Young and Keeping Up: Success and the Struggle to get there..

Always going with the theme of helping people "Keep Up" or speaking to the struggles of doing so, are two brothers Mekka and Chazz. Both have been featured before on the list of "Young and Keeping Up". Check out new videos from both of them.

Chazz: No More Monday (The Official Music Video)


BET Awards...Who are They Keeping Up With?

Bob Johnson (BET Founder) and Debra Lee (BET CEO)

Interesting conclusion after watching the BET awards last night....our creativity as a race is slowly going downward with the introduction of the mediocre standards that have been recently set. We have traded in our souls. We have given up our creativity in exchange for easy ways to make money. Let's talk about how the show made me come to this conclusion: (but before I do...let me give BET some props)

1. It is great that you were able to incorporate Mike last minute. That is never an easy task in three days.

2. Your set design for the awards show was better than it has been in the past.

3. I will always be grateful that you honor our black stars and bring us all together.

4. You have continued to change up your pre-show, and I think it is nice how you gave out awards before the show (it just isn't enough time during and everyone should be honored)

5. It is always amazing to know that my people put something together. It takes alot of time, dedication, and creativity to put any major production together.


1. There was not one performance that created a memory in my head that would last forever. Every one's performance was average at best, and no I did not see Black Star Power last night.

Drake and Wayne had little girls on stage
Oh snaps I don't remember anything else....

2. When you talk about coming up with a tribute for a man that pushed greatness to its limit, you do not picture the show that was put on last night. Granted you must take into consideration that they only had a few days to put something together. I give props to BET for being able to incorporate Mike last minute. That is not an easy task no matter which way you swing it. But you are talking about our generations "greats", a black network, and a world icon that has passed...this couldn't create something amazing?

3. Thanks to the fact that I was watching the awards live, I could not rewind through the commercials. That pissed me off for more than one reason. The main reason is that I had to sit there and watch the sorry excuse for television shows that BET is coming out with. Could there be anything worse than seeing TI's girl and Wayne's ex girl on a reality TV show? Yes I agree that it would probably be funny, but have we given up on being creative, and rather put an easy laugh on TV? Mind you we will be laughing at them not with them.

4. Ok so I remember being able to watch some of the pass generations greats, and all they needed was a mic and their voice. They didn't need the fancy lights, back up dancers, and props. But someone reminded me that our generation looks for all of that. SO WHERE THE HELL WAS IT? I need either great talent or an amazing production. What are we left with...oh the BET awards.

The problem that we are facing when it comes to our generation, is that we will do anything that makes money at the cost of losing ourselves. For example: It is true that making reality television shows is more cost effective and an easy production. So in an exchange for taking the time out to create another show like Fresh Prince, we rather put out five more reality shows that will bring us fast ratings.

Another example: We have three days to put on a production that will not only honor our current celebrities, but one of the greatest performers to ever live. So we take only one day to practice, and leave the rest to figuring out what we are going to wear to the show.

Third example: We will continue to listen to the top executives at Viacom and not to the comments of the viewers. "But Socialite they will take away our funding if we don't" -BET Staff
"Create something that they cannot deny...they want to make money as much as you do. If it is a great idea they will not turn it down" -The Socialite (If you gave them something such as the Cosby's show...they would be fools to turn it down)

Forth example: We will focus more on glitz and glam. We will not perfect our crafts and become better than we already are. It is more about becoming celebrities than actually expanding the talents that God gave us. Damn even the people behind the scenes want to shine these days. Who cares what you wear on the red carpet, you hold a huge camera in the front of your dress.

People let's bring back what made us stand out from the rest. Let's remind them who created Rock & Roll, Jazz, hip-hop, DC, blood transfusions, traffic lights, hot comb, soul food, and carried the entire U.S. on their backs for over 400 years.

They followed us before....why the hell are we following them now? Creativity in exchange for money has never been our goal. We used creativity, brains, and our passions to make life better for ourselves. (and the entire freakin country)

-Keep Up!


Celebrating the life of Michael Jackson (1958- 2009) through his music...

Today we celebrate the life of a "World Icon". Thursday, June 25th, the King of Pop passed away after suffering from cardiac arrest. The world lost a legend, but gained an angle.

Let us take time not to mourn for his death, but to celebrate the miraculous life he lived and the millions of lives he touched with his music.
Since Michael was young he spent his time performing to give others enjoyment, lessons, love, and hope. Michaell also showed a deep love for the youth and dedicated his time to making them smile. The world witnessed a musical genius and one of the greatest talents to ever exist.

