Friday's Top Ways to Keep Up...Moving on Up to the East Side...

It is that crazy time of the year when there are millions of people looking for new places to live. If you live in a college town, then you know what I mean. This is the time when all of the students are searching for their new college pad. Also, if you are an emerging professional you are probably looking for something that is cheaper...reccssion proof that is. Well I am one of those millions of people. I am currently moving out of my apartment, and the process has been interesting, to say the least. From finding movers to finding a new home.... I have learned a thing or two that might make things easier.

1. The worst day of the week to move is on a Friday. The moving companies say that everyone usually moves out on a Friday.

2. The worst day of the month to move is the last day in the month.

3. Make sure that you book movers way in advance.

4. Try to find moving companies that have their own storage. You can get a lot of deals on prices this way.

5. Search craigslist for movers if you don't think the moving companies prices are reasonable.

6. Make sure to send your new address to all the necessary parties before you move.

7. Go to grocery stores if you want to get boxes for free.

8. Make sure that you have boxes, packing tape, and newspaper.

10. Make sure that you have a marker to label all of your boxes.

11. Sort through your belongings to reduce the number of things you have to move.

12. Donate items you no longer need to charity. You can also write this off for tax purposes.

13. Save all moving receipts because some moving expenses can be tax deductible.

14. Place your legal and medical documents in a hidden place or carry them on you...not with the movers.

15. Once all of your items are moved, make sure that you check all of your inventory before signing the delivery papers.

Those are just a few things that I wrote down to make sure that my moving went smoothly. I currently am almost done moving, and now I have to find a new place to live. Of course finding a place before you move is the smart thing to do, but I waited last minute. I will tell you about that experience when it is over.

Til then "Keep Up"

And on Monday find out who won this weeks $50 gift certificate prize. Participants have until midnight to compete.


Henry Louis Gates a Jungle Monkey?

Today one of "Keeping Up's" readers, Politicista, brought to my attention the following:

Today , FORMER officer Justin Barrett (a white officer) referred to Henry Louis Gates as a " Jungle Monkey"

She asked the following:

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Do you think President Obama will address this in the meeting tomorrow with professor Henry Louis Gates and Police Sergeant James Crowley ?

The Inquisitr reported:

In a “mass email” authored by a Boston Police Officer, he calls Harvard Professor Henry Gates a “Jungle Monkey” among other racial slurs.

36 year old Boston Police officer, Justin Barrett, has been stripped of his badge and gun and relieved of duty without pay pending the outcome of a termination hearing after his department learned of the racially charged email he authored and sent to several other people.

Read more:

I think it is funny how there was this vast uproar on how black people jump to conclusions and always assume someone is racist, and then immediately after someone does something racist. Sergeant James Crowley you may not be racist, but clearly members of your department are. The fact that the officer thought it was cool to send that type of email, indicates to me that he is use to doing things like this in the office. What does that say about the Boston police department? Come on we are talking about Boston. It will be fascinating to hear how/if Obama addresses this issue.

-Keep Up!


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

"Until we're educating every kid in a fantastic way, until every inner city is cleaned up, there is no shortage of things to do." -Bill Gates


Discussion Topic of the Day: TMZ for President

Recently it hit the fan that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have split. The amount of attention they are getting, you would have thought the Obama's had split. Although they were a pretty interesting couple....I ask who cares??????????????

For a minute I have really been trying to figure out how to shift our attention off of celebrities and on to more important matters. I think that it is okay to entertain yourself with a little bit of celebrity gossip, but it becomes ridiculous when people spend more time wrapped up in other people's lives and not doing anything to add to their own. Do you understand how many hits TMZ gets a day?

I have been brainstorming on ways to get our race to take the time to learn about other things going on in the world and their own backyard for awhile, and of course came up with this blog.

But what do you think are some simple ways to get people to focus on more positive things, successful people besides stars, the economy, reading, etc...? (let's take these ideas and put them to work)

Do you think that we spend too much time reading celebrity gossip or do you think that it is not a problem?


A Socialite Flies High and then she Jumps...

Chanelle Dumas

Socialite on the Scene: Socialite Ihavesuperpower hits...

Sky Diving

A Socialite is a trendsetter, and should not be afraid to take risks and set the bar. This goes for all aspects of her life from personal style, relationships, to her career moves, and her partying. I live by the same philosophy when it comes to exploring the world and seeking thrills! This is why when my friend Dr. Jones decided to get a group of folks together to go SKYDIVING, the only question in my head was, "where do I sign up?", oh and, "how much is it?", lol.

We went Skydiving last Saturday in East Moriches, NY at the Long Island Skydiving Center. For all my NYC and Northeast Socialites, the facility is pretty accessible. If you can get to the Hampton's (Long Island Railroad or Car), then you can get to the Long Island Skydiving Center with ease. It is a little bit pricey, averaging just under $250 for the jump, $50 of that you pay before hand as your deposit, but how much is having an amazing, once in a lifetime experience worth to you? To me, this sort of experience is PRICELESS, and my counterparts agreed!

There were 10 of us in all who took the leap together (pun intended) and we each opted to pay the additional fee to have our first jumped filmed and photographed. It would also be turned into an awesome DVD, where our Jumpmaster (<--the person we are attached to while jumping and whom we are entrusting with our lives) has a camera attached to his/her wrist, and they film us from start to finish. To my own surprise (well not really :p) I wasn't scared. I was so excited and so ready to 'Just Do It'. When we arrived at the facility we were briefed on the way things would go. We had to sign the release forms and watch the funniest video ever. The staff were really knowledgeable and light-hearted; they certainly helped to ease the nerves. We then broke into groups of two (the plane could only fit two jumpers; the two jumpmasters and the pilot...literally) and I was ready to brave the adventure with another socialite you all might be familiar with, Chef Brittany Erin "The Culinary Goddess". We got strapped in our harnesses and met our jumpmasters. We then got instructed on the way things would turn out. My jumpmaster George has over 7,000 jumps logged, so that made me really comfortable. He comes to the Skydiving facility every summer from Texas and jumps all day, every day. What an excruciatingly cool summer job that is! Finally it's time; no looking back. We approached the plane and the next thing we know we were heading up to 10,000 feet. I think I was too much in awe of the beautiful scenery on the flight to be nervous. As we rose, I could see all of West Hampton beach, the beautiful homes, the water, it was gorgeous. Chef Brittany Erin being the "G" that she is, decided to jump first. I'll admit I got nervous for a few seconds when we are in the midst of the clouds and all of a sudden the door to the plane opens! Wind Gushes in, and I can see these now itty bitty houses and trees below me. That was CRAZY! But just as soon as the door opens my girl and her jumpmaster were OUT, literally. The next thing I knew it was my turn. I didn't have time to be too much more nervous was now or never. "Put one leg out on the step and we're off", says George. I did and before my brain had time to register we were doing a front flip out of the plane into the abyss! I've never felt more alive and more free than I did soaring through the sky, literally. Forget Nelly Furtado, I WAS LIKE A BIRD! :-) At first the wind was gushing in my face and it took a few seconds for me to remind myself to breathe, but once I did, just as soon my breath was taken again. But this time it was because of the aerial view of The Hampton's, the beach, the Atlantic Ocean , the trees, the sky and the pure adrenaline rush! There is nothing else in the world you can do to experience such a mind-blowing wonderful sensation. Trust me...I've Cannoned down the base of the Alps in France, I've done the Cliff Jump in Jamaica, I've parasailed, bunged, I've been hang-gliding...nothing else compares! The feeling was intoxicating and just like that it was over. We only free fall for about 45 seconds before our jumpmaster pulls the parachute and then we're floating. I felt like I was literally sitting on top of the world. George allowed me to take control of the parachute and showed me how to steer and do tricks on our decent back to the earth, before we landed smoothly on the facility grounds. I will never for as long as I live forget the feeling and the views. To me it was worth every DIME, and I definitely want to go again. Push yourself to the limit! Do something you have always wanted to do or never thought you could. And if you don't like rides, roller-coasters or heights...this is nothing like that. Your stomach doesn't drop and give you that sick's a totally different sensation. There's a scientific reason as to why it's different as well, something about not seeing the ground...but I'm no scientist. So google that, lol and check out for more information.

