ll tell you! We’re trying to be friends with Jim Nelson, Adam Rapoport, Daniel Peres, and Michael Macko. Just saying…

Don't starve yourself
. God did not intend for the entire world to be a size 0
As men, we don’t really starve ourselves… But I would say, eat healthier, if not to fit into your ideal size, but to live a longer happier, healthier life, and enjoy the Burberry trench coat that you’ve invested in!

Don't believe the hype. Every trend is NOT to be followed
Once again, we’ll go back to the skinny jeans example we used above… It ain’t for everybody!!! If you have the body to pull it off, then by all means, indulge, however, if “skinny” isn’t exactly your cut, stick to what works and flatters YOU and YOUR body. (This applies to both genders)

Don't over do it. Be natural. Do what makes you feel good.
We couldn’t agree more. There’s no need for the Ed Hardy hoodie with the Christian Audigier screen tee and the studded True Religion’s. It’s just a bit much. Tone it down about 10 notches.

That being said gentle readers, we hope that both genders feel abreast on how to Keep Up… with the fashion world. As always, we’re here to answer any questions you might have!!! Until next time… We remain,

Stylishly Yours,
Sartorially Savvy
“Fashions fade, but style is eternal” ~ Yves Saint Laurent


Friday's Top Ways to Keep Up: Keeping Up in the Fashion World..

Baby Phat's PR team and Designers send Im Keeping UP a few tips on Keeping Up in the Fashion World:

Do go out and be a social butterfly. Style is a way of life and the fashion world is closely-knit. Go out and meet people, build relationships and show off your style!!!

Do attend fashion week shows, they set the tone for the seasons to come. Anyone trying to keep up in the fashion world will have loads of stories surrounding Fashion Week, weather it's NY, Paris or LA. Try to get out to the shows. If you cannot make it, look at footage online. You cannot keep up if you do not know what's hot on the runway!

Do read all fashion publications and stay on top of trends (styles and color) use them for inspiration. From Vogue to Harpers you should read through these pages every month. Read the articles. Rip out pictures. Be inspired. If you want to know the color of the season, you'll find in within the pages of your favorite fashion publication.

Do read WWD everyday!!! You'll find everything from articles on top designers to breaking news in the fashion industry. The WWD keeps you in the know.

Do KNOW your designers. Be able to recognize signature pieces. Imagine rushing down 5th ave trying to make it to the office in time, when you notice a fashionista with to die for pumps on. Without enough time to ask any questions you quickly notice the red bottom on her shoe. Return to your desk and instantaneously go online to Bergdorf and find the Christian Louboutin pumps. What happens if you didn't know who was famous for the red bottom? Should we say... doomed?

Do know your size. Fit is everything! Too big never works. Too small even worst. Know your size. Get a tailor. Make your clothes work for you!

Do try new things. Be bold. Be daring. Don't be afraid to pair those red pumps with a leopard jacket. It's your world. Live it!!!

Do keep a tight relationships with contacts. Like the world in general, the fashion world is a small world. In fashion, it's important to keep a good rapport with colleagues. Follow up. Meet up. Brunch, Lunch and Dinners are a way of life!

Do read the masthead. Familiarize yourself with top fashion editors. Anna Wintour. Andre Leon Talley. Glenda Bailey. Meredith Melling Burke. Please know who they are!

Don't starve yourself. God did not intend for the entire world to be a size 0

Don't believe the hype. Every trend is NOT to be followed

Don't over do it. Be natural. Do what makes you feel good.

The Fashion World is always ahead! To be exact, an entire season ahead of the rest of the world. With that said...


-Baby Phat Team


Recipe of the Month March: Chicken Salad Wrap

In March we get the first taste of Spring! The weather teases us a bit and we start to get that Spring Time itch, we see the sun shining and all we want to do to go outside and enjoy the weather. Well this chicken salad wrap is the perfect start to a wonderful season!!!

Chicken Salad Wrap
2lbs Thin Sliced Boneless Chicken Breast
2 Granny Smith Apples diced
2 large carrots diced
1 large red onion diced
2 celery stalks diced
¼ Cup Mayo
¼ Cup Miracle Whip
1 tablespoon Spicy Mustard
1 teaspoon honey
Salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder
Splash on Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tablespoon butter
Tortilla Flour Wraps (I prefer spinach, sun dried tomato, or garlic)
Grated Aged Asiago Cheese

Season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Cook in a sauce pan with the butter until browned. Once cooked dice the chicken and place in a bowl. Add the other diced ingredients and give a light toss. Add the Mayo, Miracle Whip, Mustard, Honey and Vinegar. Toss until fully mixed, season to taste. Place 2 spoonfuls of the salad in your desired wrap, sprinkle some of the cheese on top. Seal the wrap and enjoy!