MJ you will be missed...

Michael Jackson Albums:

Invincible (October 30th, 2001)

1. Unbreakable

2. Heartbreaker

3. Invincible

4. Break Of Dawn

5. Heaven Can Wait

6. You Rock My World

7. Butterflies

8. Speechless

9. 2000 Watts

10. You Are My Life

11. Privacy

12. Don't Walk Away

13. Cry

14. The Lost Children

15. Whatever Happens

16. Threatened

Blood on the Dance Floor (May 1997)

Blood On The Dance Floor (written by Michael Jackson)

Morphine (written by Michael Jackson)

Superfly Sister (written by Michael Jackson)

Ghosts (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)

Is It Scary (written by Michael Jackson, James Harris & Terry Lewis)

Scream Louder - Flyte Time Remix (written by Michael and Janet Jackson, James Harris & Terry Lewis)

Money - Fire Island Radio Edit (written by Michael Jackson)

2 Bad - Refugee Camp Mix (written by Michael Jackson)

Stranger In Moscow - Tee's In-House Club Mix (written by Michael Jackson)

This Time Around - D.M Radio Mix (written by Michael Jackson)

Earth Song - Hani's Club Experience (written by Michael Jackson)

You Are Not Alone - Classic Club Mix (written by R. Kelly)

History - Tony Moran's History Lesson (written by Michael Jackson)

HIStory (June 20th, 1995)

Billie Jean (written by Michael Jackson)
The Way You Make Me Feel (written by Michael Jackson)
Black Or White (written by Michael Jackson)
Rock With You (written by Rod Temperton)
She's Out Of My Life (written by Tom Bahler)
Bad (written by Michael Jackson)
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (written by Michael Jackson)
Man In The Mirror (written by Siedah Garrett & Glen Ballard)
Thriller (written by Rod Temperton)
Beat It (written by Michael Jackson)
The Girl Is Mine (written by Michael Jackson)
Remember The Time (written by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley & Bernard Bell)
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (written by Michael Jackson)
Wanna Be Startin' Somthin' (written by Michael Jackson)
Heal The World (written by Michael Jackson)

Scream (Duet with Janet Jackson) (written by Michael and Janet Jackson, James Harris III & Terry Lewis)
They Don't Care About Us (written by Michael Jackson)
Stranger In Moscow (written by Michael Jackson)
This Time Around (written by Michael Jackson)
Earth Song (written by Michael Jackson)
D.S (written by Michael Jackson)
Money (written by Michael Jackson)
Come Together (written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
You Are Not Alone (written by R. Kelly)
Childhood (Theme from Free Willy 2) (written by Michael Jackson)
Tabloid Junkie (written by Michael Jackson, James Harris III & Terry Lewis)
2 Bad (written by Michael Jackson)
HIStory (written by Michael Jackson, James Harris III & Terry Lewis)
Little Susie (written by Michael Jackson)
Smile (written by John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons)

Dangerous (November 26th, 1991)

Jam (written by Michael Jackson)
Why You Wanna Trip On Me (written by Teddy Riley & Bernard Bell)
In The Closet (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
She Drives Me Wild (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
Remember The Time (written by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley & Bernard Bell)
Can't Let Her Get Away (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
Heal The World (written by Michael Jackson)
Black Or White (written by Michael Jackson & Bill Bottrell)
Who Is It (written by Michael Jackson)
Give In To Me (written by Michael Jackson & Bill Bottrell)
Will You Be There (written by Michael Jackson)
Keep The Faith (written by Glen Ballard, Siedah Garrett, & Michael Jackson)
Gone Too Soon (written by Larry Grossman & Buz Kohan)
Dangerous (written by Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell & Teddy Riley)

Bad (1987)

1. Bad

2. The Way You Make Me Feel

3. Speed Demon

4. Liberian Girl

5. Just Good Friends (Duet with Stevie Wonder)

6. Another Part of Me

7. Man in the Mirror

8. I Just Can't Stop Loving You

9. Dirty Diana" (Jackon)
10. Smooth Criminal" (Jackson)
Extra track on the CD

11. Leave Me Alone" (Jackson)

Thriller (1982)

1.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" (Jackson)

2.Baby Be Mine" (Temperton)

3. The Girl Is Mine" (with Paul McCartney) (Jackson)

4. Thriller" (Temperton)

5. Beat It" (Jackson)

6. Billie Jean" (Jackson)

7. Human Nature" (Bettis/Porcaro)

8. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" (Ingram/Jones)

9 The Lady In My Life" (Temperton)

Off the Wall (1979)

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

2. Rock with You

3. Working Day and Night

4. Get on the Floor5. Off the Wall

6. Girlfriend" (McCartney)

7. She's out of My Life" (Tom Bahler)

8. I Can't Help It

9. It's the Falling in Love

10. Burn This Disco Out

What's your favorite MJ song or video?