Skydiving is a physical manifestation of the way I approach life in general. The way I see it, you should go into every situation with a positive attitude. You may be nervous, you may be scared, the outcome is unknown, but you just go for it and be confident that you will land on your feet. Hopefully the journey is exhilarating and fun. You will have tons of stories to share with your friends and family in the end! That's exactly what this experience was for me. Live a little folks...or live a's your choice...but never let fear hold you back! Much love and know who it is! ;-) If you're not following me on twitter @ihavesuperpower, why aren't you?...get with it!


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

Always have business cards! If you are a college student, business owner, or an employee of another company, you need business cards. There are so many outlets that you can use to get cards made.

If you are a student or just starting off, and it is hard for you to invest in the top quality cards, here is a site that you can get FREE business cards made to start you off.

It is very important that you are able to share your information with someone else...that is the key to networking!

-Keep Up!


Discussion Topic of the Day: Does Colorism still exist?

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about Spike Lee trying to come out with a School Daze II. We were reminded of the popular scene in the original movie where the predominantly light-skinned African American women of the Gamma Rays, a women's auxiliary to the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity, battle it out with a number of natural-coifed fellow co-eds, who are predominantly dark-skinned. This scene was clearly highlighting how much colorism existed during this time.

We started discussing what areas of the HBCU experience would Spike Lee cover in a more updated School Daze. We couldn't determine if something like colorism would be a strong enough topic for him to still cover during this generation.

Do you think that colorism still exist amongst black college students? Is it still as strong of an issue as it was back in the day?

What other issues do you think black colleges face?


Socialite on the Scene: Giant Step Presents Svedka Sessions


Socialite on the Scene: NYDelight hits up...

Giant Step teamed up with Svedka for a series of listening sessions, bringing the best bands and emerging artist. The series will take place at the Hudson Hotel in New York in the private garden, Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel in LA, and the Florida Room at the Delano in Miami.

July 22nd, Wale and Mark Ronson kicked off the start of the session in New York at the Hudson Hotel. On a hot Wednesday night, people were packed into the private garden at the Hudson. Mark Ronson was on the 1s and 2s to warm the crowd. Svedka cocktails were passed out, there were also several Svedka cash bars for patrons to enjoy custom cocktails.

Wale hit the stage in a NY Mets throwback jersey and matching fitted backed by his UCB band. Wale rocked the crowd with old and new songs. The crowd was rocking and singing to every song. After his set Wale chatted with fans, posed for pictures before, and then finished with a few interviews.

I was able to catch up with Wale prior to his departure. He is currently on an insane promo tour for his first solo album " Attention: Deficit" which is scheduled to be released September 25th.

To learn more about Giant Step:
To learn more about Svedka:
To learn more about Wale:


Friday's Top Ways to Keep Up: Win $50 Gift Certificate

In order for us to truly "Keep Up" we must spark conversation about what is going on in our community, work together to find solutions, truly ask questions to those that are making moves, and give positive feedback to those around us. I want my blog to be the place that you feel free to do that.

But we must get the momentum going...

The person that comments the most from today until next Friday (7/24- 7/31) on each different post will win a $50 gift certificate to any place of your choice, and will be sent to you in the mail the following week.


1. You must leave a comment that either sparks conversation, gives feedback to the person being featured, or a comment to someone that has already left a comment.

2. You must send me an email with the name you are using to comment so that I can reply to the email if you win.

2. Do not leave links to your websites

3. Have fun! It's time to work together to take our race to another level.

-Keep Up!


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

The key to being successful is doing something that is unique and different. This takes a lot of creative thinking, innovative ideas, research, and dedication. The problem is that a lot of people rather not put the time and energy into doing something unique, because it is much easier to just do something that has already been done. That means either working for someone else or duplicating what you are already see out there.

A great example is when I entered the blogging world. The most successfull blogs were the celebrity and gossip blogs. I could have just went that route and got a lot more hits faster. But I decided to blog about what was in my heart, and that was shining a positive light on the black community.

Stay true to your ideas and work hard to make it the next hottest thing. People like MJ created a new style of music and music videos for his generation. What will you create?

-Keep Up!


Socialite on the Scene: R&B Live DC

Renaissance Woman

Socialite on the Scene: Renaissance Woman hits up:

R&B Live D.C.,KeKe Wyatt

Just when you thought I was done, the young socialite Renaissance Woman is at it again. What a better way to "keep up" then to stay on top of new music and talented artists, but more importantly the support behind the music.

Last night, thanks to Candice Nichole of Candice Nichole PR, I had the pleasure of attending R&B Live DC. Myself and my plus one, Miss Rhea Whitney were on the scene at the grown & sexy affair!


Rhea ( and Renaissance Woman

Keeping up with the Huxtables

Renaissance Woman and Candice Nichole (

R&B Live DC was started in September 2008 by Carla Truitt. It’s a monthly showcase that happens in Washington, DC that features national artists as well as independent artists. Why are they keeping up? R&B Live brings the District's music lovers together to bring light to artists of all kinds. Every artist doesn't have a Top 10 music video or a hit single on the radio to showcase their talent. This event keeps music lovers on top of new music and keeps artists inspired to make more of it.