Bite Right Into Spring!
From My Kitchen to Yours
The Culinary Goddess


If I ruled the World...Imagine that! Black Women at the Forefront in Politics...

Black women are running the country and the world!

As a member of the strong sisterhood of Black women, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Inga S. Willis states, "What better time than now"?

Seven of about three dozen senior positions on President Obama's team are filled by African American women.

Mona Stephen- Deputy Chief of Staff
Valerie Jarrett- Senior Advisor in the Administration
Melody Barnes- Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council
Susan Rice- President Obama's U.N. Ambassador
Desiree Rogers- The White House Social Secretary
Cassandra Butts- A Deputy White House Counsel
Lisa Jackson- The EPA Administrator

The "Obama women" -- as African American women who've taken big jobs in his administration have been nicknamed -- mark another step in the long journey of black women from outsiders to gatekeepers in political Washington. They have quietly entered their jobs with little attention paid to the fact that they are the largest contingent of high-ranking black women to work for a president.

Many are firsts -- as in the first black woman to run the Domestic Policy Council, the first black EPA chief and the first black woman to be deputy chief of staff. Last week, Obama tapped Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg to lead the Food and Drug Administration. If confirmed, Hamburg -- who is biracial (her mother is African American, her father Jewish) -- will also be a first.

Seven of about three dozen senior positions on President Obama's team are filled by African American women.

(to read entire article) (article sent in by Michelle Arrington)

It is amazing to see so many successful Black people in so many fields. It is even more astonishing to see Black women reach heights that they never could imagine.

Obama is making history with his administration in so many different ways; what will he do next?

Black women keep working hard to "Keep Up!" Congrats to those that are leading the way.


Women the Head of the Household? Is It our Fault When a Man Can't Handle it?

As Black women we are on the rise in the job force. Statistics show that more women are going to college and landing corporate jobs. Statistics also show that there are way more men losing jobs during the recession then women.

What does that mean for our community?

It means that more men might lose the title as the provider of their families and more women must become the support.

I ask the question almost everyday...can men and women handle a woman making more money in the household?

There has always been various responses, with me being on the side that thinks it is hard for us to handle.

But someone recently brought up a point saying that men probably could handle it more if women did not throw it in their faces all of the time.

He said that he feels like men do have insecurities when it comes to not being the provider for their families, but he says that they probably would be able to deal with it if it was not for how women handle the situation.

He goes on to describe situations where women attack a mans pride:

"So I have to pay for this meal again?"

"What do you bring to the table?"

"I pay the bills, what do you do?"

"Can you do something with your life please"

He basically outlines times where women like to throw the fact that they make more money into a guys face...

I can see where he is coming from in some cases. There have been minor times where I paid for a guy on a date and then made smart comments under my breathe indicating that I was not pleased. I agree that if that is the situation and you say that you are comfortable with it, then you can not make remarks about it afterwards.

What do you think?

Do you think that women play a major part in a man not being comfortable making less money than his mate?

Do you think that you could handle a woman making more money then you?

Could you handle a man making less money then you?

(let us know what you us Keep Up!)


I am Average at Best and I still want a Model Chic

Isn't funny how no matter what, a man maintains his standards in women? And that usually means he has high standards. It could be an average at best looking man with no job, and he still would want a model chic. I am talking about the on the surface standards; the superficial standards that men tend to have. (not the ones that we should really be focusing on when looking for a mate. And I am not saying that women do not have superficial reasons, but we are talking about guys today.)

Women on the other hand tend to lower their standards because they think they will never find anybody. They might be the CEO of a company, and won't mind their man being a drug dealer.

What use to be a time when men made more money than women, and served as the provider in a relationship, women kind of had to meet the standards that men set. (always look good, cook, clean, don't

But now that the tables have turned, and statistics are showing that more women are going to college and gaining better positions then men, why is it that men still have their same standards?

Isn't it crazy that when some Black men reach a level of status they go for the model or a white woman. But Black women are starting to make way more money and are still sticking with the average guys, with average money, average intelligence, and average looks. Why are we not finding guys that quote on quote match our status?

What would men do if Black women began to raise their standards to the superficial level that that SOME Black men do?

Like I want my guy to dress to impress, put oil on his chest every night, look good, possibly a White man, blah blah....

