Buying Black For a Year!

I wonder how many people could actually buy black for an entire year? One couple from Chicago made a pledge to do just that. They determined that they would would solely support black owned businesses for an entire year straight to start a movement on putting money back into our own community. Who knew that would cause such a discussion? All of the major media outlets began reaching out to the couple to determine why and if they could really keep this commitment. One things for sure, it is not easy. To grocery shop at a black owned store they had to travel miles away from home instead of being able to go to the grocery store right around the corner from them. I commend them for their efforts. Talk about making a statement and setting an example, this couples actions should be followed by us all.

I live in Harlem, so I find myself buying black often, but I think I am going to make an even bigger effort now that I have been inspired by this couple. Everyone should take time to watch this video and take a look at a movement that should be started all over the country. The dollar leaves the black community faster then it comes in. This has to change at some point. If not now then when? Everyone should make an effort to support more black businesses.

Could you support ONLY black businesses for an entire year? Could you do it for a week? What do you think about their pledge?

-Keep up, but don't forget about helping those around you do the same.



Niesha said...

Beautiful, I love it!

Shaka Shaw said...

OK this is going to be unpopular. While it sounds awesome in theory, we all know whether we like to admit it or not in mixed company that black-owned and/or operated businesses tend to leave much to be desired at times. We also know that as Black people we work too hard to patronize businesses solely on the basis of who owns them IF the quality and service is less than stellar. What I would suggest is expecting more from our Black businesses instead of giving them a pass on the basis of solidarity. I personally would find it impossible to buy Black for a month let alone a year (clothes...?) but one thing I can promise is that I will support the hell out of Black business, talent and projects that provide superior service, innovation and quality and boycotting those who choose to operate at a lower standard (rude employees, subpar cleanliness/quality of product, etc). Demand better and receive better...especially when it's US representing US.
Shaka Shaw -

The Socialite said...

@Shaka: I don't think you have an unpopular opinion. I think that what you says makes sense. Anyone that puts aveage at best products out,should expect to not see the support from anyone in the community. They need to work hard just like everyone else has to with their establishments. What I commend you on is that you will work hard to support the "hell" out of those black businesses and people that are producing quality products and work. That is my goal! Hopefully if there is an increase in support to quality black establishments, maybe the average ones will step their game up.

Ha! The funniest thing was when you brought up clothes. That was the first thing I thought of that I might not be able to do when it comes to supporting black businesses.

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