R&B Live has attracted past patrons such as BET founder Bob Johnson, NBA Legend Michael Jordan, Washington Redskins Clinton Portis & Santana Moss, Grammy Nominated Producer Chucky Thompson, Grammy Winning Producer Rich Harrison, Best Selling Author Zane, NBA’s Kevin Durrant, Darkchild Ent. Producer Osinachi and many more.

Some of the past performers have been Marsha Ambrosius (of Floetry), Howard Hewett, Case, Chuck Brown, Wayna, Miriamm Wright, Dawn Richardson of Danity Kane and more. Their partners in past events have been BETJ, Nuvo and Ciroc, and more.

With the tagline "Continuing to be Washington, DC’s Premiere Spotlight," the popular monthly event has found its way to a new location for July. Since its beginning, R&B Live has been held at Posh Lounge but has a new home at DC hot spot Station 9 on the historic U St and a new partner, Crown Royal.

The producer of the show, Carla Pruitt, hosted the event and was joined by DC’s own legendary DJ Kool on the 1s and 2s.

To open the show was the talented Stax Records recording artist N’dambi. You may not know her by name but this soulful songstres is no stranger to the industry and is definately keeping up! She toured as a background singer for Grammy Award winning artist Erykah Badu and also co-wrote “Baduizm” and “Mama’s Gun”. Her debut album on Stax will be titled “Pink Elephant” and will be released in the fall.

N' dambi,R&B Live D.C.


Every month R&B Live showcases a different artist. For the month of July R&B Live DC brought us the talented Keke Wyatt. Most of us know KeKe from the hit single “My First Love” with R&B singer Avant or "Nothing in this World," but she came on the scene some time before that. In 2001, Keke graced the music world with her debut cd “Soul Sista” which sold over 600,000 units. How is KeKe Wyatt keeping up? She is now working as an independent artist and is going to release a new album titled “Ghetto Rose” in the fall.

KeKe Wyatt,R&B Live D.C.

Keke Wyatt

KeKe Wyatt,R&B Live D.C.,Jaguar Wright

KeKe joined on stage by singer-songwriter Jaguar Wright, former R&B Live featured artist.

For more information on R&B Live DC visit, on Keke Wyatt please visit, and on N’dambi please visit


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

Determine what your "organization" style is. If you are a young professional chances are your schedule is jammed pack. And if you are like me you wish that you had a personal secretary to help you stay organized. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how to manage my blog and make sure that I was writing and covering a topic under each of my sections. After many different methods I decided to create a huge board that broke down every section and allowed for me to hang topics under each section. It worked!


I realized that I was a "visual" person, and that was the best way for me to stay organized. The key is to determine what works for you. Some people rely on other people, some have a planner, some use their black berry's...

Today completely take control of your life and put it all in order. Organization is key to staying on the right track.

-Keep Up!


Planet Sushi: Keeping Up or Not?

Restaurant Review
Keeping Up or not?
Planet Sushi
200 W 79th St
New York, NY
(212) 712-2162

Planet Sushi

It was your typical taste you get when you are eating cheap sushi , not bad...but not amazing. (although you can find some great cheap sushi at other spots) The presentation was average, and the food didn't look as fresh as it could have. But overall I wasn't completely disappointed when I took a bite of my tuna roll, and the crab salad that my partner Jamel had was on point.
Sushi,Planet Sushi,Brandi Womack

crab salad,Sushi,Planet Sushi

Sushi,Planet Sushi

Sushi,Planet Sushi

What I ordered: Sushi Regular, Miso Soup, and House Salad.

It was lunch time so I didn't order a cocktail this time; instead I had their mango drink. Now the drink was great! It was definitely fresh mangos in every gulp of the drink.

What I ordered: Mango Drink

I loved that they had a large amount of seating out doors. It was the perfect setting for a cool summer day. The inside was pretty cool also. It was a little corney that they had planets hanging from the celling of the inside, but I see what they were trying to do.

The service was good. It is always a plus when the bus boy comes around and fills my glass when he notices that it is getting empty. Or when the waitress comes back to check to see if we are enjoying our food. The only thing I didn't like is when she didn't bring us the lunch menu during lunch time. (Was she trying to get us to order something more expensive for no

The prices were overall pretty cheap. I mean you can find some cheap sushi spots, but a lot of the larger ones are pretty expensive.

Keeping or not?: I would say "not" in terms of really wanting to enjoy some sushi....but "yes" because of how late they stay open. If you want to eat sushi at 2am...they will be open! And the outdoor seating is great.

So make this a late night destination instead of pizza, and enjoy outside seating in the summer time.


Socialites on the Scene: Sneaker Pimps DC



Renaissance Woman

Socialites on the Scene: Renaissance Woman and NyDelight hit up:

Sneaker Pimps DC

Verizon Wireless presents Sneaker Pimps World Tour 2009 - DC

It's been a while since you all have heard from the Renaissance Woman but I'm back fam!! Even though I've been gone, I'll NEVER forget to "keep up" and stay on the DC scene. This past weekend the sneaker lovers of DC all gathered in freshness to attend the Sneaker Pimps World Tour on Saturday, July 18th at the DC Star. The entire tour is sponsored by Verizon Wireless and they are set to hit majors cities around the US over the next couple of months. How is Sneaker Pimps keeping up? It's obvious. If your shoe game is not on point, you might not be "keeping up!" Check out these fresh kicks:

Sneaker Pimp DC
Renaissance Woman takes photo

Sneaker Pimps is the worlds largest touring sneaker hip-hop lifestyle exhibition featuring over 1500 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers and a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography.

The Sneaker Pimps Tour was founded in Sydney, Australia by Peter Fahey and has traveled to more than 60 cities world-wide and put on over 200 shows since 2003. Over 500 of the worlds top up & coming street artists have contributed original works to the Sneaker Pimps World Tour, including: Futura, Dave White, Stash, Mister Cartoon, Shepard Fairey, Tokidoki, Dave Kinsey, SBTG, Methamphibian, Doze, Bigfoot, Tkid, Cope2, London Police, Dalek, Claw Money, Lady Pink, Ghost and many more.

The tour also features live street art installations, live skateboarding demonstrations, street basketball competitions and live hip-hop and rock performances by some of the world's foremost recording artists.

Sneaker Pimps DC showcased the raw talent of up and coming artists of the District and the hometown hero WALE. Other performances included Clipse, J. Cole, UCB, Phil Ade', Kingpin Slim, and X.O. This year the live are installations were done by Art Whino.

Here is what NYdelight had to say about the performances:

"I checked in with my DMV people at DC Star club just in time to see a slightly horse J.Cole taking the stage. He did not let that affect his flow. As you all know J.Cole is a new artist, so the DMV was not that familiar, but he woke them up with hits like, ' Lights Please' and 'Simba'. "

"Next, was DMVs own Wale with his UCB band, which is amazing. He shut the venue down with hit after hit like, 'Chillen' ,and his latest hit, "Pretty Girls" , which took the crowd to the next level. Young Chris also was in the building for 'Night Life'. I can't say enough about Wale and his band, Jay-Z Roc Nation and Allido Records are going to win with this."