(tell us what you think...we must Keep Up)


10 ways to "Keep Up" and enhance your look for the Spring

1. Get a hair cut. It is always nice to switch things up for a change with your hair. Something as simple as making sure your ends are trimmed will make you have a more clean look.

2. Teeth Whitened. Visit your dentist today and enhance your smile!

3. Use Concealer. This is makeup used to mask pimples, dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin.

4. Spa treatment. Taking a spa day is always relaxing for the mind, body, and soul.

5. Mani/Pedi. Time to bring out the feet and you do not want to walk around embarrassed to show them off to the world.

6. Diet. Start working on having a healthy diet. This will have your body looking slim and great. Drink a lot of water, it keeps your body from storing unnecessary fat.

7. Exercise. Working out is the key to having your body in shape and ready to head to the beach.

8. Tanned. Add a little color to your life, leaving you glowing for the world to see.

9. Wear heels more often. Heels make you look taller and slim.

10. Take me time so that you are relaxed. Stress causes break outs on your skin, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. You do not want stress to effect how beautiful you are!


My Biggest Fear is Fear Itself

What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is fear itself. If one has fear then they are not able to fully achieve the goals they have. I constantly fear that fear is going to get in my way. I approach life everyday with the idea that I am working towards something great. But every once is awhile fear seems to creep up on me.

So many people have fears in life and we must not let them dominate our lives. In order to truly "Keep Up" you must learn how to control those fears that you have inside of you. Below is a list of common fears.

1. Fear of being yourself

2. Fear of other people

3. Fear of power and control

4. Fear of Love

5. Fear of loneliness

6. Fear of fear itself

7. Fear of death and dying

8. Fear of Success and Failure

9. Fear of Poverty and Wealth

10. Fear of Future and what it will bring

11. Fear of Achievement and self-esteem

12. Fear of War and Illness

If you realize that everything is life is a part of a master plan that you control, then you will realize that there is nothing to fear. Life is what we make it and fear is created by you alone. You think...therefore it is.

Today take a minute to reflect on your biggest fears. Then look deep into you fear and pull out the reasons that you have that fear. Then figure out what part you play in that fear.

We must "Keep Up", but we cannot let our fears "Keep us Down".

What is your biggest fear? (after today it won't be :)


Keeping up with………. Author and Poet Nicole little

Nicole Little holds many titles, daughter ,mother, sister and now is adding published author to her list. Check out how she is keeping up ………….

What is the name and title of your debut book ?

Heartfelt: A Collection of Poems by Nicole D. Little and Lora R. McLeod

What inspired you to create a book of poems?

I have always loved to write. That's why I chose Journalism as a major at Hampton University. In High School I entered writing contests and wrote for my school newspaper. This book started from fun and leisure. Then as I continued to write I wanted to do a book about real life and the things that human beings experience or witness. I actually was inspired by a lady from my church who quit her corporate job at Merrill Lynch to write books and start her own publishing company. While speaking to her one day she said, "If you want to accomplish something in life, accomplish it now. Don't wait until you are 30 and 40 years old." Her words woke me up and inspired me. From that day forward I decided that I wanted to publish a book and I wasn't going to wait.

This book was created with you and your mom. How was that and how did the idea come about?

Well basically I told her that I wanted to publish a book and she wanted to get on board. Since she is my mother I couldn't tell her no. I'm only joking but anyway she writes great and her poems are really deep. I thought that it would be a great idea to have my mother write a couple of poems for my first book.

What type of relationship do you and your mom have?

We have always had a close mother/daughter relationship. She has always been my #1 supporter in all that I have done. She's not only my mother but I consider her to be my best friend. She keeps me grounded and when I get off track in life she is the one person who can get me back on track.

What is the message you want readers to get after reading the poems?

The message is that we all go through things in life and we all have to overcome obstacles. At 23 years old I have witnessed a lot. There is a lot that I haven't witnessed but there is a lot that I have witnessed. I just wanted people to know that they are not alone in this crazy world and there is always room for change in your life. There is always room to gain knowledge and learn not only from others but from yourself. Actually the greatest teacher on this earth will be YOU and the experiences YOU go through.

What is your favorite poem? Why?

Awww man I have a lot. This is a hard question. So, I will name the ones I really like. Diva Gals, When He Cheated, When She Cheated, and Just Be. I actually like Diva Gals the most because it's a poem for the ladies. Its a poem honoring all my Divas. Divas just don't dress nice or look nice but they are educated and hard working women. I also love a couple that my mother wrote. Here they are: Why Wont You Listen?, Can't You Hear?, My Nieces My Queens, and The Beautiful Women in our Family.

