It is so important to keep up in as many areas as possible, that is why I am always excited to inform you about areas that we rarely focus on. Today, the Diversity in Biotechnology Summit kicked off the 2010 BIO International Convention in Chicago with a keynote speech by U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin, which addressed the needs of diverse patients.

Dr. Benjamin emphasized the importance of preparing all students, but especially minority students, for careers in public health and health innovation. Minorities represent 25% of the population, but only 6% are physicians and 9% are nurses.

Dr. Benjamin noted, “Our nation faces a growing racial disconnect between those that seek care and those that provide it.” She added that the way to combat this imbalance is through education and access. As the Surgeon General concluded her remarks, she emphasized, "We need to close the gaps for health disparities. As we prepare our workforce for the future we need to make sure that workforce reflects the diversity of our nation."

I could not have agreed more with all of the above statements. We are living during one of the most diverse times, where minorities largely effect and are effected by the major industries of our world, yet these industries are still dominated by the majority race. It makes no sense that African Americans have one of the highest buying power, yet we run and support very few African American product producers and designers. It makes no sense that we have major health issues in this country, yet we see very few that look like us actually taking care of us. With so much opportunity being thrown our way, it is our obligation to make sure that we are pushing our youth to take full advantage, and step into the roles that we most desperately need them in.

Are community should be thankful for a summit such as this, and I hope that it starts a necessary movement. Make sure to click on the link above to learn more about the summit.

-Keep Up or continue or watch the percentage of successful African Americans stay low!



Citizen Ojo said...

Good Looking out Socialite. Not only is there inequality in Finances but in Health too. Minorities, Poor Folks etc. Knowledge is power...

The Socialite said...

Knowledge is power...but I don't think people understand how much more power they would actually have with knowledge. We need to preach it to the world...or anyone that will listen!

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