"In the late hours post 1am, the Clipse took the stage. The performed 'Kinda Like a Big Deal' and classics like 'Keys open doors', and 'What happened to that boy'. They also plugged 'Til the Casket' drops which slated to drop in late 09. One of the most underrated rap duos, who never disappoint, the Clipse."

The tour has already hit several major cities such as L.A., Atlanta, Houston, Miami and NYC. Be sure to get Sneaker Pimped in a city near you! The next stops are Boston (7/25), Philly (8/8), Minneapolis (8/14), Chicago (8/21), San Francisco (8/29) and Seattle (9/5).

For more information on the Verizon Wireless Sneaker Pimps World Tour 2009 visit
Check JCole out
Check Wale out


Young and Keeping Up: "Cat" Peoples

Cat Peoples,Cat Peoples

Name: Catherine "CAT" Peoples

Age: 24

Industry: Entrepreneur: Music/Theatre/Fashion

Location: New York

College: Howard University

I am "Keeping Up" because I am using all of my gifts to inspire others. I am an Entrepreneur!

What I actually do is: Founder and CEO of Dare To Be Entertainment, LLC, a New York based company that provides a variety of services including:

Talent Management (Clifton Ross III, Top 10 Finalist on BET Sunday Best)

Clifton Ross

Theatre Production Management (World Renowned Three Mo Tenors)

Three Mo Tenors

Brand and Product Development (Flawless Remi Hair Distribution Company-Co-Owner).

Cat Peoples

Amongst those things, I am a Plus Size Model under DSE Model Management


I look up to Sean Combs, Oprah and Tyler Perry in my industry, because of their hard work, discipline, drive, persistence and heart.

My first job was: as an employee, Dairy Queen, and as an Entrepreneur, I opened a nail shop in my dorm room to pay rent and tuition.

My first job out of college was: Actor in the hit musical, Caroline or Change, as an understudy in Washington DC.

Biggest Career Move: When I launched Flawless Remi, the hair distribution company. With the industry I am in, you have to constantly grind and be creative to stay working. Flawless was birthed in the middle of a recession. It was sorta left field from what I was currently doing, but it was something different that caught my attention. My brother was playing basketball over in China and came across something jaw dropping. He realized that African Americans were spending billions of dollars on hair extensions, but were not capitalizing on it at all. He saw how much it cost to prepare hair, and I shared with him how much we spent on it. It was mind blowing. We said enough is enough. Its time to help our people save money and make money. I had very little money to invest, but I understood that I was in the position to help others, to give all of those hair stylists,salon owners and independent beauty supply stores an opportunity to cater to their own clientele.

My Best quality is that I am HARD WORKER. I was always taught to make sure your purpose is clear and that it lines up with everything you do. My purpose in life is to inspire and encourage others by putting my best foot forward and working hard while pleasing God. If you work hard, the money will come. People will notice your heart and your drive, and will do whatever they can to use you. If you can't be used, you are useless. So as long as you are living a purposeful life, let them folk use you, but most importantly, let God use you.

My Worst quality is that I am a HARD WORKER. Because I work so hard, I seem to fall short on spending time with people that are close to me, my family, and friends.

People might be surprised to know: I am a trained Equity Actor and that gift is something that has taken the back seat in my life, but will be calling shot gun soon.

I hate that people dream without bringing that dream to life. Don't you know with Faith you can do the impossible and see the invisible. Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

Latest reads: Reposition Yourself, by TD Jakes, Cook Yourself Thin, (Forgot the author but Great Book for those wanting to cut calories, change diets, and improve health without sacrificing the food you love).

Blogs/websites I follow: I'm Keeping Up, Young Fat and Fabulous, theybf, and YouTube (don't judge me lol)

Magazines I read: Black Enterprise, Essence and Plus Model Magazine

Most embarrassing moment: Fell in the middle of Time Square during rush hour.

The best thing about what I do is that I love it and I'm in competition with no one but myself! No one can NEVER do what I do because they are not me, just like I cant do what anyone else does. What's meant for me is for me and no one else! Don't you just love how God works!

Quote you live by
: "Where the Focus Goes, the Power Flows"

What advice do you have for people trying to "Keep Up" in your industry: Do not be afraid to fail! Network Network Network. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Its great to Volunteer in the field you want to succeed in, because that is where you make your mark. People will notice your work ethic and would want to help you. Find a few good mentors in your field, not necessarily to "hook you up" with jobs, but to give great advice and listen to you when you are faced with decisions to be made.

Cat Peoples is "Young and Keeping Up"

Cat Peoples (Catherine Peoples)


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

Relationship Communication:

Lack of communication is the number one problem in most relationships. Everyone looks at situations from their own perspectives and often times that is not how their mate sees it. The key is to be completely open and honest at all times so that you are able to express your point of view to the other person.

The other part of being open and honest, is listening to each other. You must be open to listening to whatever the person has to say. You must also take into consideration what they are saying and don't just let it go out your other ear.

Finally you must be willing to make compromises. Once you have discussed a certain issue, together you must come up with a solution to the issue.

If you eliminate one of the above you will have issues either during the situation or later on down the line.

Keep Up and Keep your relationships going strong...


Socialite on the Scene: "The Hangover Tour"

Confessions of a socialite on the move...

The Great Hangover Tour
Nokia Theatre, Times Square
Wednesday 15 July 2009 at 7:00pm

The Great Hangover Tour,Asher Roth,Kid Cudi

I got last minute tickets for the Hangover Tour, which included performances by 88 Keys, Asher Roth, and headliner, Kid Cudi. I arrived a few minutes into 88 Keys award performance where he spent most of his time talking in a "drunken" stooper. During his set he also played tracks he had produced over past years {which sounded much better than his lyrics over other beats}. Needless to say, I was ready for the next set.

After a short delay, Asher hit the stage with his white hype man. The duo rocked the stage with hits from his freshman album. He also got interactive with the audience and his "Blunt Cruise". I was delighted by his set. I am not a big Ash Roth fan, but the kid can rock a show. The kid also has a lot of people supporting him like Jim Jones, who laced the crowd with a few verses on "I love College". I walked away not a fan but an Ash Roth supporter. I respect his hustle. He is good at what he does in his lane.

Now for the main event. I have been sold on the "Day n Nite" superstar since the start. I first saw him live doing a mini set for "Busta n Friends" several months back; however, I was eager to see a full Kid Cudi show. The super laid back star did exactly that, give us a show. In addition to performing his radio hits, he also performed album cuts such as " Mr. Solo Dolo" & "Heart of a Lion". Kid Cudi did not disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting his debut album, "Man on the Moon", which is now slated to be released September 15th, instead of August 25th.