What are a few of your dreams, aspirations or goals?

Well, this will not be my only book for sure. I would like to do another book of poems within the next 2 years. I would also like to write a couple of novels down the road. My main goal is to write for a major magazine within the music/fashion industry and maybe one day creating a magazine of my own.

The sky is the limit and I will make sure that everyday counts. Thanks so much for the love and support!!! You can find my book and make a purchase at,, and

-T Toli


Text Dating...

With so many new forms of technology these days we have definitely gone away from the traditional forms of communicating. The one thing that it has been effected that has caused people to have to switch up their game, is dating.

With the constant use of telephones during dinner, facebook as a means of meeting people, and tweeting to "Keep Up" with each other, dating has gone to a whole new awkward level.

But the question I have today is, When is it appropriate to text message someone?

I feel like I spend most of my time holding conversations over text messages these days. There are very few people that I talk to over the phone. Right when I meet someone it starts with the exchange of numbers, and then a follow-up text. And then in the very beginning most of our conversation is done through texting.

The morning, "Good morning sweetheart"

The middle of the day, "How are you doing"

The end of the night, "I hope you had a great day"

Then there is the full conversations and arguments over text messages. The ones where you do not even know the tone of the conversation. You become confused because you interpret the conversation so wrong and then end up mad at each other.

There is also the times when you get deeper in the relationship and people start going through each others text messages. People seeing things they do not want to see and reading into things that probably mean something different.

Text messaging has become a new dating tool....

1. Do you think that it is appropriate to ask someone out on a date through text messaging?

2. Would you accept the invitation?

3. Should text messaging be used for full conversations or just little messages?

4. When can text messaging be fun?

My answers:

1. I think that men should take the time out to call you and make a formal invitation for your first date. I think that courtship has died and it needs to come back.

2. But would I accept...done it way 2 many I guess yes! lol

3. I think that it should be used for little messages. The long messages get annoying, unless you really cannot talk and something needs to be said.

4. Texting is fun for flirting throughout the day!!!!

What do you us Keep Up!


I’m Talkin’ Spy Bags and Fly Pads…

Greetings Gentle Readers, Sartorially Savvy here with this week’s way to “Keep Up…” stylishly. Alright, alright, the moment of truth is here, no more delays; here it is ladies, just for you… We’re talking bags this week. From Juicy to Jacobs, Koors to Kooba, Guess to Gucci, Dolce to Dior, Saint Laurent to St. John, Bottega Veneta to Balenciaga, and everything in between, we’ve got it covered this week. Whether you’re a classic Coach girl or switch up your bags like Lil’ Kim switches her weave, you know the importance of the bag. The ultimate icing on the cake, the bag is quintessential. We have very fashionable friends who are known to build their entire outfits around their bag, and other just as chic companions who let their bags complement their over all ensemble, either way is fine; bags like most other accessories are an expression of ones own individual style, an accent to your own personality and personal style. So, whether you have a favorite bag a la Kimora and her Hermés Birkin bags in every color, or you’re like Bey and have to have every bag of the minute (Vuitton Limited Edition Tribute anyone?), or are you a fan of a certain designer, like our very own Socialite and her affinity towards Marc Jacobs, there’s a bag for you. Because bags are such an expansive topic, we’re going to break down some popular shapes and silhouettes and proper occasions for use, and let you all rock out to your own beats. It’s simply what’s best.

Before we get into that, we have just a few caveats… Over the past decade or so, a trend regarding bags has emerged: The “it” bag, is a bag that essentially skyrockets into the stratosphere of popularity as if overnight, is carried by celebrities and fashionistas alike, but soon then fades into another forgotten memory, think the Dior Saddle, Balenciaga Motorcycle, and the Gucci Indy. These bags, and their knock-offs were seen EVERYWHERE. For the fortunate few who could afford to purchase them, we’re sure it’s nothing to go out and get next season’s “it” bag, but if you aren’t of those means, and had saved, or worked tirelessly to afford one of these, your once prized possession is now an ignored piece of iconography. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t still carry something you paid that much for (Lord knows we would if we had paid that much…), it is just our advice, that unless you have some secret hook up and you’re getting bomb discounts, or someone other than you is paying for these bags, that you avoid the “bag of the moment” trends and stick with something that’ll better endure the test of time.