Sneaker Pimps NYC

Frank and The New York Kings are happy to be getting down with Sneaker Pimps once again, this time in our home bast of NYC.

Friday June 26th Sneaker Pimps NYC

Terminal 5, 610 W 56th St, New York, NY, 10019

Performing live: Big Boi (OutKast), Jadakiss, Clipse, The Cool Kids, Wale, DJ Clark Kent, Ninjasonik, Team Facelift plus more TBA!!!All Ages.

Tickets $25 presale. $30 at the door. Doors @ 8pm


Socialite on the Scene: More NYC Hot Spots

The Socialite was on the scene this weekend and found a few more spots to help us "Keep UP". Of course that is only if you manage to take a trip to NY and be willing to pay for your experience. I'm talking top notch service, but for a top notch price. It's true what they pay for what you get!

Friday: First stop Le Bernardin, an ultimate seafood restaurant, four course meal, amazing ambiance, people dress like money was born on them, and service that had you feeling like a queen.

What I had:

Almost Raw: Oysters- single variety or assortment of oysters (six pieces)

Barely Touched: Curried Crab- Zucchini Panna Cotta, Vadouvan Spiced Broth

Lightly Cooked: Baked Lobster; White Asparagus; Sauce Gribiche

Dessert Menu: Carrot- Rum Scented Carrot Cake, Golden Raisins, SicilianPistachio, Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Le bernardin 155 W 51st St, New York - (212) 554-1515

Saturday: Second Stop The Private Roof Club at the Gramercy Hotel, an unique outdoor and indoor space, comfortable gathering place, and "Sex and the City" type of vibe. It is a great exclusive spot to go have drinks, breakfast, or lunch.

What I had:

Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread Fig, Goat Cheese

The Private Roof Club 2 Lexington AveNew York, NY 10010(212) 673-5863

Saturday: Third Spot China Grill, an Asian infused restaurant, family style dishes, unique dishes, and truly a destination spot.

What I had:

Caesar Salad- ginger aioli, spiced roasted cashews & crispy wontons

Pan Seared Spicy Tuna- avocado sashimi & wakame seaweed salad.

China Grill New York 60 West 53rd St., New York, NY 10019 212-333-7788

Sunday: Forth Spot Del Frisco's, a steak house thats more than just a steak house! Its steak with a twist.

What I had:

Oysters on a half-shell

Classic Caesar salad

Filet Mignon (one topped with crab sauce, second topped with mushroom sauce, third one topped with garlic sauce)

Del Frisco's 1221 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020-1001(212) 575-5129


Keep Up with the Latest Hair Trends: Wellington Hair Spa

Are you Keeping Up with the latest hair trends? Long hair don't care? Well short is in...and Wellington Hair Spa wanted to make sure you were "Keeping Up"

I want to hear from my guys out there. What do you think about short hair on a woman? Do you prefer long or short? (you can say you like both, but which one do you prefer?)

Keeping Up with the Huxtables
Wellington Hair Spa in the premier hair care salon for New York Professional women. It is located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, and offers a range of services.

119 W 23rd Street, Suite 501, New York, NY 10011 (between 6th and 7th ave)


Friday's Top Ways To Keep UP: Resume/Cover Letters and Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30

1. Today is Friday you aint got no job and you aint got sh@# to do. Wrong! You have to start looking for another option. I have attached a few links that might help you beat out your competition when it comes to looking for a job in this crazy job market.

