Sophie Womack "Reflecting On My Memories of You"

There is no way that I can let this day pass without remembering my mother who passed away Feb 17th, 2008. She is the inspiration behind this blog, for she is a lady who represented excellence in every way possible, and made it her duty to help everyone else become better than herself.

Today, I reflect on the memories that we had together, and the memories I wish she could be apart of. I think about my wedding day, the first time I have a baby, holidays to come, and the reality that she will not be there to share those moments with me. I think about my father and sister, and I pray for them to have strength to make it through each day without her. I think about the babies that she cured, and the families that remain thankful. I remember the many people that came to give me a hug at her funeral saying that you will never believe how much your mother changed my life. I can't forget the many organizations that honored her for her dedication to helping the community.

I begin to smile as I think about the parties her and my dad put on to help raise money for different causes. I can still hear her voice as she sings in the Gospel choir at church, the sound of cards slamming down on the table during her monthly card games, and her laughter as she plays a practical joke on the family for April Fools day.

The best memories are are seeing her smile the day I graduated from college, pinning her when she become a lovely lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., seeing her in the audience as I performed in my first Howard Step Show, but most importantly the final moment my mom walked out of my New York apartment and said you will be alright no matter what. That was the last time I saw her, and I cherish that moment everyday.

Today, I ask that everyone take time to tell someone you love them. Spend a few more minutes more on the phone with a love one. Visit someone you have not seen in awhile. Cherish the moments you have with your love ones, cause the next day is not promised for anyone. I love you mommy!!!!! You mean the world to me.



marcus said...

I am so sorry for your lost, It is the hardest thing I have personally ever dealt with as I share the same experience with you, but God only puts things on us that we can bare, I will never forget the day my phone rang off the hook I had 30 missed calls from my twin sis and dad....I remember before calling them back I looked in the mirror as I brushed my teeth and said to myself, "my life is gonna change forever" altho we go through this experience we kno they are there watching over us! Im sure my mom and yours are looking down on us and are proud of the decisions we make and they helped shape...God is awesome he never makes mistakes and everything happens for a reason..I pray for strength everyday...Thats all I can do! I will pray for you too....whats ironic is I was up at 4 this morning mourning the lost of my heart and not ever realizing u may have been going through the very same... : ( -@neimanMarcus203

Miss Yasmine said...

Hey lady-
my thougths are with you today. I definitely know the pain of loosing a parent.

The Socialite said...

Thank you both. It is so good hearing words from people that have been through the same thing as you. Everyone deals with things differently, but it is hard no matter what. Thank you for your prayers, and I am praying for you also.

shian said...

Aunt Jonette & Uncle Harold said we shares your pain and sorry and also miss your mom. She was such a beautiful woman and was so good at helping people. We are very thanful God sent her our way. We know she is now at a better and safe place and is smiling down upon her. May God bless her soul.

niki.mac said...

What a blessing to have a mother who loved and cared for you so much! I can tell from this short post that you all shared a special relationship. May she rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Sisters from the start, friends forever from the heart...Sophie Womack I miss you so much....You were the key in keeping family together, saving lives, touching hearts, role model, and a ture friend.

You've touched so many lives espeically my own. There is a major void in my life because you are not here, but God knows best.
Although you were miles away when we talked I felt you were here. I know you are in heaven and we will meet again.

You've always told your family to be strong and they have done just that. I pray daily for Jimmy, Brandi, Ashley, my mother, sisters, and brother and wonder how do they get though the day without Sophie Womack and then it came to me, Prayer. Believe and God will take care of you.
Sophie Womack I love you, your Baby Sister Juanita

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