And without further ado…

THE CLUTCH: Whether you copped yours from Judith Lieber or Forever 21, the clutch is the go-to bag for evening. Usually rectangular in shape, the classic clutch silhouette usually falls within the parameters of being 12in long and about half as high. Of course there are variations on this, but the purpose of the clutch is to be a bag you clutch (ha ha, get it!?!) either with your hand or to your body by placing it underneath your arm and holding it there. Clutches are for those days and occasions when you don’t have too much to carry, maybe a little lip gloss, cash, cards, phone and keys. An overstuffed clutch is not cute, you don’t want muffin tops on your pants, the same is true with your clutches, plus it defeats the purpose. Carry a bigger bag if you’ve got all that to tote around. Play with shape, texture and color in your clutches. For example, how hot would a purple python, triangular clutch be? Instantly you’ve got a bag that pops for all the right reasons. Make sure that your bag is a complementary contrast to your ensemble: Wearing navy? Try a candy apple red clutch. Rockin’ purple? Holla at the neon green clutch. And so on… This means, that no, your bag and shoes don’t have to MATCH, they should, however, be complementary. Make your bag selection fun, unique, make it YOU.

THE HANDBAG: Once again, varying in shape and size like the clutch, but sharing the common thread of being designed to be carried a certain way. Handbags (obviously) have handles for carrying either with the hands or in the nape of the arm. The hand bag is perfect for almost any occasion, its versatility lends itself to being the perfect day bag as well as being able (depending on size and design) to transition to some less formal evening functions. This is the bag to throw almost everything in; phone, keys, makeup, wallet, whatever else you may need that day. Some of our favorite shapes of handbags are the Fendi Spy, Louis Vuitton Speedy, and Hermés Kelly all of which have been translated by various other designers into different shapes, sizes and silhouettes. Our recommendation with your hand bags is that you keep them classic, coppin’ ‘em in leathers, and nice canvas’, thus ensuring that you’ll get more wear out of them, and they’ll last longer. This doesn’t mean you can’t play with color or pattern; you just might want to stick with colors and patterns that are generally neutral. For example, a that bangin’ red Chloe bag you saw at Bergdorf’s the other day, or the vintage tan Chanel you happened upon in that 2nd hand store, both of these options will most likely go with everything in your closet. A good handbag is a solid investment piece, some even look better as they age (Vuitton is a brand that ages spectacularly), will never go out of style, and will serve you well. Vary your shapes, sizes, and colors to make sure you’ve always got the RIGHT bag, even if it’s not the “it” bag.

THE SHOULDER BAG: Classic shapes like the hobo (think an enlarged crescent moon), are staples of the shoulder bag. Which is named as such, just like our other two selections, for the way it’s carried (over the shoulder! Who’da thunk?!!?) True enough, a lot of hand bags can be converted into shoulder bags by simply pulling out that handy dandy shoulder strap that sometimes comes with the bags, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The topic at hand is bags that are designed to be carried over the shoulder. They’re usually bigger in proportion, and can carry almost everything. For those of you who are, for lack of a better term, “bag ladies” this is your bag. You live out of your purse; your entire life is contained into one big bag… Yep, that’s you right here. With these bags, play with color and texture as well, but avoid too much color variation. Realistically, how often are you going to carry the lime green leather hobo? Whereas if you have a brown leather hobo with some studded embellishment or a snakeskin shoulder bag, the likelihood of it being a bit more versatile is a bit higher. Use these bags if you have a day in which you have to carry a bit more than usual, or you just like to carry around the entire world. Like with the handbag, invest in a higher quality shoulder bag, as you are carrying more, you want something sturdy to hold your belongings, as well as a piece that will wear will and stand the test of time.

Ladies, we know there are plenty of other types of bags, but these 3 shapes/silhouettes should give you a good jumping off point for what should have in your closet, as well as what’s going to be the most versatile and give you more bang for your buck. We’ve put you well on your way to being in the front of the waiting list for the penultimate bag of all bags, The Birkin… Until next time…

Stylishly Yours,
Sartorially Savvy
“Fashions Fade, but style is eternal” ~ Yves Saint Laurent


Keeping Up Daily Black News Links:

Michael Strahan

(Dont forget to check out Keeping Up's Story of the day)

Will Young Chris Brown's Career Survive?

Wife of Zimbabwean PM killed in car crash

Europe to be Obama's first overseas trip

A girlfriend GPS? Michael Strahan 'Bugs' Ex-Girlfriend...Literally


Keeping Up Daily Lifestyle Links:

(Dont forget to check out Keeping Up's Story of the day)

95 Chic Cocktail Recipes

Dijon Sidecar

2 oz Hennessy VS cognac

1 oz good quality Creme de Cassis de Dijon (preferably Mathilde)

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice.

shake ingredients together and strain into chilled martini glass, serve with lemon twist.