If you are "Keeping Up", you will do yourself a favor, and cop that CD.

Here is what Asher Roth had to say about the tour: "We really just wanted people to have a good time," Roth told MTV News. By calling the tour "Great Hangover," Roth explained, they're pointing out that "if you [leave] the party, and you're not hungover the next morning, you didn't do it right."

To "Keep Up" with the artist follow the links below:

(Below are some more recommended events by NYDelight)

NYdelight is Keeping up....Keeping up with Summer..Here is an event that you can enjoy this summer.

Epiphany Mediallc has launched "Summer Fridays", a weekly event that last from 1-8. Guest are invited to enjoy complimentary Sobe infused drinks and small bites of Las Esquina.

In addition to the spirits, there is also an awesome photographer who is able to snag picks of you and your friends in the photo booth. Check out the website for more information:


Socialite on the Scene: NAACP Centennial Celebration

You know it would not have been "Keeping Up" if Keeping Up with the Huxtables did not attend the NAACP Centennial Convention. One of Keeping Up's Socialites hit the scene this week and shared with us her inspirational experience.

Meet Socialite ihavesuperpower:

So everyone is discussing President Obama's speech at the Freedom Fund Dinner/Spingarn Awards at the NAACP Centennial Convention, and while the President did in fact 'Barack' the house, we will circle back to that because the convention was full of awesome events and fabulous people. The Convention kicked off July 11, at the New York Hilton with the theme,"Big Dreams, Bold Victories", setting the tone for the week.

Day 1: Health Care Reform- Tackling a 'current barrier' that needed some real attention, the first day was devoted to Health care disparities, but more importantly to discussing health care reform. Two dynamic African American medical pioneers, Dr. Carolyn Britton, President of the National Medical Association, and Dean of the historically black Meharry College, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, led the panel discussion amongst other leaders in medicine and health care experts.

The luncheon that day was graced by a socialite, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and youth advocate, whose name we should all know, Terrie Williams of the Terrie Williams Agency. Ms. Williams is the founder of one of the countries most successful public relations firms, and she does amazing work in the community.

Day 2: The Black Community- The convention flowed into Sunday with none other than Rev. Al Sharpton leading the Prayer breakfast, and with seminars targeting several pertinent issues affecting the black community today. If you weren't registered for the conference, then Sunday was your day as there was a public mass meeting featuring names such as Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Julian Bond. The NAACP made sure everyone who was interested could "Keep Up".

Day 3: President of NACCP host Swanky Party- As the weeks festivities carried on, there was a fabulous party hosted by the President of the NAACP, Benjamin Jealous, at the swanky Espace Lounge. You might have bumped shoulders with anyone from Dionne Warwick to Jurnee Smollett to Judge Greg Mathis.

Day 4: Legislation, Concert, 40/40 Club- Tuesday was focused on Legislation. The general body discussed urgent policy issues affecting the African American community that will be brought to Congress. Present for the discussion was the Honorable Gregory Meeks and the controversial Republican Committee Chair, Michael Steele. Later that evening the legendary Diva, Patti LaBelle, wowed the members with a concert at Nokia Theatre. The CT NAACP shut down Jay-Z's 40/40 club that evening with a packed crowd until about 5AM. The highlight of that affair was no doubt the extensive tribute to Michael Jackson provided by Hot 93.7's DJ Playtime.

Day 5: History Makers, Gospel Concert, All White Yacht Party- Wednesdays plenary session was power packed with heavy hitters and history makers. This is a type of event that a politically charged and well-informed socialite *ehem* would not miss! I'm just going to drop the names. If you don't know who any of these folks are then get your google, wiki, and book game up and learn your history!

Daisy Bates & the Little Rock 9

Andrew Jackson Young

Doug Wilder

Dorothy Height

Jesse Jackson

Vernon Jordan

Colin Powell

It was delightful that they were able to grace us with their intriguing histories and thoughts on our future. This session was truly history in the making. I had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy Height. And I was sitting with Civil Rights Pioneer, Benjamin Hooks, at the Gospel concert later that evening. The Gospel concert featured recording artists Smokie Norful, Mary Mary, and Hezekiah Walker, where they blew us all away in the name of Praise! What a blessing! I had to catch myself jamming too hard to Mary Mary's hit single "God in Me" though, lol. Following the Gospel Extravaganza, NAACP Vice Chairwoman, the always FLY, Rosalind M. Brock, hosted an all white yacht party along the Hudson River. Ooh La La!

Day 6: President Barack Obama- Thursday was the day I was waiting for! The NAACP would be addressed in her 100th year by this countries 1st black President. How ironic? How powerful? The City of New York was on lock down. Police and secret service were EVERYWHERE! The anticipation and excitement was palpable as I arrived to the Hilton for the Freedom Fund Dinner/Spingard Awards. I believe the sentiment was mutual amongst all guests; who or what is a better embodiment of the convention theme "Bold Dreams, Big Victories", than President Barack Hussein Obama? As I sat in my seat, I was in awe of the "Greatness" that filled the air. I looked around and saw Gayle King, Radio Giant Tom Joyner, Music Mogul Diddy, Rap Pioneer Kool Moe Dee, athletes, doctors, legislators, etc. All of these people came together to celebrate not only our triumphs as a people, but to show their support in the strides we must continue to take going forward.

Here are a few moments from his speech:

"Because of them, I am able to stand here tonight, on the shoulders of Giants." (Addressing our ancestors)

"structural inequalities are our biggest barriers today"

"still today we [African Americans] embody the most diseases, but are the least likely to have health insurance...we know these thing. But it is about the action, the reform that we put in place NOW that will take us into the next century and beyond." (Addressing Health Reform)

"what's required to overcome today's barriers is the same as what was needed then, a sense of urgency, a sense of community" (calling on us not to be complacent)

"we simply cannot rest, we've got a lot of work to do"

My favorite line from the speech: we have to teach OUR children that their destiny is in their hands...No excuses... & they cant ALL aspire to be Lebron or Lil' Wayne.

I think the thing that resonates with me the most was when the President said, "on the 200th Anniversary of the NAACP...let it be said that THIS generation did our part". I immediately thought of the impact I am trying to make on our community and on the world.. how can I intensify my efforts? Our people have been through so many trials and tribulations, much greater than a recession. We've been in a recession since we were taken from our homeland, in my humble opinion. So looking towards the future, I ask of you, what will your part be? What is your legacy? Do you dare to Dream Boldly enough to conquer your own Big Victories?

Happy 100th Birthday NAACP! For more details on the Centennial Celebration and to watch President Obama's speech for yourself: visit And stay tuned for more updates from your favorite Socialite on the Scene *wink* just kidding. And follow me on twitter @ihavesuperpower. Ta-Ta!


Keeping Up Tip of the Day...