Resume Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Samples

Resume Samples

2. This might motivate you to finally start making your business idea happen. Click on the link below and look at what these young people are doing: (but before you some of the advice they give us)

Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30

Here are a few tips that they give us:

"Ideas mean nothing if you don't follow up by taking real action. If you think you've got a great idea, go for it. Whether you're in a college dorm or in your basement, get out there and get your hands dirty."
-- Omar Soliman, College Hunks Hauling Junk

"If you plan to put in a year, it's going to take two. If you think it's going to take $100,000, it's going to take $200,000."
-- John Ready, Ready Seafood and Catch a Piece of Maine

"Don't get into a position where you feel comfortable. The biggest steps where we've seen our company grow have taken place when we've stepped out of the comfort zone. It's hard to do, but the second you get comfortable, you're in trouble."
-- Stephanie Goldman, Family Creations

"I had a million failed ideas, aborted ventures, and mediocre projects before WordPress happened. And since then, as well. Never stop experimenting."
-- Matt Mullenweg, WordPress and Automattic

"If you're going to do what everyone else is going to do, you aren't going to be successful."
-- Rob Van Etten, Brighton Cromwell

"Don't just look for a business because you want to start a business. Create a business that solves a problem in your own life. I always tell people that anytime you're irritated or annoyed with the way that anything is going in life, there's an opportunity for a business."
-- Aaron Patzer,

"To have really good days, you have to have tough days. What ends up defining you as an entrepreneur is how you get through those challenges."
-- Chaim Indig, Phreesia

"Follow the path that most interest you and you will find a money-making opportunity -- if you work hard enough."
-- Keith Nothacker, KHN Solutions

"My biggest recipe for success is always focus on understanding what the problem is, who you are solving it for and how you're going to solve it. If you don't do that, then you won't have that sense of purpose and sense of direction."
-- Rahim Fazal, Involver

"It's very important to listen to all the advice you can get. We were a little arrogant when we first started out. But you have to balance your own ambition and confidence with sound advice from people who have real experience."
-- Aaron Levie,

"Get out there and try things out. Don't spend too much time coming up with the perfect plan because nothing ever really works according to plan."
-- Evan Roberts, Phreesia

"You have to put up a very tough exterior. So many people will tell you that your idea isn't good. But at the end of the day, you have to tell yourself that if they haven't shown exactly how it will fail, there's no reason to believe it can't succeed."
-- Claire Chambers, Journelle

"All of the criticism and the doubt motivated us more than anything. Just being the underdogs- that's what really motivated us."
-- Bobby Kim, The Hundreds

"Jump over the edge and take the risk earlier."
-- Vu Thai, Efficient Lighting


Young and Keeping Up- Graphic Designer (George Deron)

We have another one folks! We found someone else that makes our list of Young and Keeping Up.

Born in the Windy City, but now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, George Deron is Young and Keeping Up!

George is 28 and a graduate of Fisk University. He currently works at Vanderbilt University in the athletic department.

But the reason that he makes the list is because he is a great graphic designer! He specializes in logos, websites (html/Blogger/Wordpress), businesscards, t-shirt designs, etc. Check out some of his work below. Also make sure to visit his blog

Here is a little advice that George gives to Graphic Designers trying to "Keep Up": "I just say go out and pursue your dream, but realize that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. Being in design is more than just being artistic. You have to also be in touch with people, to get the feel of what they want so that you can deliver precisely what they want. 'They say your attitude determines your latitude…'"


Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

Keeping Up with the Huxtables

To contact him click below:

George congrats for making the list of Young and Keeping Up!

(If you would like to see yourself on here, send me an email )


Dating: How do we weed out the bad ones, and find the good ones?

When it comes to dating as a young professional it can be a pretty tricky situation. I don't know how it is in other cities, but New York lives up to the whole "Sex and the City".

1. You have your, "We are friends, but let's see if we can take this to another level" dates.

2. You have your, "I met you at a bar even though I was informed that probably won't turn out well" dates.

3. You have your, "On no level do we relate, but I am desperate for someone" dates.

4. You have your, "I am just trying to have sex" dates.

5. You have your, "My friend hooked me up" dates.

And the list goes on....

But how do you find the right dates and make them workout for you?

How do you find what you are looking for?

How do you weed out the bad ones, and find the good ones?

I'm no expert, but here is some things that I learned from my dating spree earlier this year and from my friends:

1. Don't give your number to just any guy that you find attractive. Take time to have a little conversation; it will give you a better idea of what type of person you are dealing with.

2. Go to the events/activities that would have the type of person you might be interested in. If you do not want to date athletes....why are you constantly looking for guys at a NFL Draft party? (sorry that was advice to

3. Ladies the first date should never be at a dudes house. He will get too comfortable, and never think that he has to take you out. You will find yourself in a situation that started off on the wrong foot.

