It's Been A Long Time.. I Shouldn't Have Left You.. Without...

It has been a little bit since that last time I posted. I left you for a second without a single way to “Keep Up”. I must apologize for my absence, but I took a much needed break. It was the time one takes to get their life back in order (as if that can ever truly happen without another scene of events to knock it right back off track again). I started two new jobs and needed time to discover how I was going to create that much needed balance in a “Socialites” life. From long hours at work to trying to at least show my face on the party scene, I needed to figure out what time of the day I was going to take my computer out and actually log on to the site.

I know excuses excuses excuses...I get it! I should have just made time. So I am going to attempt to come back. Let me give you a little recap on what I have been up to.

  1. I work for this company called Great Performances where I am most referred to as the “Social Media Marketer”, but often called the girl who tweets.
  2. I took on a few shifts at a spot called Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, where my above company controls the menu and staff. I spend my nights answering telephones, making reservations, and greeting jazz heads as I escort them to their seats. I would say that it is a pretty cool gig and I greet some pretty awesome people sometimes.
  3. I have started hitting the club scene again, and not surprised or anything, but I hid in my apartment for a few months and came back out to discover that some of my usual hangout spots had closed. I mean a club’s life span is never that long, but I hate the idea of having to create a new roster of clubs to hang out in this summer. My usual spots like Pink Elephant and M2 decided that it was time to die, and I am eagerly awaiting their grand new openings under new names. Let’s see....maybe they will call Pink Elephant Red Elephant now (makes sense to me may or may not get this). Anyways, in their absence I have been hanging out at “The Gates” on Monday nights. It has a weird time that it actually pops tho, and it is somewhat annoying. I know that NYC clubs stay open until about 4am, but not “poppin” until 2am is a little awkward. If I have to constantly wait until 1am to leave my house, I might not make it there again.
  4. I recently started a small goal of drinking tons of water a day. Who am I kidding? Drinking tons of water a day is a large goal for me. I hate the taste of something so bland! But I know that it is good for me and it helps with losing weight.
  5. I am traveling to DR this year for my lines 5th year anniversary. For a second I thought that the only way I would be going is via tweets from those actually there, but like always, God showed up on time with a plan. I can’t wait to tweet and blog from the beach!
  6. Two of my friends are getting married this summer. I can’t believe my friends are saying “I do” already. For now all I can say is “I will”.
  7. I am thinking about moving far far far away from New York. It is like a fairytale, and I have played Princess long enough. It was fun playing the black Carrie Bradshaw at times, but I can’t seem to save a single dime. While people are buying Condo’s and cars, I am trying to figure out how my rent is going to be paid, and if I should get the monthly metro card this month. I don’t know, it is a scary thought to have to leave. What other city would allow me to play as much as I do here! :(
  8. Finally, it is my 25th birthday this summer. Yup this should be the big celebration, half way to 30 (the year that we all dread reaching in fear that we won’t be where we want to be). However, I haven’t planned a single thing towards any so called big anything. It is just so much going on this summer regarding other people, that my own personal (small) accomplishment of 25 years of being freaking amazing will probably go by with just reading Happy Birthday from “friends” via Twitter and Facebook. I am praying that it can be different, but we will see.

I am sure that this summer will be filled with so many crazy moments that I will be able to share, and in turn may provide you with a few ways to “Keep Up”. But it is hard out here for a pimp, so I don’t know folks. We will see what the summer brings...

What are your plans for the summer?



Kristina said...

Glad to have you back!
*Kristina Norman*

The Socialite said...

@Kristina thank you! Glad 2 be back. Now let me try not to leave again. :)

Sartorially Savvy said...

I absolutely loved this post. It had me laughing and nodding my head at the same time. Seems like we're kinda in the same places in our lives right now. It makes me wonder, if this is that whole, "Quarter Life Crisis" thing that everyone talks about... As you ponder leaving the city, I'm on my way in... determined to make my dreams come true, and to get back on the path towards Condos, cars, and Cartier, and away from Ramen, rent, regret. I loved this post B... I can definitely relate... I'll definitely hit you up when I arrive in the city. And when I get one of these jobs I've applied for, submitted my resume for, begged for... We'll go out to dinner... After all, I'll owe it to you. Thanks again for everything. Keep pressing... In times like these I find myself turning to the story of Job, and praying for his faith and faithfulness. I have all the confidence in the world in you, your tenacity, resilience, strength, intelligence and drive. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there trying to Keep Up...

The Socialite said...

@Savvy: I am glad you enjoyed the post. I guess it pays to just keep it real, cause more than likely someone will understand your story. Yes it seems like everyone around me is going through the same type of crisis that we both are! It only means that God is working extremely hard on the next set of leaders in the world. He is taking us through our classes right now, and soon we will take over the world. I have confidence that you will do great in NY...can't wait for your arrival.

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