Remain cool at all times...

Your worries and doubts only dig bigger holes for you.

Don't spend more time complaining then concentrating on how to come up with a solution for the situation you are in.

Your negative energy will take over and nothing positive will come out of the situation.

The Key is to spend more time on the solution then the problem.

-Keep Up!


Friday's Top Ways To Keep Up...

Friday's List:


Beauty and Style Tips

Hot Jeans

Unemployment rate now and during the Great Depression

1. Branding is always key! Especially when you are going into your own business. You want to make sure that your brand is visible in a lot of different ways.

For example: I am trying to promote my website and increase brand awareness.

a. I am on twitter and my name is @imkeepingup

b. On twitter I make sure to give daily tips...and start those tweets with #KeepingUp

c. On Facebook I have a Keeping Up with the Huxtables facebook group.

d. I have business cards that say my website on them.

e. I make sure to use the phrase "Keeping Up" in my day to day talk with people.

These are just a few ways that I am constantly using my brand name to increase awareness of the brand. If you need more examples look at how celebrities like Oprah and Magic Johnson attach their brands (themselves) to all of their business ventures. (O Magazine, AMC Magic Johnson theater)

2. Holly Robinson gives AOL Black Voices a few Beauty and Style tips.

· Look to your local drugstore for mascara and lip gloss. There's no need to break the bank on these products. Also, bend the tip of your drugstore mascara to help give that extra length and curl you're looking for

· No matter what your crazy summer schedule holds, take a break to enjoy life's small indulgences! One of my favorite ways to indulge is to slip into a delicious fragrance. Since perfume can feel heavy on skin during the hot summer months, I get my fragrance from a body wash. I'm currently obsessed with Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body Wash – it has an alluring, fresh scent, plus it leaves my skin moisturized. My daughter loves it too!

· Invest in a summer-inspired wrap that can worn a few different ways – as a skirt, beach wrap or scarf.

3. Jeans! What kind of jeans are "Keeping Up" right now? Instyle brings us the hottest jeans right now:

ankle-length jeans

Ankle-Length Jeans


Boot-Cut Jeans

Beyonce White Jeans

White Jeans

Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans

Eve High-Waisted

High-waisted Jeans


Boyfriend Jeans

4. Current 2009 unemployment rate(for your knowledge): 9.7%

Great Depression: Unemployment rate almost reached 30%


Keeping Up Tip of The Day...

Depend on God to always make a way for you; however, you must always put full energy into something. God does not make things happen for you, while you sit there and do nothing. Part of God making a way is giving you the energy needed to work out your own problems.

Ask and he will hard and he will show you the pay off.

God is always walking in front of you to see what is ahead...
God is always walking behind you to protect you...
God is always walking beside you to let you know he is working with you...


Hill Harper Starting "Conversation" on Black Love...(A Small Relationship Story Below From Me)

Hill Harper: The Conversation

Everyone loves a good conversation on relationships, especially black love! Well guess who is trying to help us "Keep Up" on just that? It is CSI:NY Actor Hill Harper and he is bringing us his new book, "The Conversation, How black men and women can build loving, trusting relationships".

Hill isn't just starting his writing career off, he is already won New York Times Best Seller for two of his previous books, "Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny", and "Letters to a Young Sister: Define Your Destiny". (Best seller is "Keeping Up" in my book)

"The research I did for the book was all about talking to my people from all different walks of life to explore how we are or are not communicating as men and women." Black Voices

The book includes stories from couples of all ages-from new love to 50-year-long marriages.

"The Conversation" will be released via Gotham Books on Sept. 8th

This should be an interesting book. The best way to learn lessons is by listening to other stories and learning from them. There are so many problems and issues we have in our relationship that hundreds of others go through. If someone else can point out a mistake they have made, it might prevent you from making a similar mistake. Harper says that communication is the number one issue that people in relationships have...Agreed!

Below share with us a relationship story and one thing that you learned from it. (You never know what someone can learn from you)

One of my relationship stories:

"I was in a relationship for over five years off and on. We always broke up because someone didn't feel like they could truly commit. We would always get back together when one of us felt like the other one was slipping away to someone else. We then had to sit down and discover if we truly wanted to be with each other, or just didn't like the idea of them being with someone else. We also had to communicate on the reasons that we sometimes feel like we are not ready to commit. After much conversation we concluded that we needed time to truly work on who we were individually before we could make each other happy (mature, work on insecurities, work on career). We remain friends and there is even talk about a future together. But the lesson we had to learn was that we could not keep being selfish with each other. You cannot hold on to people just because you are afraid that they might be with someone else. You also must mature first before you can have a relationship with anyone. "


Keeping Up: Terrell Suggs Highest Paid Linebacker in NFL History

Terrell Suggs Ravens

Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs is "Keeping UP". He just signed a six-year, $63 million contract Wednesday, making him the highest paid linebacker in NFL history. He gets $38 million in guaranteed money. read more here...

I love that Terrell was able to make history and become the first of something. It makes me smile even more that he wasn't just the first black highest paid linebacker, but the first period! That does not happen often. But it is sure to happen when you are truly "Keeping Up".

Congrats on making history and "Keeping UP"!


Keeping Up Tip of The Day....

It is okay to "haze" yourself sometimes!

Sometimes you must "haze" yourself in order to reach a certain goal.

You must make strict schedules that you force yourself to stick to.

You must learn how to eliminate all distractions during the time you are trying to remain focused.

You must learn how to manage your social life and work. During the time that you are "hazing" yourself you might want to push way back on the social activities.

Success is hard work and sometimes requires times where you will completely have to "haze" yourself. If you do not dedicate moments in your life when you completely go hard on your craft success can slip from under your reach.

Of course I recommend that you are always putting some type of energy into your craft everyday in addition to the moments that you "haze" yourself.

*Hazing in the sense means: Dedicating time to your craft where you are completely focused not allowing yourself to be distracted by any outside forces.


Randy Moss...The Poster Boy for NASCAR Diversity

How is Randy Moss helping NASCAR "Keep Up" with diversity?

Randy Moss NASCAR

Can Randy Moss, the New England Patriots All-Pro wide receiver, bring diversity to NASCAR? This is the question that AOL Black Voices asked recently in regards to Randy Moss acquiring a 50 percent share in Morgan-Dollar Motorsports in 2008 (according to a recent interview in Black Enterprise).

Partnering with long standing owner in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series operating under the Morgan Dollar Motorsports banner, David Dollar, Randy Moss was able to announce a newly named entity being known as Randy Moss Motorsports.

"With Randy Moss Motorsports, the NFL star looks to develop a program that presents a great marketing platform for companies in the sport as well as presenting opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds to become involved in NASCAR."

Randy Moss also served as an ambassador for the Urban Youth Racing School.