4. Watch how much you give in the beginning! It is always great to slowly give a little. Leave a little for them to work for. Men every woman doesn't deserve all of your hard earned money. Taking them out is fine, but splurging on them....don't be a sucker. Women are we really cooking and having sex on the first few dates? Can he build up to tasting you and your food...

5. Do not continue to date a person that upfront shows you things that you know you will not be able to live with.

6. Never lower your standards for anyone...period!

7. Make sure that you are going on dates where you can have full conversations. In the first few conversations people tend to tell you who they are. They might not tell you everything about themselves, but if you listen carefully, what they are about is easily revealed.

8. You don't have to tell a person what you are looking for or what you them instead. For example: If you think that guys should pay, and your date doesn't, then don't let him take you out again. You don't have to give him a speech; he isn't even worth it.

9. Take time to enjoy your dates. Do not sit there and make sure that they match your long list of things you are looking for in a mate. You might find that your list doesn't even make sense.

10. Be open to stepping out and dating people that you aren't use to dating. You will be surprised who you might end up liking.

11. If you are still in school, try and find someone is so much harder in the real world!

12. Know who you are, and it will be mush easier finding someone that compliments the real you.

13. Stop focusing on the end goal of a relationship, and take time to truly learn things about this person. People that rush will more than likely look over the important things that make any relationship strong. Women stop racing to get married, you will also be the first one divorced.

14. Men you say that you are looking for a woman that is not a hoe, yet you are willing to treat all women that you meet like sluts.

15. Be careful of people that seem to always be in a relationship. These type of people probably are afraid to be alone, and will latch on to anyone. They probably never truly took the time to figure out who they really are.

16. The Gold Diggers should be easy to spot, the hoes easier, but the good woman will probably be the one that makes you wonder...

17. The best advice is to recognize what you put off to the world, so that you can get that back!

-Keep Up!


Personal note from President Obama...telling you to "Keep Up"

We can all learn a thing or two from our President. President Obama has charm that can get him in any door. He also knows the importance of trying to make at least one person smile, because it is impossible to turn the entire world's frown right side up. If you effect at least one person, that person might be able to pass it on.

Look at how our President made this little girl smile:

"Ten-year-old Kennedy Corpus has a rock-solid excuse for missing the last day of school: a personal note to her teacher from President Barack Obama."

When her dad stands up to ask Obama a question on health care, he mentions that his daughter might get in trouble for missing school to be here. Obama of course writes an excuse letter for the little girl. Only Obama! lol

*Make someone smile today...

-Keep Up!


Job Search Links To Help Us All Keep Up!

It isn't quit the "Great Depression", but it can be a depressing time for the hundreds of people that are losing their jobs these days. I know that it can be a headache looking for jobs and finding different sites to do so on, so I have decided to list some sites that may help you out. If you know someone that is looking for a job, make sure to send them a link to this page. We must help each other "Keep Up"...if not us then who?

Marketing Jobs/Sales/PR/Advertising

Government Jobs

Non-Profit Jobs

*If you know of any additional sites please leave them below.
-Keep Up!


Death of Autotune...Are Current Artist not Keeping Up?

Have you heard it yet? Have you heard Jay Z tell us death to autotune? Do you think that music is a form of expression and creativity, and thus autotune is in fact "Keeping Up"? Or is does it show a lack of creativity, and in fact isn't true music? How do you feel?

How are artist measuring up to past artist?


Keeping Up with the Summer Events...

Hey Fam! You know there is a lot of hot events that go in the summer time, especially for us black folks. The grills are coming out, and the real fun is about to begin. Below are a list of major events that will be going on. I will make sure to tell you about smaller events that happen throughout the summer. Check back to find more events near you...

Sunday June 28th, 2009 - BET Awards.

This years host: Jamie Foxx

With performances by:




Soulja Boy

The Dream

Kanye West

June 26th - July 5th Tast of Chicago at Grant Park

Go enjoy over 70 resturants, entertainment, and shopping in downtown Chicago!

July 14th - August 2nd Caribana Festival in Toronto, Canada

Thousands of brilliantly costumed masqueraders and dozens of trucks carrying live soca, calypso, steel pan, reggae and salsa artists performing in a parade all day. This is one of the largest Caribbean festivals in North America.