7 Man Room Essentials

First Draft

Yes, you’ve outgrown the keg stands (we hope), but never the tap beer.
BeerTender, $279,

Holy Smokes
Fire it up with a stogie. No jacket required.
5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Artisan set,
$72 for 20,

Control FreakMaster of the tube, assume your role of electronic domination.
MX-980 remote, $600, for stores


Keeping Up: Roland Laird "Still I Rise"

It was once said “If you want to hide something from a black person put it in a book because they don’t read.” Its also been said even with the millions of books and documentaries on the history of African Americans, that the most uneducated about our history are African Americans. Roland Laird , creates a comic that leaves no excuse to why are not keeping up with our own history."

Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African Americans"
is the New York natives explosive comic of the History of African Americans from slavery to President Baracks’s historic win. When he first started his journey into the comic book world back in 1991, he wanted an art form that allowed several people to use their creativity to collaborate on one project, much like to music. Laird then went to founded Posro Inc, one of the first black -owned independent comic book companies.

Posro Inc, now known as Posro Media, has expanded tremendously taking the role of an entertainment production company that explores African American history and culture in a variety of formats, including comics, books, radio, video, and film. In addition to his role at Posro and being a published author, Roland is the co-founder and managing director of My Image Studios (MIST) that is scheduled to open late 2009. The ten million dollar entertainment venue is based in the Kalahari Condominiums, a 250 unit mixed income LEED certified "green" building located in Harlem. This will be the first green convergent entertainment complex in the United States. The 20,000 square foot venue will feature the art and culture of the African, Latino Diaspora and include 3 screening rooms, a restaurant, cafe and post-production facility . Roland currently resides with his wife Taneshia laird, co founder Porso Media, in Trenton New Jersey. Roland not only does his part to keep up but is helping the world to do the same.

Keeping up with Huxtables takes time to read "Still I Rise" and dive into Laird's vision. As you turn through the pages you are taken on a colorful and descriptive journey of black history. From arriving as Indentured Servants in Jamestown, Virginia to Barack Obama becoming President of the United States of America, the words and pictures give you a clear understanding of our progression.

The comic book style allows readers to enjoy reading about our history, and not be lost in hundreds of words. Although, it is important to read as much as you can, it is also great to be able to get through our history with such ease.

"Still I Rise" leaves us with this quote:

"But no matter where we wind up, one thing our history has taught us is that though we may have started life in America at the bottom of the ladder, any of us can climb our way to the top. Just ask the President of the United States, Barack Obama"!

- T Toli and The Socialite


The Job Market Sucks...Is there any secrets to "Keeping Up"?

We all know that this is a bad time for people currently in the work force and those that are trying to get jobs. Every time I look up someone is getting laid off. And you can forget about finding a job with ease these days. The Socialite went on a search for some tips that might be able to help us secure jobs during these crazy times:

Today's Best States For Jobs (You might want to start your job search in these 22 states, they have a lower unemployment rate):

Wyoming 3.4 percent

North Dakota 3.5 percent

Nebraska 4.0 percent

Utah 4.3 percent

Iowa 4.6 percent

New Hampshire 4.6 percent

Hundreds of Applications and Still No Jobs

1. Location

Before you start blaming yourself for not getting any leads, take a look at your surrounding area. Not all cities have the same job market. A dearth of construction jobs in a northeastern suburb might be the polar opposite of the situation in a southwestern boomtown. Whether or not you want to or can relocate for your job is a personal matter, but you should consider the unemployment rate of your region when assessing how your hunt is going.

2. Which jobs
When you look at how many applications you've sent out and how many you've heard back from, you might want to divide the list into two columns: jobs you expected to get and jobs you applied for on a whim.
Many job seekers decide to send out applications for jobs they know they're not qualified for, whether they just want a paycheck or they think it would be fun to try a completely unrelated field -- even though they know the odds of getting a call are slim. These Hail Mary passes are perfectly acceptable, but don't consider their failures to be, well, failures. The jobs that align with your experience, education and skills are the ones that should be the gauge of your success.

3. The résumé

Here's where a lot of things go wrong. That one piece of paper, digital or hard copy, causes a lot of problems. Here's a quick rundown of what you should check:

· Is your contact information (including your name) listed so the employer can call or e-mail you?
· Did you target the content to the job posting? Use the same phrasing, list experience that correlates to the requirements and give specific examples of achievements that will intrigue the employer.
· Did you attach the résumé as a document in an e-mail? For security reasons, many employers won't open attachments, so your résumé might go unread. In addition to the attachment, paste it in the body of the e-mail to be safe.
· Was there a cover letter attached to it? No cover letter can mean no consideration for some hiring managers.