"The program enrolls urban boys and girls ages 8 through 18 and is free for all participants. Over 2000 boys and girls have successfully completed UYRS programs with noticeable improvements in academic achievement. The core program offering is the Build-A-Dream Program, which is a 10 week orientation and training program (5 in-class sessions, 5 track sessions) that serves 200 students each year."

Moss also sponsors a dirt track in his hometown.

Will all of Moss' efforts increase the amount of diversity in NASCAR? Can he get people of color to participate in this type of sport?

Here are some of the diversity efforts made by NASCAR so far:

Drive for Diversity: The Drive for Diversity program, run by Access Marketing & Communications, seeks to develop minority and female drivers and crew members.

Supplier Diversity Program: The program invites ethnic and gender minority-owned businesses to be considered equally as subcontractors and suppliers for all goods and services purchased at NASCAR.

NASCAR COLLEGE TOUR DELIVERED BY UPS: The “NASCAR College Tour” is a part of a long-term initiative aimed to raise awareness of NASCAR among ethnically-diverse college students about the NASCAR industry through on-campus events

find out more about their programs here...


Keeping UP: Clip of Obama Throwing First Pitch At MLB All-Star Game

President Obama joins the ranks of those President's that have thrown the ceremonial first pitch at the MLB All-Star Game.

July 7, 1937 F. Roosevelt – Threw out first pitch
July 10, 1962 Kennedy – Threw out first pitch
July 14, 1970 Nixon – Threw out first pitch
July 13, 1976 Ford – Threw out first pitch
July 14, 2009 Obama – Threw out first pitch

I guess MLB thinks that Obama is "Keeping Up"!


Keeping Up: Usher's New Look

Guess who is helping our youth "Keep up"? It's Usher and he is giving our youth a "New Look" again in 2009!

"The organizations approach is to provide young people with a new look on life through education and real-world experiences. We build upon their interest in athletics, music and entertainment.

We created Camp New Look as a vehicle to accomplish this. Through Camp New Look, we are creating new paths of entry and opportunities to learn and improve skills and are supporting the growth and success of young people from disadvantage circumstances.

We're breaking a vicious cycle that can only be snapped with jobs. So, we're also working hard to make sure participants in New Look get the support they need to not only get the skills for a job in sports and entertainment, but get the chance to actually start their career."

Breakdown of the Youth Program:

- Ages 12-24

- Focus on Sports and Entertainment

- emphasis on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of these industries

- includes internships, mentoring, and shadowing opportunities designed to career track them into key positions in the Sports and Entertainment industries.

-Usher's uCast Series: An Educational Podcast Series
Usher’s New Look is using e-learning as a way to expand the number of youth served and impacted by it’s core mission.

Through this multi-media approach, New Look can expose and inspire millions of disadvantaged youth to explore corporate careers in the sports and entertainment industries.

-Ultimately, each uCast episode is an asset to be used with a professionally developed curriculum and lesson plans. Usher’s celebrity presence in each episode will inspire and motivate viewers, while the performance based content of the curriculum and lesson plans are designed to engage them in developing business and entrepreneurial skills including marketing, financial literacy and strategic thinking.

I truly love seeing celebrities use their money is ways that really impact the community. It especially touches my heart when there are programs that are designed to inspire and teach our youth. Usher's approach touches on many areas that are key to improving the future of the younger generations. Take some time to look more into the "New Look" program! Use this as an example of something you might want to start.

Thanks for "Keeping Up" Usher!


The Whole Village Thing Is Out the Window...Who is Raising Our Children?

Me and My Godbaby!

Does it take a village to raise a child anymore? Does a celebrity serve as a role model? If being raised starts with your parents, is that where it stops? Who else has an effect on children as they grow up? Have we completely let go of the responsibility of the entire community raising our children, and pushed the responsibility solely on the parents?

These are all questions that constantly go through my mind, and I cannot help but conclude that we have gone away from a village raising a child. The crazy thing is that no matter how you see it the village will continue to raise the child even if no energy is put into it.

Since a child's early stages he or she is effected by the people around them. Parents, teachers, doctors, friends, strangers, television, movies, and celebrities, all play a major part in the development of a child. Despite how much a parents does, a child still has an opportunity to be effected largely by someone else.

So as black people do we continue to wonder what the hell is wrong with our community, or do we understand the cycle that we all create? Do we begin to understand how our actions play a role in the development of the children around us? Do we challenge our black celebrities to be role models? Do we challenge our teachers to never give up on their students? Do we challenge our doctors to go a little further than just looking at children as patients. Do we challenge our parents to understand the importance of real parenting? Do we challenge ourselves to represent greatness so that we become beneficial to the learning of a child around us?Or do we leave the responsibility solely to parents and never truly end the cycle that has been created in our community?

Think about it: In our community there might be a 16 year old mother and no father. You are saying that it is simply the responsibility of the 16 year old mother to raise her child. More than likely she will not have the proper maturity to fully raise the child to reach its full potential. As a result, what if the child thinks her example shows that she should also have a child at 16...the cycle will continue.

Back in the day "Big Mama" raised the entire block....Are you too small to help out?

What will you do to help end the cycle? Will you finally join the village? Will you challenge those around you to help raise our children?


Keeping Up Tip of The Day....

Greatness is not given it's achieved. Being great is not a matter of just mastering a craft; it is striving to master all forms of life. It is who you are and what you do on a regular that will leave someone saying this person is great.

The people that we consider great do not just represent their crafts, but represent greatness all around. Some people begin to prevent themselves from reaching their full potential because they think that mastering their craft is all that is required to be great.

A great basketball ball player is only a basketball player; what does it take to be Michael Jordon?

A great musician is only a musician; what does is take to be Michael Jackson?

So when you think about being great, think about adding value to yourself overall and not just in one place.

It is when you start focusing on the total package that your truly go from good to great.

Many will never truly reach that level, because their focus is so narrowed that they close themselves into a box that they never get out of.


Obama Announces His Surgeon General Choice...and She is Black!

Guess who is "Keeping Up", Dr. Regina Benjamin, a 52 year-old family practice doctor. Obama announced on Monday that Dr. Benjamin is his choice for Surgeon General.

"When people couldn't pay, she didn't charge them," Obama said. "When the clinic wasn't making money, she didn't take a salary for herself."

He called Benjamin "a relentless promoter" of programs to fight preventable illness.

Benjamin cited the toll of preventable illness as the reason her family was not with her at the announcement: Her father died with diabetes and high blood pressure; her older brother and only sibling died at age 44 of an HIV-related illness; her mother died of lung cancer after taking up smoking as a girl; her mother's twin brother could not attend because he is at home "struggling for each breath" after a lifetime of smoking.

continue story here...

#KeepingUP Fact: The Surgeon General serves as America's chief health educator by providing Americans the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury.