July 3rd -5th: The Essence Music Festival 2009 in New Orleans

Celebrating it's 15th Anniversary

Schedule for the main stage:

Friday, July 3rd


John Legend


Salt N Pepa

DJ Soul Sista

Saturday, July 4th


Anita Baker

Robin Thicke

Charlie Wilson

Jazmine Sullivan

DJ Soul Sister

Sunday, July 5th

Maze f. Frankie Beverly

Lionel Richie

Al Green

Teena Marie

En Vogue

DJ Soul Sister


"Keeping Up" Summer Readings: Readers Choice

Below is a list of books that Keeping Up readers say are their favorite reads. Take time to read as much as you can this summer. (Don't stop after that...but this is a perfect time to start)

Lopsided by Meredith Norton

The Color of Water by James McBride

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Get the show on the road by Evelyn Allen Johnson

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier

The Operator : David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood by Tom King

Native Son by Richard Wright

Our Kind of People by Lawrence Otis Graham

Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Art of War by Niccolo Machiavelli

Why should white guys have all the fun? by Reginald Lewis

Kindred by Octavia Butler

Tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Roll of thunder hear my cry by Mildred Taylor

Color Purple by Alice Walker

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Shack by William Young

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou

Let us know what your favorite book is to help us "Keep Up"


NYC Howard University "Young Alumni Affair"

If you are in the New York area Fanfare Management & Publicity and Howard University Alumni Club of NYC presents the Young Alumni Mixer. They would like to welcome the class of 2009!

Start Time:
Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 6:00pm

THE DEN Restaurant & Lounge

2150 5th Avenue (between 131 & 132)

Come join HU for drinks and fun!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the HUAC NYC Scholarship Fund.


Young and Keeping Up -A Pinks. is Back!

A. Pinks is back from a brief hiatus with a brand new freestyle over Rick Ross' Mafia Music. Let us know what you think!

**[New Music]** Pinks- Mafia Music Freestyle


Why He Invented Facebook/Twitter and You Didn't.

1. You focus on what your resume says; he focuses on how he is going to sell what he has done.

2. You focus on what you have done; he focuses on where he is going.

3. You keep building skills; he keeps building his network up.

4. You work hard at your job; he uses you to get ahead.

5. You keep writing down your ideas; he already took one of his and put it to work.

6. You ask why; he ask why not?

7. You complain about your obstacles; he uses it to make him stronger.

8. You spend more time complaining; he listens why you complain and develops twitter.

9. You want to get to the top alone; he surrounds himself with good people and still gets to the top.

10. You focus on money; he focuses on an idea.

11. You wear labels; he rocks Kmart.

12. You come together to party, he comes together to plan.

13. You are waiting for someone to hand you something; he takes it.

He is looking at the world and saying what's next; you are looking at the world and saying I can't wait to see what's next.

Keeping Up Exercise:

This week get a notebook that you can keep with you at all times.

You are going to write down two types of things.

1. Interesting things people say regarding their needs or complaints. (The lady next to me wish that they would make a Making The Band Reunion)

2. Things throughout the day that frustrate you and things you wish you had to make that moment in your life easier. (Ex: I am late for my train and I wished there was something that would get me through the gates faster)

3. Things that come to your mind that make you say...I wish that

At the end of the week look at your notebook and start going through your list. Start thinking about how you can improve that complaint someone had, frustration you had, or that thing that made you say I wish.

Ask someone else to do the assignment also so that you can brainstorm and discuss.

Take that idea and turn it into the next hot thing.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The point of this assignment is to force you to think outside of the box. It will also force you to create ideas. There is so much going on around us and everyday people tell you what they want. This assignment will force you to listen to what is going on, and force you to turn it into an idea.

As blacks we need to start creating and inventing again. Don't let the next idea pass us by.


Lesson of the Day...

I wonder what God has in store for me today? Yesterday he showed me that its time to remove all of the people and the things from my life that are holding up progress.

So often we surround ourselves with people that do nothing but add to the number of barriers we place on our own path.

We constantly search for the purpose they have in our lives, keeping a strong grip on someone that needs to be let go.

You are constantly trying your best to move forward, but someone is reaching for you to stay back with them.

The scary part is when you don't realize that the person isn't just trying to pull you back, but is using you to move forward.

Take a moment to evaluate the people you have in your life. Is there a bunch of takers that don't give?

Is there a list of people that can compile an entire list of the things you do for them, but scratch their head wondering what they have done for you?

You need to surround yourself with people that are going to help get you to the point where you can succeed. Even if they simply are the one that makes you smile when you speak to them once a month. Its not about the amount of things these people give, its the positive energy they put in your life when they do.

Negative people equals negative energy. Negative energy equals little progress. Little progress equals a road to no where. Where are you headed?


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