Socialite on the Scene: Tommy Hilfiger Paper Magazine Party

Last night the Socialite hit up the Tommy Hilfiger Paper Magazine Party. I'm talking the epitome of partying like a Rock Star!!! You walked into the Tommy store and the scene looked like it came straight out of a magazine. A Special Edition issue where Vogue joins Rolling Stone.

There were free drinks, a performance by Marky Ramones, and a gift bag that had drum sticks in it (totally could be a rock star in my room now)

After the party I had a small conversation with Andy Hilfiger and realized the Socialite had entered a new social scene. I wonder where I will go next...


1. Always have business cards and be ready to network whenever you go out.

2. Get on email blast for events and RSVP to all of them. Select a few to go to and you will be amazed where you end up.

3. Try to meet someone cool at the event...they always know the next hot spot for the night.

4. Make sure that you always look for the person handing out the gift bags...there is likely to be something cool in the bag.


Finding A Match is Our Only Answer!!!

As I was reading today's (March 4th, 2009) NY Daily News I read a heart-wrenching article on 6-yr-old Jasmina Anema. Jasmina is suffering from a rare form of leukemia that doctors fear will take her life within two months unless she receives a bone-marrow transplant.

Jasmina is adopted and has no siblings. Without a donor match she WILL NOT LIVE!!!! Finding a donor match is IMPERATIVE and because she is African-American her match will most likely come from an AFRICAN-AMERICAN!!!!

"Further Complicating the search is that African-Americans are underrepresented in the national donor network and their DNA tends to be more varied" NY Daily News

"It's one in a million. We really need the African-American community to step up"- Jasmina's mother.

P.S. 41 is hosting a donor drive for Jasmina in NYC on SATURDAY (MARCH 7TH) at PUBLIC SCHOOL 41 (116TH W. 11TH ST.) FROM 10AM to 2PM. ( At the donor drive, NO bone marrow will be taken. They will conduct a simple cheek swap to see if you are a match for Jasmina)


If you are unable to attend or live outside of New York City please click the link below to have the swab test mailed to you with return postage!

Let's get the word out and SAVE JASMINA!!!!!

"Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential"- Barack Obama

What does this Obama quote mean to you? What will you do to help Jasmina find her match? Why do you think African-Americans are underrepresented in the national donor network?


Keeping Up Daily: Recession Romance

Hey yall I found a few cool tips on how to still date during this recession. You know I am always down for being creative. And you know I think creativity says a lot more than the money spent out of our pockets. Come on lets still "Keep Up" with romance during these hard times...

1. Dinner and a movie DIY-style: Instead of going to a restaurant and theater, grab a Netflix and cook your date dinner.

2. Have a picnic: Grab a picnic basket with some home-made goodies, a comfy blanket and spend a romantic day in the park.

3. Free wine-tasting: Most wine shops feature free promotional wine-tasting events, a perfect (and educational) date!

4. Your own personal sunset: Take a stroll and let the sunset be the destination for your date --- pretty and, more importantly, free!

Describe one of your most creative dates below!


Sartorially Savvy’s Must Have Item of the Week

Greetings Gentle Readers, we hope that you enjoyed last week’s “must have…” and as the east coast is blanketed in snow, we’re sure many of you have found the cable knit crew neck sweater not only stylish, but warm as well! This week, we’ve got a new tool for you in your arsenal to build the complete wardrobe and truly be “Keeping Up…” stylishly!

The button-down oxford

Elementary, we know. But your classic button-downs are staples in the complete wardrobe. You can do almost anything with the button-down oxford; dress up, dress down. The key to these are the 2 “c’s” cut and color. By cut, we mean fit, but, we figured saying “cut and color” was a more witty way of saying things, as well as a way for you all to remember. A well fitting oxford can take you far. Fellas, a good way to find the perfect size for you, is to try a shirt on from a high end retailer like Brooks Brothers where they custom make their shirts, the measurement numbers will be a good guideline for sizing your shirts. Smalls are usually 14-14 ½ inches around in the neck and in the low 30’s in the sleeve length. Mediums are 15-15 ½ inches around in the neck and around 34/35 in the sleeve length. Larges are 16-17 inches around in the neck and 36 inches long in the sleeves. So even if the shirt doesn’t have those numbers on the tag, you can tell by the sizing. Ladies, we apologize, your button-downs are usually just by the S, M, L sizing. Sometimes, some designers and retailers will mark their button-downs with sizes that are consistent with your dress/pant size, so you may be able to find your 0,2,4,6 sizing and use that as a guideline. Now that cut is covered, concern yourself with color. You can never have too many button-downs in too many colors. Collect them like you use to collect Barbie and Hot Wheels back in the day! Try to get as many as you can in as many different colors possible, from the palest pink to the darkest black. This way you’ll have plenty of options and different colors come of dressier than others. Save your black button-downs for evening events and occasions, but your pinks (yes, fellas, you should have a pink button-down. It’s an extremely flattering and sophisticated color, and plays well with almost every other color in your closet) are versatile enough to go from day to evening and from the office to happy hour. Use that as a general rule, darker colors are generally better for evening, while most lighter colors can make a seamless transition.