Recipe of the Month July: Shrimp Sensation

Summer Perfect Pairs:

I love the month of July! Most people are out barbecuing and lighting fireworks but not me….I love a barbeque as much as the next person, but there is nothing like a seafood feast in the summer time. This months perfect pair is going to take your taste buds on a journey under the sea with three different types of shrimp and knock your socks off cocktail!

Shrimp 1: Grilled w/ Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

½ lb of large shrimp cleaned & deveined
2 tablespoons of butter
1 lemon juiced
1 teaspoon minced garlic
¼ cup white wine
1 teaspoon of salt, pepper, onion powder

Season shrimp with salt, pepper, and onion powder. If cooking on a fire grill skewer shrimp and cook over medium heat until finished. If using a grill pan lightly grease pan and cook shrimp over medium heat. In a small sauce pan melt butter. Once melted sauté garlic and add the white wine and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Once heated baste shrimp and enjoy.

Shrimp 2: Sweet & Spicy Mango Salsa Glaze

½ lb large shrimp cleaned & deveined
¼ cup brown sugar
2 large tomatoes diced
¼ cup diced red bell peppers
1 small red onion diced
2 tablespoons diced jalapeno pepper
¼ cup mango diced
1 tablespoon butter
2 teaspoons salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper flakes

Season the shrimp with ½ of the spice blend and allow to marinate for 15 minutes. In a medium sauce pan melt butter and sauté onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, and mango until softened. Add the other ½ of the spice combination until fused together. Add the marinated shrimp and cook over medium heat. Once fully cooked add the brown sugar and allow to thicken then serve..
*mango salsa can be purchased and not made for a quicker meal.*

Shrimp 3: Simple Cocktail

½ lb large shrimp cleaned and deveined
3 cups water boiled
¼ cup old bay seasoning
¼ ketchup
¼ horseradish
1 teaspoon salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder
Place old bay seasoning and shrimp in boiling water until fully cooked. Drain water. Mix seasonings, ketchup and horseradish together and enjoy!
*Cocktail sauce can be purchased instead of made for a quicker meal*
** Any of these shrimp meals can be served with rice, potatoes or pasta for your pleasure**

Pair all of these with a robust sangria red or white and it’s sure to turn your Shrimp Sensations into a real party!!!!

Dive Deep!
From My Kitchen to Yours
Culinary Goddess


Friday's Top Ways to Keep Up...

On Friday's List:

Book to Read
A Flash Back in History
Lesson learned form death of Steve McNair
Chris Brown's tributes to MJ

1. I hope that you are still increasing the amount of books that you are reading. I just finished reading Fall On You Knees, by Ann-Marie MacDonald.


The Piper family is steeped in secrets, lies, and unspoken truths. At the eye of the storm is one secret that threatens to shake their lives...even destroy them. Set on stormy Cape Breton Island off Nova Scotia, "Fall on Your Knees" is an internationally acclaimed multigenerational saga that chronicles the lives of four unforgettable sisters. Theirs is a world filled with driving ambition, inescapable family bonds, and forbidden love. Compellingly written, by turns menacingly dark and hilariously funny, this an epic tale of five generations of sin, guilt, and redemption.

This is a very long read, but will have you feeling like you are watching a motion picture. The author paints vivid pictures, but somehow allows your imagination to run wild!

2. A Flash Back in History: In this day and age there is still much discrimination going on, and it is not just towards black people. Many people come up with intense arguments on why certain people should be discriminated against. Sadly we do it too! Let's take a look at the arguments that were made against us. It is always important to know as much about your history as possible!

Following are some arguments supporting slavery:

It was biblical. Proslavery proponents noted the many instances of slavery in the Bible. For them, the "curse of Ham" (more accurately the "curse of Canaan"), when Noah punished Ham's son Canaan to life as a servant, was immediate proof of God's intention that African Americans, then often referenced as the "children of Ham," be enslaved. Jesus, according to proslavery supporters, never specifically denounced slavery.

It allowed American advancement. According to Edward Brown in Notes on the Origin and Necessity of Slavery (1826), "slavery has ever been the stepping ladder by which countries have passed from barbarism to civilization." South Carolina Governor and one-time U.S. Senator James Henry Hammond added, in his 1858 address to the U.S. Senator James Henry Hammond added, in his 1858 address to the U.S. Senate, that "In all social systems there must be class to do the menial duties, to perform the drudgery of life."

It ensured the security of the nation. Proslavery forces contended that slavery helped maintain the social order. Without it, they argued, violence would erupt and white people, especially white women, would be unsafe. Slavery, in their assessment, was a positive good.

African American Hisotry for Dummies by Ronda Racha Penrice

3. Watch who you date and deal with. It has been a sad time to witness the tragic death of Steve McNair. It is like a crazy drama that we wish could have just been on an episode of Law and Order. However, this is a real story, and we we will not be lucky to hear the sounds of the famous Law and Order beat.

I keep telling these athletes and entertainers that having sex with all of these random females across the country can come back to haunt you. What many write off as fun times can lead to a not so happy moment. While most of their situations will not end up in a tragic death, it could end up in STD's, wives leaving them, rape cases, and more.

Keeping Up would be thinking about the choices you make and who you have sex with! It just isn't worth all of the drama.

May you RIP Steve McNair

Steve McNair and Wife
Steve McNair and Wife (She deserves respect at this time)

4. I know a lot of people were pretty upset that Chris Brown still hasn't been allowed to do a tribute to I decided to pull up some pass clips of Chris imitating MJ. (Although his performance was not missed by me. I think that he is a young black man that is in the process of learning his lesson. I wish sometimes people would let God work so that people can become greater than they already are)

object width="425" height="344">

The boy is good tho!


Not Keeping Up: Swim Club Accused of Racial Discrimination

Keeping Up with the Huxtables,Im Keeping Up,The Creative Steps Day Care

Here we go again! Of course we all know that racism still exist and probably will forever, but I cannot believe that people still manage to exercise racial discrimination. I know that negative thoughts go through some people's heads probably every time they see black people, but how can people still feel comfortable exercising their thoughts? They act like some news station isn't going to cover it, some person isn't going to sue, and Al isn't going to hold a rally.

But of course people tend to do things without thinking or caring for that matter. Well someone strikes again. This time is was a private swim club against a Day Care center.

A Philadelphia-area day care center said Thursday that members of a private swim club made racist comments about the center's children, and the club then canceled their swimming privileges. The Creative Steps Day Care children -- ages kindergarten through seventh grade -- went to the Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, on June 29.

The day center's director, Alethea Wright, had contracted to use the club once a week. During their first visit, some children said they heard club members asking why African-American children were there.
One of the boys told the Philadelphia Inquirer that a woman at the club said she feared the children "might do something" to her child. Days later, the day care center's $1,950 check was returned without explanation, Wright said.

continue reading here



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