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In a string of recalls by the automaker Toyota, the company is now considering recalling the Corolla model for problems with power steering. An official decision has not been made but the carmaker has since apologized for its global recall and are taking steps to rebound. As someone who stands by Toyota, this is difficult to see. It makes me question my choice to choose that type of vehicle and whether, despite how great its made, it is really safe.

President Obama revealed $8 billion in loan guarantees yesterday to build a nuclear power plant in Georgia. Obama called for an end to the clash between environmental concerns and the economy, saying that the United States needs new energy jobs such as the ones created by a new nuclear plant. I'm glad to see a President actually trying to do all the things he promised including creating jobs and a greener world. Team Obama all the way!

The new Windows 7 platform was unveiled at the Mobile World conference this week along with the announcement that cell phone carrier AT&T will be Microsoft's "premier partner" in the United States. Additionally, it was revealed that AT&T will continue to carry the iPhone exclusively at least for another year. I've been waiting for the iPhone to be released to other carriers, but it looks like if I want one I'll have to bite the bullet and go AT&T. It remains to be seen why developers choose AT&T over other carriers.

Upon recent research that the world was warming due to human pollution, the United Nations climate panel now faces a new challenge as scientists are doubting if this is even true. They are saying the world may not be warming much at all. The believe temperature change cannot be a considering factor because of inaccuracies of weather stations around the globe. Whatever it is that is causing the world to drastically change like it is, hopefully they will figure it out in time for us to make lifestyle changes and help the Earth sustain our lives here.

A study published online today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology is reporting that breast cancer patients who are taking aspirin could dramatically lower their risks of dying from the disease. The study, which is still being heavily tested for confirmation, reports that the aspirin helps control inflammation which stops the cancerous cells from growing and invading other tissue. Wouldn't it be something if the cure for cancer was in our medicine cabinets all along? If aspirin can lower the risks for heart attacks, I'm sure it could definitely help to halt cancer. Who knows.

Citing insufficient evidence, federal authorities said Tuesday that they would not bring a civil rights case against the New York City police officers involved in the killing of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man who was shot by the police outside a strip club in Queens on his wedding day. This makes me sick to my stomach. I guess I should have seen this one coming. Another black man gone at the hands of the law, and the law gets away with it again.

"Marvelous Color," presented by Somos Arte at the Caribbean Cultural Center in Midtown, is an exhibit celebrating six of of Marvel Comics' most popular superhero characters in honor of Black History Month. That sounds like a pretty cool exhibit. I might need to go check that out!


The Brit Awards 2010 were held last night in the UK with Lady Gaga coming away winning a trio of awards at the pop music industry's flagship ceremony, the first international act to do so for five years. She picked up awards for International Female Solo Artist, International Breakthrough Act and Best International Album for "The Fame," winning every category in which she was nominated. The fascination over Lady Gaga is still one I can't figure out. To me she will always be a weird girl with a decent voice who wears all those outlandish clothing. But hey, clearly somebody is a fan.

Nicole Ritchie and long time boyfriend, Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte recently announced their impending nuptials during a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. The two already have two children together, their 2-year old daughter Harlow and 5-month old son Sparrow. It's about time these two got married. When you've been together forever it's like really, why not get married? Congrats to the two of them for finally making it official.

Kim Kardashian's line with the clothing label BeBe, named Kardashians by Bebe, hit the runway yesterday for its New York Fashion Week debut. Kim says she was fully involved in the creation of the line and was disappointed that her sisters and co-designers couldn't make it out for the show. After seeing pics of the line from folks who are attending NYFW, I say the line looks pretty good. Not high fashion but definitely pieces that are wearable and fun. Good job to the Kardashians for branding themselves outside of reality show foolishness.

Rapper Drake, who has come to find huge fame even without having released a studio album yet, has told MTV news that he would love to collaborate with Sade on his upcoming album. He notes her dark sexy vibe is just what he's looking to convey on his album. Sade was asked if she would consider, she says no. Ha, for some reason that makes me smile inside. I'm glad to see that Sade wouldn't tarnish her brand or style by collaborating with a rapper. Can Sade stay classic please. K, thanks.

American Idol announced the first of the 24 finalists on the show last nights. As 181 Hollywood hopefuls wound down to the 71 singers who made it to the next round, early favorites made it through to the 'real' show including Casey James, Michael "Big Mike" Lynche (who skipped the birth of his child in favor of a stay at Hollywood Week) and Didi Benami. I'm really not motivated to watch Idol this season besides to see what Ellen has to say. Too many seasons of the same old thing will make one disinterested really quickly. I know I'm not the only one.

Sade's New Album 'Soldier Of Love' To Debut At # 1 This Week With Around 400,000 Copies Sold. Way to go Sade...even though I wasn't surprised! Her music is Loved by many!

Whitney Houston cancelled her upcoming New Zealand Performance!!!The R&B diva was scheduled to perform at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth on March 6 as part of her Nothing But Love tour. Due to disagreements with he venue, the show is now off! Come on Whitney, you were off to a great start, please act altercations and cancellations please.

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