Now, what to pair your button-downs with… Quite frankly, EVERYTHING, jeans, slacks, shorts, skirts, leggings, suits (obviously), cardigans, v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters. Almost everything in your closet you can put with a button-down. A favorite look of ours is an oxford (button-down) paired with a sweater either the exact same color or something completely contrasting. Let’s tie in last week’s must have for an example; we have an eggplant cable knit crewneck that we like to pair with our egg plant oxford for a monochromatic look OR we’ll put a Kelly green oxford underneath to play with contrasting color. Both are extremely stylish and sophisticated options. Pay no attention to “matching,” concern yourselves with coordination. When you do a look like that on top, keep the bottom neutral, dark denim jeans, khaki A-line skirts, grey trousers, black pencil skirts; all very stylish but simple. Accessorizing oxfords is just as easy as finding something to wear them with. Play with complementary and contrasting colors and proportions. Ladies, roll your sleeves up and throw on a chunky cuff or a bunch of bangles; pop the collar and leave the first 2 or 3 buttons open and layer strands of pearls. Fellas, roll your sleeves up and pair your button downs with ties that complement (don’t do too much contrasting here fellas, it can get a little dangerous) or roll the sleeves up and leave the first 2 or 3 buttons open to show a little skin, just keep it tasteful and appropriate…

So Gentle Readers, cop those colors!!! Buy those button-downs!!! They’ll never let you down and they’ll never go out of style. Until next time…

Stylishly Yours,
Sartorially Savvy
“Fashions fade, but style is eternal” ~ Yves Saint Laurent


First black American on a U.S. Quarter

Jazz Musician Duke Ellington has become the first black American to be featured on a U.S. coin in circulation with the release of a quarter honoring the District of Columbia.

Duke Ellington was born and raised in Washington. He along with other great music legends helped establish the city's U Street as an entertainment corridor.

He beat out other designs that featured abolitionist Frederick Douglass and astronomer Benjamin Banneker, who actually designed D.C.

This is defiantly a Keeping Up moment for Duke Ellington and black people!

Personally I would have picked Fredrick Douglass and Benjamin Banneker to be on the quarter first, but Ellington was still a great musician and a good representation for D.C.

What do you think about the choice of Duke Ellington over Fredrick Douglass and Benjamin Banneker?

Some people say that an entertainer should not have been chosen over an abolitionist and astronomer...


Lets talk about Sex Baby...

Sex is number one on kids agenda's these days...Is there any way to knock it down lower on their priority list? In the society that we live abstinence is a thing that is rarely practiced. You have kids having sex as early as 12. There have been hundreds of commercials on STD's, AIDS campaigns, and other methods to get people to understand the risk of having unprotected sex. They have even gone as far as to say that the only safe sex is no sex.

It seems like despite the plea for the youth to stop having sex, more and more teens think that it is the norm. Waiting til marriage is almost the thing of the past. Sex is rarely even valued or considered a special connection between two people. And these days Virgins have to be in some type of secret society that only come out every blue moon.

With the increasing number of sexual images in movies, television shows, commercials, songs and other media outlets...will kids ever see that sex can wait? Is it how its being said or what is being said? Ultra Teen Choice takes a stab at it....

Check out Ultra Teen Choice event going on below:

What do you think? Is sex at a young age here to stay? Whose fault is it?
What values do you put on SEX?

Abstinence Awareness Week Youth Forum is coming to Howard University School of Business Auditorium, Georgia Ave. & Fairmont St. NW on March 9 from 6 pm to 9 pm. This forum will feature a youth panel, parent panel, speakers, entertainment and table space for community organizations and businesses. Christian recording artist Angelia Robinson and the Howard University Steppers for Christ will perform at the youth forum. Register and get more information at, or call Richard Urban at 202-558-5550.

They also have sponsorship opportunities available, and you can set up a table at the youth forum.


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